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  1. Premature to say, but I think he could be in a few seasons. He's got that gritty factor that Bratt lacks. Also that was a pretty obvious slewfoot by Orlov.
  2. Kids have been stepping up all year. Encouraging stuff!
  3. Mcleod babyyyyyy!!! Boqvist with the rebound-shot. Great play by him!
  4. Oshie looked like he had his stick there
  5. Chara's been getting away with that for years.
  6. What a fvcking weak call. For fvck sake
  7. Great tip, but thanks for ruining his name for me for the next decade LOL
  8. I'm gonna have to learn to write that name... He's been pretty consistent for the last month, but he indeed had a quiet game. With that being said II'm real happy with his play this season.
  9. Meh Didn't know you could do that lol
  10. Zacha has made a few great passes tonight
  11. They're playing pretty damn well right now. Keep it up!
  12. He's a great 3rd/4th line guy for us this year. Same goes for Bastian. Can't wait to see what they bring down the road.
  13. Damn, what a nice play from Smith to Hughes to Palms...
  14. Yeah. Shaky shot, wrong side of the glove. Unfortunate.
  15. Yeahhhhhh that's a bad goal to give up.
  16. Guys picked it up here after a shaky start
  17. Sick pass by Hughes on the breakout lol
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