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  1. Great chance/play by Bratt/Hischier/Wood line right off the bat
  2. Yeah, with his play, I though we could snag a 2nd for him. I'll be satisfied with a 3rd if EDM wins their 1st round matchup. A 4th is pretty bleh, but it is what it. I'm interested to see if Murray gets dealt now. I like his play and would be on pace for 25-30 pts in a full season.
  3. It's in 2022 mind you apparently, edited my post (will edit it again if need be). I'm satisfied with that. EDIT: 2021 finally
  4. So it's Kulikov for a conditional 4th in 2021, that turns into a 3rd in 2021 if EDM wins a playoff round, from Bob McKenzie on TraceCentre. EDIT: Heard it was in 2022, but it's in 2021.
  5. Guess I missed it, not surprising though. It's the Pens after all.
  6. ANOTHER Hughes post!?!?! But nah, he isn't snakebitten one bit... Has to be 5 posts in the last 2-3 weeks ffs
  7. Damn, thought they would call icing on Boqvist there. Thought he didn't beat the defensemen enough
  8. Are we April 1st and I don't know lol? A call our way? Wut.
  9. Horrible defensive play leads to a wraparound on the first goal. Horrible call leads to second goal (tipped in front). fvck today
  10. I usually don't like to complain about officiating, but these last few weeks have been horrendous tbh.
  11. Horrible fvcking call. Wood beats BOTH defenders, is way behind them and somehow the ref calls icing? What the fvck? Joke. Next, Pittsburgh wins the FO and scores. Incredible. Seems we've been dealing with sh!tty missed calls all season.
  12. How tf is that icing? And it's a goal. fvck these linemen right from the start.
  13. Hey look! Pittsburgh doing the drop pass too lol!
  14. People already complaining about the new announcer. Come on lol...
  15. Super happy with his surge this season. Sometimes players take longer to develop, I think we have a good example of that with Zacha.
  16. Zacha now needs 3 points for the PavelPoint bet right @mfitz804?
  17. Another PavelPoint??? Another Bratt point also! Great!
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