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  1. Devilsfan118

    It’s Keefe

    If Fitz gets a goalie and perhaps some improved depth - AND IF THEY CAN STAY HEALTHY - Keefe could take this team back to the playoffs easily imo.
  2. So is Pettersson the worst contact in the league or what? Dude is an absolute ghost
  3. Little frustrating that the Leafs beat us to the punch here.
  4. Twitter is of course losing its mind, but I have no problems with this. Dress him when you need him, press box him when you don't. Barely over League minimum cap hit, it's a non-issue.
  5. We all know a Rangers powerplay is coming up, right?
  6. Spoiler alert: I don't think anyone involved in the league does, either. Don't look now but this kid the Canucks have thrown into the fire was also a 4th round pick I think. Other teams are finding goalie gems late. Hopefully we can do the same some day.
  7. Yep and it was withheld - absolute insanity
  8. 100% - they don't just need size, they need "mean". Bahl-types don't fit the bill anymore.
  9. How on earth does this count?
  10. Am I alone in not wanting Keefe? Maybe I'm over-valuing the whole 'needing a hardass to hold these kids accountable' thing. But another players' coach was not what I was hoping for.
  11. The Panthers and Bruins are going to beat the absolute piss out of each other and go at least six games. Rangers are going to be healthy and rested, facing a depleted team in the Eastern conference final. The road to the cup finals is pretty much paved for them. You just hope the Western conference team makes it their healthy. I think Colorado or even Dallas can take them, but not if they lose key players to injuries.
  12. It is the Rangers year. fvcking sucks
  13. He deleted the post lmfao - that's not going to calm people down. We'll see if it's a true leak.
  14. No way they'd be this stupid to leak the results, right
  15. You know what though, I'm not really sure it does. Like with the nemec pick, If they move up to one or two there's no way they're going to trade the pick. Kind of handcuffs them a bit.
  16. He's getting rightfully torched for the hot take.
  17. No thank you, to me he's more of the same problem that has plagued the Devils.
  18. Latest 31 Thoughts says Devils may be front runner for Berube, but Toronto may get involved. Doesn't think Ottawa is in it for him anymore.
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