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  1. You probably wont get any offers knowing stubhub has the tickets starting at 8.50 for tonights game
  2. Why would montreal get booted when im on everyday lookin to play people. i contacted calgary edmonton ducks and none of them responded
  3. Jwomp. Colorado will be on at 6 tonight just spoke to him. And disregard the messages he posts he tends to be a diva at times
  4. Philly needs a new owner kid couldnt handle a 7 2 beating amd quit in 3rd period
  5. I rather play computer than have to go on everyday just to see tor or ott still not play any games
  6. Whats happens when you dont play those games and the schedule advances. I got 2 games left toronto and ottawa no signs of them
  7. Minn tor and ottawa whats up with those guys. They playin??
  8. He is getting the game right now so looks like he is in
  9. Ill talk to my friend he told me 2 days ago he was gettin it either today or tomorrow if he wont get it within those 2 days ur than more than welcomed to add a new owner
  10. i definitely think we should randomize the rosters.. would make it more interesting and fair for all.
  11. I have 2 buddies that play the game with me and would like to play if possible.... Islanders-Sudol187 Avalanche-RangerDanger100
  12. im interested in joining.. Ill play with Montreal if not taken GT : the Bossman 98
  13. still dont get how u put luongo in front of marty
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