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  1. 1 year and 8 months to be precise, I checked
  2. Also Sharangovich with a nice shift.
  3. Happened to me a few times in my playing days. It's the worst lol
  4. Weak call. But the call against Sanheim was weak so, evens out I guess.
  5. PALMS BABY!! Trade value going up lol! I'm real curious to see what'll happen with him. I'd keep him short-term.ç Another point for Bratt!
  6. A little late, nice seeing McLeod with a goal! Nice pass by Smith too! PP here!
  7. Where did you see the goals? I’d like to see them haha!
  8. Even the Pens broadcast saying that should be a goal
  9. Our injury luck hhas been pretty brutal this year. Let's hope Ty is ok
  10. Nice pass by Seves and One timer by Merkley. I wish he played more tbh.
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