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  1. Honestly, the only 5 players I can count on for offensive efforts are Bratt and Hughes. When they don’t get on the scoresheet, we’re screwed. Nico is part of the conversation, but he has crap on his wings. Dude fed Zacha like crazy last night and had a good game, but of course Zacha isn’t doing sh!t out there.
  2. Garland is one of the best 5-on-5 players in the league and is on a pretty sweet deal. A trade for Garland most likely starts with Severson +.
  3. I agree he finished the game well and we aren’t winning any games only scoring one goal. With that being said, when’s the last time we’ve played a game where our goalie hasn’t given up at least one (often multiple) absolutely horrible goal? That has to be deflating for the team. They clearly don’t trust their goalies back there. That obviously doesn’t excuse 3 shots in the 3rd, I’m just saying a game without giving up an absolute stinker would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 100%. The system is pretty dumb imo and we see many players look lost out there with positioning, it’s not intuitive at all.
  5. It seems to be the system. 2 d-men pinching in the corners and the center takes the slot/front of the net. It’s the dumbest thing.
  6. I mean, we said the same thing about DeBoer and Hynes too, look how their teams are doing right now. Maybe Ruff is part of the problem, maybe our depth is an even bigger problem, and another coaching staff wouldn’t do better. I feel like this young team needs stability. I’d honestly be surprised if Ruff is here next year, given the criticism, but I’m not sure changing the coach in the middle of a season where we have trouble getting NHL goaltending, there’s COVID and all, etc. is gonna change a lot for this group, or is even the right thing to do.
  7. Fitz has been GM for like 18 months. He’s made some real good things in the short period he’s been here. Not sure I would blame him still.
  8. I’m sorry guys… I’ve ruined us all 🤣
  9. Thanks for your response! I understand you think he’ll be effective, don’t worry! I know comparables aren’t always the best, but who would be a good comparable for Slafkovsky?
  10. Damn… I almost want to delete it now… Last time I made a GDT here, pretty sure we won, so there’s that at least haha!
  11. From my calculations and what I’ve read, Lambert is shooting 2.7% on the season (2 goals, 75 shots). He shot 6.4% last year as a 17 year old, with 110 shots in basically 2x the number of games. Seems like he’s shooting a lot. Do you believe that this shooting % is in some sort unsustainable with the amount of shots he’s putting on net? Maybe a little unlucky also? I’m not the biggest Lambert fan, but I thought that was interesting and wanted to hear your thoughts on this.
  12. After a big win last night, I’d love to see another offensive game from the boys! I’m a big optimist, but unfortunately, on a back to back, after a huge number of goals scored and with Mac most likely between the pipes, I’m not so conviced… Maybe they prove me wrong Let’s pull it off boys! LGD!
  13. Absolutely not. Mac hasn't been able to steal a game. I wouldn't trust him either.
  14. Seems like the team just folded after Mac gave up that first goal. I honestly believe they have no confidence in him whatsoever. They had total control of the game and were playing great hockey in the 1st. They needed Mac to step up and keep it scoreless for the offense to keep on the pressure and increase the lead. He can't seem to ever do it for us this season.
  15. Mac also still has heel issues that’ll last for the season, from what he said to Steve or Kenny, I can’t remember. Let me find the tweet. edit: found the tweet https://twitter.com/alexc_thw/status/1476383108018679808?s=21
  16. Hischier - B- Zacha - B+ Bratt - A Mercer - A- Hughes - B+ Severson - C Johnsson - B+ Smith - F Vesey - C+ McLeod - D Bastian - C+ Hamilton - A Graves - A- Siegenthaler - B Sharangovich - D Kuokkanen - D- Subban - C- Tatar - C- Bernier - B- Blackwood - B-
  17. Can we really say Holtz struggled? He is still playing practically at a PPG clip, and has 5 pts in 7 games since being called up.
  18. I feel like Goals For per Game is a more accurate metric given teams having played more/less games, etc. We're 17th in the league with 2.91 GF/G, which is pretty much middle of the pack. With a passable PP, we might be top 10.
  19. I'll pin the 5th and 6th goal and Bernier for sure. With that being said, the first 3 goals were a result of abysmal defense. No matter who's in net, giving up this many high danger chances is not viable.
  20. This team’s problem isn’t offense, they’ve shown they can score goals, and if I’m not mistaken, are middle of the pack in GF/G with an ATROCIOUS PP. With even a mediocre PP we might be top 10 in GF/G in the league. The PK has gotten better, but the point still stands: this team’s problem is defense. They’re careless with the puck and with their defensive zone coverage, and give up way too many high danger chances which then hurts the goaltending. I don’t care who is in net, making stops against so many high danger chances is extremely improbable. Scoring 4 last night was sufficient to win us the game. Defense killed us again.
  21. Super buddies reunited once again! Really like this move for our 4th line.
  22. The whole kit'll kinda look like this I'd imagine... I don't think it's all that bad. Especially with the touch of red in our logo.
  23. Here are better looking pictures. Don't hate it as much as the first picture that leaked, I kinda dig it. But I don't like the shoulder stripes, like at all.
  24. This. And if they feel he's out of place and struggling, they'll just send him down again. Holtz is still young, and players develop to their own pace.
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