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  1. So this is what it's like playing against a team with our level of goaltending.
  2. Well this was a bummer of a read.
  3. For whatever reason, I think we all knew Jack wasn't going to bury that last chance. Just isn't himself right now.
  4. I'm certainly not going to be out here blasting Nico as captain by any means, but I'm an old fvck millennial who still probably overvalues the physical part of the game. I'd prefer a captain who can go out there and physically dominate if need-be. But again, I fully acknowledge this is probably a dated mindset.
  5. I've always thought Mercer would be captain material. Not necessarily here, with Nico probably keeping it for a long time, but I think Mercer is that kind of player. Great leader.
  6. Forgive me if you guys have already talked about it, but I want to give Mercer credit for stepping up when Smith got boarded yesterday. He's not a fighter obviously, and I think he gave up some serious size in the scrap. But that is what you want to see, your teammates stepping up when another team does something dirty. I know he's had a rough year, and I know some folks are thinking he might be trade bait this offseason but I really hope we don't cut ties with him. He's still very young, he's the kind of kid you need in your middle six on a deep playoff team.
  7. I think this is the last game that "mattered" - I think you'll get your wish for the rest of the games. Curious to see if they shut Jack down now.
  8. I mean it's easy to sit here and say this now, but I think we all knew this was coming. Even after that pretty great second period. They're just a bad team. They can't close out games.
  9. Before this season, I would have total confidence that fits wouldn't even consider him. Now, I'm not so sure. How's Fitz's relationship with his family? Do he and the greens vacation together over the summer? Any familiar ties that might cause him to pause?
  10. We're going to get one staged fight, and then the Rangers are going to dominate us up and down the ice for 55 minutes.
  11. I mean what can you say, this franchise has completely embraced losing like this.
  12. They can add a call later now? Wouldn't like to see someone punch his face in for boarding a literal teenager but make them pay on the scoreboard here.
  13. When the going gets tough, this team folds. Soft bunch of losers this season.
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