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  1. 21 minutes ago, Chimaira_Devil_#9 said:

    It's not a reflection on him and what he has been doing at all.

    But it wasn't long ago that we were extolling the virtues of finally being able to give young guys a chance to learn the ropes in the AHL and not rushing people. 

    What I don't want to do is sacrifice Holtz's future to give this bunch of wankers as kick up the arse now. 

    Holtz will probably only be here for a few games. I doubt he sticks around long. We have injuries which make it evident for him to be up, but I don't think the plan is to have him here until the end of the year. Management and Ruff were pretty adamant on him developing his game in Utica for different reasons. I don't think a few games here will rush him or be bad for him, quite the contrary.

  2. Just now, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    I think if he can play in all 82 games in any given season, you’re looking at 40-50 points.  

    I'd go 45-55, but yeah, that's the type of guy he is. He's not a gamebreaker, but he's a good 2nd line player/PP guy who can skate well and pass the puck. He,s a good player to have. 

  3. Just now, mfitz804 said:

    Valid points. 

    I mean, I agree we need more from him, especially in the absence of Jack. But I'm not too worried about him. Encouraging to see Nico and Pav get going, maybe he's next on tuesday!

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  4. 16 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

    Correct. I was referring only to his starting out like he was going to be something and then just being a guy who is fast and accomplishes nothing. 

    Bratt has almost 5 times the amount of points Tedenby had in the NHL in less than twice the games. Even if Bratt is a 35-40 point player (which I feel he can surpass even), he's miles ahead of the player Tedenby ever was. I know some are down on Bratt right now after 4 games this season, but Bratt was on pace for a 53 point full season just last year. I'd wait before throwing the towel on him. He can still be a useful player, and he just turned 23. 

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  5. Just now, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Cory didn’t play the whole game…think he came in to start the third.

    Fun game in that the Devils won a game where they clearly weren’t trying to…that lineup would have a hell of a time winning many games once the regular season begins.

    Fingers crossed for Jack…

    Masisak just reported that Ruff said he doesn't expect him to miss any time. Good news.

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  6. Holtz with 1 goal and 1 assist today and in the last game of the prospects challenge. I think he’ll start in Utica, but his play in camp has been good.

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  7. Apparently, Jimmy Hayes has passed away.

    Wow. I'm actually shocked. I know he wasn't with the Devils for that long, but I really liked him as a player and he seemed like a great person. Prayers and thoughts to his family.

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  8. 18 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    I’d say the Devils will move on from Severson…I’m not so sure an older, more expensive Severson will be terribly cost-effective.  I think the keepers here will be Hamilton and Smith, possibly Graves as well.  Then they’ll try to start sprinkling in cheaper in-house youth.  

    That might be the case. Although I wouldn’t be opposed to a 6 year deal (he’d be 34 at the end of it) at 5.5-6 per, tops. 7-8 years I’d be wary of. But as I said, I do trust Fitz, as he seems to spend intelligently and in the right places, and have a plan on who he wants to keep around long term. We’ll see what he has in mind.

  9. 39 minutes ago, EdgeControl said:

    Lets see how PK plays the second pairing role. To dougie. I expect it to be seamless and positive. Guy is still our best board play defenseman and 1st pk , 2ng pp. He has 3 strong defensive years in him..

    I actually think P.K will get 3rd pairing minutes… 




    If that’s the case, he might be one of the best 3rd pairing guys in the league.


    As for Severson’s next contact, I feel it’s real early to discuss it, but I feel that if he signs with us it’ll be for 5-6 AAV. He doesn’t deserve more imo, and I like him. With that being said, I trust Fitz 100%. I like the direction he’s going in and he seems to not wanna spend foolishly. 

  10. Nico Hischier 24 (+1)

    Pavel Zacha 8 (-3)




    Andreas Johnsson

    Matt Tennyson

    Colton White

    Will Butcher

    P.K. Subban 

    A.J. Greer

    Jonas Siegenthaler

    Aaron Dell 

    Nick Merkley

    Connor Carrick 

    Tyce Thompson

    Marian Studenic

    Scott Wedgewood

    Jesper Boqvist

    Ryan Murray 

    Mikhail Maltsev

    Kevin Bahl

    Damon Severson

    Nolan Foote

    Janne Kuokkanen

    Nathan Bastian

    Michael McLeod 

    Miles Wood

    Jack Hughes

    Jesper Bratt

    Ty Smith

    Yegor Sharangovich 

    Mackenzie Blackwood

  11. 24 minutes ago, RunninWithTheDevil said:

    Really hoping this isn't true


    Depending on the return, I'd consider it. First of all for the right side, he can score a lot of points, but also because I think Ristolainen clearly needs a change of scenery and could probably benefit from it. He's been a whipping boy for quite some time now in Buffalo, and at 2 years left at 5.4 mil per, I'd be curious to see what he could do with a fresh start. 

    I also feel like the return wouldn't be huge, since his value has been lowered a lot these last few years. Maybe Buffalo even take Johnsson or Merkley straight up for him? 

    Anyways, I don't think it would be all that bad. Interesting to think about though. 

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