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  1. If there's no playoffs I wonder if they'd re-do the lottery, or maybe they'd just cancel the 1OA winner and move every «non-qualifying team» up a spot (so LA gets 1st, Ottawa gets 2nd, DET gets 3rd, etc.) and the other teams just get slotted based on their rankings or winning percentage before the season got paused. I don't even know how that would work, it's the first thing I thought of lol.
  2. I think you might’ve missed my edit hahah! He’s also been really solid in international play against his age group, from what I’ve seen from him in games and highlights, he dominated in his international play. That’s something to base it on. But prospects are prospects, you never know lol. I’m just happy that we’re getting a solid guy. After the 1-2 pick, this draft seems to be a toss up, so much talent.
  3. I’ve also read somewhere that Raymond played significantly less minutes than his draft peers in their respective euro leagues (Stutzle, Lundell, Holtz, etc.) so that plays in the equation also. I’ve seen him play/watched extensive highlights of him in international play, he absolutely dominated imo. Sure it might not translate (as it might not with any player) but if we got him, I’d be happy.
  4. My thoughts, I just didn't want to move out of the top 8-9, we're getting a good player.
  5. Long time no post. I'm pretty excited for tonight. I'm feeling good about how things will turn out. Time will tell!
  6. That one definitely helps. It's gonna be close until the end with the Canucks. Arizona is now also 3 points behind Minnesota with Minny having a game in hand. That's good for us.
  7. Nice shot by Malkin. Horrible pass by Carrick down the slot.
  8. Nice pass by Nico! Wow!
  9. Miles woooooooooooooodddddddd
  10. Someone would definitely take him at 50% retention..
  11. What a horrible breakout pass by PK. Leads to a goal.
  12. I like him. He's poised with the puck and he doesn't put himself in dangerous situations. He's also pretty much always positioned well defensively.
  13. Good hit palms! He was pissed hahaha
  14. Hughes with the post, of course. This kid is cursed this season I swear.
  15. Of course he's not, but a clear shot from the circle that was screened and post and in doesn't deserve criticism. Edit: Said in the crease, meant from the circle.
  16. Perfect top shelf shot. Nico screening. That's on Nico's play in the offensive zone. Should've dumped it in instead of doing that little between the legs pass.
  17. Huge game tonight between the Coyotes and the Jets. Hoping the Jets can win at home against the Coyotes to further them from a WC spot in the West and help us in the process with our draft pick. It would definitely hurt their chances to get in if Winnipeg won.
  18. My first thought exactly! That goal made me so hyped!
  19. Yeah, it happened fast. He's played great with Bing. I'm happy he's getting a look!
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