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  1. 1 minute ago, MB3 said:

    Kind of a weak return; hopefully he'll come back next season. 

    It seems likely Edmonton will win a playoff series. They'll draw the Jets, who are pretty bleh. 

    Yeah, with his play, I though we could snag a 2nd for him. I'll be satisfied with a 3rd if EDM wins their 1st round matchup. A 4th is pretty bleh, but it is what it.

    I'm interested to see if Murray gets dealt now. I like his play and would be on pace for 25-30 pts in a full season. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Devilsfan118 said:

    This is barely why I watch the NHL anymore with the Devils being terrible - why bother getting invested in these games when the officiating is a joke.

    How is that icing?

    Horrible fvcking call. Wood beats BOTH defenders, is way behind them and somehow the ref calls icing? What the fvck? Joke. Next, Pittsburgh wins the FO and scores. Incredible. Seems we've been dealing with sh!tty missed calls all season.

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