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  1. Zacha and Cory doing their absolute best to keep us from finishing in the bottom 3. I wish they'd both prove something in games that actually mattered. Next game against Detroit is huge for the tank. I don't know how you ensure it but.. just can't be a W.
  2. This is the problem with handing public positions to franchise icons. How the hell do you gracefully and respectfully fire Dano? By all accounts he's fvcking terrible at his job. But I doubt he goes quietly.
  4. Looked accidental with Palms there, still worry about concussions.
  5. I always appreciate the analysis from you and everyone else. Not much else to really analyze at this point lol
  6. Oh yeah, I joined here my freshman year of college in 2008/9 to defend Marty from a couple posters who were always going after him 2012 was definitely a nice resurgence for the board, but unfortunately the sh!t results that immediately followed kinda killed all the momentum and people disappeared again. I miss posting with a couple of those OG guys and gals. Really was a fun place - still is, just different. Here I go being nostalgic again.
  7. Bingo, exactly. Disaster scenario here is us drafting like 5-8. Holy sh!t would that be disappointing.
  8. You know the tank is in full force when the GDT's only get like 3 posts. I think people will flock back to the forum when the team is interesting again - last year was indicative of that. But anyway - a solid game by Cory from the statsheet.
  9. Hah, fair enough. Me too lol
  10. I like that they've moved it up. Though I'll be honest, I was pretty sick of the Nico vs. Nolan debate by the time the draft came around.
  11. This might be the best forward group I've ever had. Prior to trading Crosby, I mean. The Eichel trade certainly helped as well. But man, outside of PPP (somehow lacking), goaltending killed me. Which is especially hilarious because I kept Helleybuck over Kuznetsov, thinking he and the Jets would dominate this year. One shutout boys. One. 72 GP between Price and Helleybuck, and I've got one shutout. 5th worth GAA and 7th best/worst SV%. I think I could've had a top-3 finish (success in my mind) had I gotten above average goaltending. Shame.
  12. I can't imagine Hall is putting any thought into the current roster and outcomes. We're tanking. He knows it, the team knows it, and the fans know it.
  13. Thanks for that. I distinctly remember in that video detailing the championship season they were very vague about what he actually injured. Cool to finally know what it was. But interestingly enough, the second part of that article didn't age particularly well.. I mean he clearly lied - he's come out to say he has like.. no memory of the hit or several days afterwards. I mean I guess he could've felt 'fine', but he was still concussed. It'd be interesting to see how this event would play out in today's NHL. If Kariya gets blasted like that in the 2019 Stanley Cup finals, is there any chance anyone lets him step back on the ice?
  14. And Conte is still well-regarded around the league, it seems. Crazy.
  15. Was his injury ever actually released to the public?
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