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  1. What a crazy day of college football. Go B1G!

  2. It took exactly zero games for my disdain for PDB's roster management to return. Ahh hockey season is back.


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    2. DevsMan84


      RU will be in the basement of that conference for years, probably decades

    3. devilsfan26


      LOL in the basement for DECADES?? It may take them a few years of improving recruiting classes to catch up, and it may be a long time before they're up there with Ohio State, Michigan State, or Michigan, but I have a hard time believing it will be decades before they finish ahead of Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue, Illinois, Maryland, or Indiana.

    4. Devilsfan118


      Why ya gotta try and rain on my parade like that DM84?

      I'm not worried about it - if they somehow go 6-6 this year I'll consider it a major success. And so will jersey recruits.

      The future is B1G baby.

  4. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a more poorly run football program than Rutgers'. B1G here we come!

    1. AEWHistory


      Then you're obviously not a Jets fan..... :)

  5. Any Android users here? Need advice: Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One

    1. lucifer91


      I have the Galaxy S4. I like it and have no complaints but I feel it wasn't that different from my Droid Razr, I expected it to be a lot better than the Razr based on all the hype. I don't have any input on HTC one

    2. DevilMinder


      The camera on the One is amazing. Especially in low light

    3. Rogan The Goat

      Rogan The Goat

      HTC one is a beautiful phone. My brother has one. I have a Note 2 and I personally love it for the screen size. Go to your providers store and play with them. HTC One is hard to pass up, though.

  6. 2,7% of Seth Jones tonight. Come on Hockey Gods, make it happen! ...Please...?

  7. So tempted to make that first GDT...but I'll wait until tomorrow morning at least..unless someone beats me to it

    1. Cachorro Louco

      Cachorro Louco

      Tomorrow is sunday. Unless are you planning to make the thread for the Flyers games well in advance.

  8. That song with "SOMEBODY LEFT THE GATE OOOOOOOOPEN" in it came on today..caused some serious nostalgia. And then the nostalgia was replaced with anger when I realized just how much I hated the damn song and commercial.

  9. Rutgers to the Big 10? YES PLEASE

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    2. Pepperkorn


      Oh and I SOOOO want a varsity hockey team here now. I mean - Lou shoudl see what he can do to get that going. There is a LOT of developing hockey talent here in NJ -- we can turn this into a hockey haven - seriously. If only Lou were younger -- or his son had his talent and vision and energy.

    3. Pepperkorn


      Oh and I told my mom we can all see Michigan games here - to which she replied "Or we can all go to Ann Arbor!" as if that makes ANY logistical sense?

    4. devilsfan26


      You can see in this picture that the ineligible receiver downfield penalty on that crucial fake field goal touchdown was a horrendous call. You are allowed to be three yards beyond the line of scrimmage, and #84 is eligible because he is a tight end. http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m260/brodo17/Watkis-F.jpg

  10. Sooo about this epic storm about to destroy New Jersey..

    1. NJCroMag


      Heh...lucky for me, I'm out in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. [looks at projected path] Ah, crap.

    2. MantaRay


      Love the hybrid after effects of Climate change. "Frankenstorm?"

  11. 6-0 baby..Rutgers football is the only thing keeping me sane right now without hockey

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    2. devilsfan26


      yeah man, were you a student then too? the overnight mob scene outside the box office waiting for the student ticket distribution to begin is almost as memorable as the game itself haha. up until that point you just had to show up to the game with your rutgers ID but they knew the student section was going to sell out this time so they had to distribute tickets in advance. at one point schiano showed up with pizza for the people waiting for tickets, but it was just before i got there.

    3. ThreeCups


      I was part of the mob scene to get the tickets as well...yes I was a student then, great times...long live the Leonard/Rice era....

    4. devilsfan26


      great times indeed

  12. Unbelievable, what an accomplishment for NASA and mankind in general.

  13. Cory Booker doing a Q&A session on Reddit today. I'm hoping some Devils fans show up

    1. Quinn01


      Already on it. I was on the request.

  14. Parise will resign tomorrow around 2 PM.

  15. Time to find a relevant and funny avatar to win 'best avatar' for the second year in a row..muaha

    1. TheMazz


      My campaign to win "Best Forum Signature" flopped after the massive negative feedback for that Ric Flair sig.

    2. RSC


      Tits. Tits will win bests avatar 5/10.

  16. Last Final as an undergraduate tomorrow...listening to this to prepare myself:

  17. Have the boards stopped imploding yet?

  18. Totally would've bought into the Devils had I won the jackpot

  19. Anyone see Pandolfo skate face-first into the post against Winnipeg? I haven't laughed that hard at a hockey highlight in a while. Hope he's alright

  20. A warning about Personal threats!? What the hell did I miss?

    1. aylbert


      <<--- You don't want Aylbert angry. He's loco.

    2. Aznjsn


      Quickly! Go and buy a fake mustache!

    3. DevilMinder


      Just a sad trend that needs to end.

  21. Happy 22nd birthday to me...the first in a long line of birthdays that don't really matter anymore

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    2. Quinn01


      Happy Birthday!

    3. NJCroMag


      Happy anniversary of the day in which you escaped uterine confinement!

    4. Pepperkorn


      Happy birthday!!

  22. What a crazy game by RU, great win. Now, onto Devils hockey


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    2. Devilsfan118


      Oh definitely, there are already plenty of student groups on facebook...this whole situation is just becoming a mess, haha

    3. devilsfan26


      yea i heard they sent out the email about it being cancelled around 2:00, at about 4 i came across the "ragefest" page which was apparently only a half hour old and already had 2000 attendees

    4. Pepperkorn


      Hire bluegrass bands instead of hip hop acts! Problem solved :-)

  24. They see me trollin...

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