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  1. Shootouts fvcking suck. Liked what I saw from the young guys again from what I saw of the game. Palms with the game on his stick, couldn't get it done in OT. He'll have nightmares about that one.
  2. That was a picture perfect pass by Zacha. Wow, great vision there.
  3. What a fvcking pass by Zacha. Palms can't convert once again.
  4. Once again, such a bullsh!t rule. No incidence on the play whatsoever.
  5. 100%. Despite the losing, our young players seem to be developing really well. That's primarily what I wanted to see this season.
  6. Couldn,t catch the 1st two periods. Good to see it's tied at 2. Also, once again (news flash), they young kids are doing the scoring.
  7. 100% agree. The only players giving a fvck and contributing are the young guys. They're the ones scoring and pushing the play. The rest can go for all I care.
  8. Luke Hughes come on down. Time to draft watch guys. The young boys scored the 2 goals again today, veterans still nowhere to be found.
  9. Yup, hasn't been like his normal self lately, can't argue that. Let's hope he keeps it going tonight.
  10. Meh, that was the type of shot that if one of our guys takes it, we think it's an awesome shot. He's made solid saves so far tonight. He's looked batter for sure imo.
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