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  1. Ya nice jersey's!GO PARISE!
  2. Ya i hop He's gonna be able to play.
  3. Why do they need to sign todd bertuzzi??
  4. Ya you are rignt devs4life he,s using the new s19 stick by easton
  5. I think were gonna be a good team this year! And i cant wait to see tedenby and josefson comming overseas!
  6. You suck Kesler!!! parise must be in group 2 becaus i didnt hear his name in the group 1
  7. A good fighter,maybe that means that we are'nt gonna see PL3 this year?!?!
  8. He had a good career i think he'll go in the hall of fame for sure.
  9. Think Again THN!!!Shanny signed with the Devils!
  10. He is really tough i like his style of play!
  11. I've already seen him play in the QMJHL and he is very talented he seems like a john madden with a touch of scoring!
  12. Devs3cups

    Congrats Travis!

    Good for Him! H'es gonna have a really good season i think!
  13. http://img198.imageshack.us/content.php?page=done&l=img198/3325/brodeurgrunge3cups.png&via=mupload (just click on it to see yhe HTML,url etc.) There is my signature: (up) ^ 450x150 (dimensions) (that is suposed to be ok i think) 146 kb (that is suposed to be ok) And when i try to put it as my new signature with the image shack HTML it is written: [#10211] You may only use up to lines of text in your signature. I don't understand what that means!=( Could you please tell me what i am doing wrong or what i need to do because this sucks's and DR worked to do this signature for me! P.S DevRickus signature has the same dimensions than mine and he can put it as his signtures...why not me? Devilfan =)
  14. There is my signature: ^(up) It is 340
  15. Ok thats a good backup goalie guys!
  16. I think he realy wanna play in North America i think he should do like Mickael Backlund he should comme play in junior here instead of sweden.But i'm pretty sure that he's gonna come play with the devils one of these days!
  17. Thats a good lineup!anybody knows where i could find the sweden 2010 junior roster
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