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  1. LGD!! Oh sh!t Wooooooood! Damn Hughes going for the hit there! Nice!
  2. Agreed! Don’t know why it’s this way, but I’ve never seen a mounds bar in Canada!
  3. You know what, I’m from Canada, I think it’s our Mounds bar equivalent! It is the same lol 😂 Point is it’s pretty fvcking great if you ask me!!
  4. This thread went 0 to 100 real quick. I love it. Also, any Bounty fans here? I could eat 20 of these EASY.
  5. I was impressed you came up with this story in that short of a time lol, got a good laugh out of it regardless.
  6. That's the one thing that stuck with me about this whole story.
  7. That's something I forget and that is HIGHLY damaging. No practice for the young guys is brutal to say the least.
  8. The absolute GOAT. #3 is probably my favorite Marty save (or should I say saves) of all-time. Insane sequence. Jim Hughson with the great call also. This one here is one I don't see a lot in Marty compilations, but I've always loved that save vs. the Sharks. Great reflexes lol.
  9. Awesome athleticism. This has to be at least top 5 save of the year, specially when you consider the time left on the clock and the importance of the save.
  10. Anyone else listening to the Bruins broadcast? They're hilarious lol. Worst announcers/homers in the league.
  11. No way it's conclusively in What a fvcking save!!!!
  12. I'm loving listening to the Bruins broadcast right now!!
  13. Bruins announcers are annoying af. If the same thing was done to the Bruins goalie, they'd be fvcking furious.
  14. LOL. If we were the ones knocking the goalie's glove we'd never get the fvcking goal.
  15. Jack with a nice chance on the PP. I like the hustle by PK, not the penalty though
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