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  1. I mean that's a hell of a shot and he was screened imo. I lowkey blame Palms for going all in on a 2-on-2 on a penalty kill.
  2. Zacha looks fvcking great holy sh!t Ughhhh ffs
  3. Worst call I've seen this season. Beauvilier flopping around
  4. Great play by P.K there. Big saves by Mac
  5. Exactly. I consider Wood and Zacha as part of the young core too, I don’t necessarily see them as “vets”, even though they’ve been here a while.
  6. Yup. Exactly my point. You can’t expect the young guys to carry this team. The vets have to do something.
  7. Kuok, Maltsev and Hughes with the goals tonight. Thank god for our young players. Carrying the load once again.
  8. They literally switched places for the 3rd haha!
  9. Maybe if the vets showed up we would've won this one. Once again, the young guys made this one interesting.
  10. Thank god for the young guys. They're at least making things interesting.
  11. Same here. I’m happy the kids are doing progress, but I still think we’re a bottom team for now. The draft is full of great defensemen, which we desperately need. It’s nice that we’ll be able to follow everything draft related this season.
  12. Some draft news! We might have fun this summer after all!
  13. Thanks for the rundown! Sucks for Hughes man
  14. Couldn't catch today, glad they got the W! How were the young guys?
  15. Young kid strikes again! I swear they're carrying this team. The vets have to step up, badly.
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