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  1. Same tbh, it's nice to know we have a defensive gem for years to come.
  2. Gusev so close fvck Smith is such a good skater.
  3. Gusev intercepting the pass to Kuok... He had a tap-in lol, holy sh!t That was a nice pass by Zacha though
  4. Pretty weak goal by Wedge. Hard to blame him though, he's been good when needed lately.
  5. His goal was absolutely a beauty, and he fought a good physical battle before getting the puck back and putting it top shelf. Last year, he would've fallen down and the play would've been over. Perfect effort goal by him. He's playing awesome.
  6. Big dub!! Big game for Jack. He needed that one. He's played good imo, nice for him to get rewarded for his play.
  7. Holy niice move there by Maltsev! Missed most of the game. Nice to see them leading. LGD!!!
  8. Basically my point. I wouldn’t want to trade him.
  9. What is a reasonable/realistic offer for Wood in your opinion?
  10. Can we talk about Sharangovich and Kuok? These young guys can play!!!
  11. Missed a big part of this one. Nice seeing Sharangovich on the scoresheet once again, as well as Wood. The young guys stepping up once more.
  12. LGD!! Happy B-Day @MadDog2020, hope the boys can deliver you a win for your b-day!! Expecting a big game once again from the young guys! The Vets...not so much.
  13. One of my worst memories from that series was that Kovalchuk crossbar late in the 3rd in game 2. If I remember correctly, there was like 20 seconds left. If he scores that, the series is tied up at 1 going back to LA. Whole different story. I honestly feel like we never got the props we deserved in that series. Games 1 and 2 finished 2-1 in OT. We were in it the whole time. We win one of those and it's a whole different series. But imo, our "Stanley Cup" that year was beating the Rangers in the ECF. That Henrique OT goal is probably one of my best sports moments ever. The Flyers series was also insane. It felt so good to put it in their face after their fans thought they were running away with the series after winning game 1. Nobody could bother me during those playoffs, I was in the zone watching the games lol. I pretty much remember every goal scored, and I revisit the highlights once in a while. Great moments for me, all around. I can't wait for this young core to get back to that level. I'm confident it'll be sooner rather than later.
  14. In fact, that was in game 6. The series was 3-2 LA by then. The hit happened in the 1st period, and the kings did score 3 I believe.
  15. It was Bernier. Still fvcking stings when I see highlights
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