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  1. Latest rankings have us 10th... but Burnside still manages to get a dig in on us.
  2. interesting... they got this guy on the team:
  3. I remember seeing the Nordiques Nation at a Mets game in April. I was very confused.
  4. can't believe i missed this deal by a week and it was posted 6 months ago. damn
  5. much rather see Palmieri on that line that Zubrus - he's got such a bigger upside.
  6. i'll probably catch sh!t for this but i really don't have a huge problem with the leblond hit - yes he targeted clackson from across the ice... cause he was anticipating clackson getting the puck on the boards (he was right) and turning up ice (he was wrong). Yes it was a bad hit, deserving of a penalty but I don't think it was the end of the world. now as for the Shelley hit - holy crap that was ugly). Awesome how Rosehill immediately took Shelley to task - I'm sure his teammates LOVED that.
  7. I joined last year so I could go on the Montreal trip. It was a blast. Met Johnny Mac's cousin, Marty's brother, and had ridiculous amounts of fun at the bars and strip clubs. Oh yeah also took in a solid, complete Devils win at a great arena in a city with a lot of hockey history. And all the women there are hockey fans which gives them a +1 on the 1 to 10 scale. Not sure if I'm gonna do any of the trips this year - I'd like to go back to Montreal or do Toronto or Vancouver though.
  8. my preferred spot to watch hockey is on the glass in a corner. If you go to a youth hockey game you'll see a lot of the moms sitting in the stands and a lot of dads and other coaches standing around the glass behind the nets.
  9. The fact that the Devils don't have anyone in the top 50 in TOI doesn't paint an accurate picture and isn't a logical way of looking at what's going on. Defensemen typically log the most ice time and I'm sure you'd be hard pressed to find any forwards at all in the top 50. A combination of having played with 7 defensemen and not having any one or two d-men stand out and merit getting 26-30 minutes a game is the reason the Devils don't have anyone in the top 50. Take a look at ATOI for forwards and it will tell a different story. Not only do the Devils have 3 guys in the top 50 but they have 3 guys in the top 15. Kovy at 4, Zajac at 11 and Parise at 14. Not sure what kind of ice time Kovalchuk is used to but I'm sure Zajac and Parise are averaging a minute or 2 more than their average over the past couple seasons. This is pretty much a case of skewing the facts to support your case. Just sayin
  10. this. If Jason's explanation is the reasoning behind the move and Lou did this just to save a couple hundred though in cap space then you have to sell it and let the guys physically move and tell your coach to let everyone know how much you're planning on using Henrique, etc. TG said this was a paper move when Tao first got sent down but everyone insisted on freaking out and trying to come up with some trade reasoning or 12 F / 6 D excuse, etc.
  11. Frolov was also playing mostly on the 3rd line iirc last year with the kings.
  12. The one game I saw Nillson play he looked terrible. I really like Mair and I actually like Pelley as a 4th Line wing (though I think he's a terrible center). I wouldn't hate a 4th Line of Mair centering a combination of Pelley, Zharkov and PL3
  13. pretty sure there's people in this thread that don't get the joke. which makes it that much better of a zinger.
  14. driving on lafayette towards broad st: continue past Broad, lafayette turns into william st. make the 3rd right onto washington st. there are two lots on the right that are used as commuter lots during the day but not manned and not locked at night. (before maiden lane) i park there everytime i drive to the rock without incident. although i park under a street light thinking that it's safest I sometimes think i am just giving a would-be robber better light to "work" with... either way i've never had an incident parking there although it's a pretty sketchy area.
  15. Lars Eller is a top prospect if I'm not mistaken.
  16. I think it was Taormina who coughed up the puck. Although it wasn't the best spot to pass it to him by Whitey. I also thought Tedenby looked good, particularly driving into the offensive zone. He made one sick move and got a shot off, i think it was in the first period. Although it would be nice if the Devils only dressed one guy per game that's 5'8" with a number in the 50's. I definitely got him confused with Gionta a couple times. My lord that Nilsson guy looked bad. Like he was skating in mud. ZIP Line is just too good, it's almost not fair.
  17. i really wish i knew how twitter worked - what all the @'s meant, who was talking to who, etc. it's very confusing to me and makes me feel old
  18. you gotta pay the troll toll, if you want this boy's hole.
  19. my major complaint about 98% of drivers is that they think the left lane is the "fast lane" the left lane is for passing, "keep right except to pass" are words to live by. people who travel in the left lane are the worst no matter if they are going 55 or 70.
  20. Except for the 50% of the games the 2nd half of the season when he does vs. and nbc games and we have to listen to cangio
  21. i actually thought of doing something like this last season...unfortunately it was like game 5 already when i thought of it. anyway great idea. seems easy enough to make happen too.
  22. Bobby Holik is way too to be included on the hated list.Sarge was one of the first names that came to mind for the respected list.
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