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  1. Yeah, pretty sure Vancouver will pass us. Knock on wood. We're likely drafting 5th. Pretty sure one of Clarke/Hughes will be available by then.
  2. Best bromance moment ever between the roomies. Hughes and Smith are money.
  3. Here’s a better view of that SNIPE!
  4. I thought the bet was 28 pts regardless!
  5. Hughes and Pav (ONE POINT LEFT TO REACH THE BET) with the assists!
  6. Great summary! I think the sweet spot for us is 4-5th overall. We're getting a solid player there, that's for sure. Hopefully, at least one of the big 3 defensemen will still be available when we pick.
  7. At this point, who cares? More odds for 1st. That clearly seems to be the focus right now
  8. I'd really like to see Sal get an assistant coaching job. He seems to understand the game really well. Might help our PK lol
  9. Actually not mad about how they played in the first.
  10. Nice pass by Zacha to Hughes, so close.
  11. I'm curious to see what he does next season. Young goaltenders tend to be inconsistent, so I'm not worried about him. The talent and potential are there, and he's shown great things in front of a sub-par defence. I think people sometimes don't realize that Mac has less than 100 games played in the NHL and has never actually played a full season (based on circumstances with the 2 COVID seasons but still). I'd like to see him in "normal" circumstances and with a half decent defence before passing judgement on him. With all that in mind, I've been pretty happy with him and his development. I'm not ready to say that next season is the "end all, be all" season for Mac, he's been put in weird situations these last 2 seasons, and he's been affected by COVID in a pretty big way IMO. But the rest of his contract is important.
  12. Side note, I’ve been happy with Foote so far.
  13. This team NEVER gives up. They're unimpressive and impressive at the same time lol. Hats off to the young guys. Goaltending killed them. The future is exciting, no one can convince me otherwise.
  14. I mean, we know they’ll make it 4-3 , right? RIGHT?!
  15. Oh I’m not sure it changes anything to this game, but I do think that if all those guys are in there we’re better than Anaheim or Buffalo. That’s what you said so I was responding to that.
  16. Before the deadline they were definitely worse than us. Even after trading away Palms and Trav we were a better team. Without Pav, Bratt, Smith, Subban and not having our #1 goalie in net? They’re no doubt better than us. No doubt about it.
  17. Here's a compilation of his highlights from this season, if it hasn't been posted yet. Even the posts are impressive haha!
  18. Pumped to have him in the mix. Will try to catch games in the AHL.
  19. I’m not one to blame the refs. But this game isn’t called fairly so far.
  20. There it is. This team simply doesn’t quit. LGD!!
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