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  1. Bratt quietly getting on the scoresheet consistently lately. Nice to see. Absolute beast.
  2. The penalty kill has looked MUCH better lately
  3. Nice chance by Sharangovich. Loving his game.
  4. Defensive lapses are gonna happen with young teams. Gotta work on that though
  5. Open the game, Bratt just scored. Sweeeeeeet. LGD!
  6. He's a real intriguing prospect that's for sure. I've been real impressed by his performance this season at the WJC and also in the Q. He's a real complete player. Doesn't seem to have any glaring weaknesses. He also has that "leader" quality to him which is great.
  7. Exactly. I mean it doesn't make the "equal" calling right, but for to league to just pretend they don't know what's going on by pulling this just comes off as weird imo. Sacrificial lamb is the perfect way to put it.
  8. So apparently, Tim Peel will no longer officiate games in the NHL because of last night's incident. Which, imo, is a total joke. Pure PR stunt by the league. "Equal" or "Balanced" officiating has been going on for YEARS. The league knows this and most definitely wants it there. It's basically part of the game at this point. So is the NHL going to fire every ref who's done it? Hypocrisy at its finest.
  9. I liked Jack's game tonight. He was flying, had a lot of chances. I like he's creating. Also, the Zajac, Kuok, Sharangovich line is great. The later two are playing so well right now.
  10. Good win!!! Blackwood looked solid tonight. Nothing I felt he could really do on the goals. He's looked good these past 2-3 games.
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