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  1. Yeah. I really liked the Bratt, Nico, Wood line tonight. They had great chances. Likes Shara, Hughes and Kuok too, just weren't as dominant as the previous nights.
  2. I actually thought he played pretty good, considering he hasn't played in a month. His first game back from his off-season injury was way worse than this one imo.
  3. Oh well. They had chances but didn't capitalize. A few nice plays by Nico, Bratt, Hughes and Hischier. Defense let Mac hung out to dry for the 2 goals. It is what it is. Onto the next one.
  4. Especially since he's been our best defenseman all year long.
  5. The Maltsev/Merkley/Johnsson line has been pretty awful tonight. Other than Ty and Seves, the defense is pretty bleak. I like Murray's game, but he sometimes get caught.
  6. Subban taping his stick like a madman to do nothing lol. Unfortunate.
  7. That's basic coverage. I know you don't like Nas, and I'd also like to see another assistant coach, but Kuok has to cover his man/the point. You learn that in Pee-Wee.
  8. Unfortunate, we've had some great chances tonight. Convert on 1-2 of those, and it's a different game.
  9. Yeah I don't like that Siegenthaler-Butcher pairing at all.
  10. Ohh okay haha, I thought you meant awful as in dirty lol. The execution was 100% bad hahah
  11. Really? I thought it was a pretty innocent play.
  12. Wayyyyyy better 2nd. Unfortunately nothing to show for it.
  13. If there's one positive with this team, it's that they don't seem to give up.
  14. Played well at the start of the period, then things got pretty bleh. Gain some momentum with the PP at the start of the 2nd here.
  15. Is it just me or is there a sh!t load more NYR fans in the stands... Unfortunate to say the least.
  16. Butcher, so slow man Way too many odd man rushes so far
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