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  1. I've been fairly impressed by Mermis. He doesn't necessarily stand out, but he looks solid out there imo.
  2. He really is. And he's still pretty young! I'm sure Fitz is thinking about options for him.
  3. I sure hope they try. They also should get him at a good deal. He brings an element we need on this team.
  4. BRATT! Holy sh!t extend Gusev right fvckING now.
  5. Speaking of his performance last night, here's his welcome in the dressing room after the game . That's the content I like to see! He has 32 points (11G - 21A) in 20 games since the WJC, he's been killing it.
  6. Palms was engaged with Kane in front of the net. IMO Severson should've let Palms with Kane and tied up Couture instead of joining in on Kane with Palms. From how I gathered the sequence at least.
  7. Palms was already tangled up with Kane. Seves should've tied up Couture.
  8. That was a sweet pass by Kane. That's on Seves though. sh!tty game
  9. Congrats to Coleman on the birth of his child!
  10. GOOOOSEEE IS LOOOOOSSSSEEEE. Hughes is everywhere tonight!
  11. Don't like the decision at all. Sure, no doubt in my mind he knows he's the starter for us this year and he's also our guy going forward, management (Fitz) has made that clear more than once. But yeah, the decision still makes no sense. Big winning streak, he's hot right now. Why play Schneids? Doesn't make any sense.
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