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  1. Anyone give Constellation on AppleTV a watch? I was really enjoying it until the finale yesterday. Major "Lost" vibes, super frustrated with how they left almost everything open-ended.
  2. A fantastic, hard working line. Perfect mix of finesse and strength out there in the offensive zone. Makes one wonder why they weren't given a chance to do this with regularity earlier in the season...
  3. McDavid effect. You could probably throw on some skates and put up 30 goals on his wing, legit.
  4. fvck Lindy Ruff and our GMs undying loyalty to him.
  5. Very flawed team, but I will never forgive Fitz for allowing Lindy to plague this team as long as he did. We would've had a chance with an Allen-level goalie and a fresh mind behind the bench.
  6. Oh man I remember he threw a Stevens-esque hit in... it might've been training camp. But I was hyped for him, thought he'd be laying people out in the NHL.
  7. Fair enough, thanks for talking me off the ledge (sincerely). Frustrated as we all are.
  8. Good fvcking God he's got 3 more years left. Atta boy Fitzy. At least the cap is going to go up, significantly, so it shouldn't be too much of a nightmare to deal with.
  9. Everything I've read (which admittedly isn't very much) is stating that Celebrini is a legit #1 (better than Nico, on a Hughes level) but the rest of the first round, especially the top 10, is pretty meh. Unless we win the lotto, we won't be getting a player that makes a significant impact on this roster for ~2 years. Fitz absolutely needs to trade this pick, and I'm so convinced that he will that I'm not even going to bother looking up prospects in the 5-10 range. I will be livid if we use this pick.
  10. https://old.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/1bhdojk/wpg_6_cbj_1_tyler_toffoli_hits_30_goals_on_the/?ref=share&ref_source=link TT doesn't look so slow on that play. What is it about this franchise that brings out the worst in its players?
  11. I mean I wouldn't consider this an embarrassment..
  12. Shut Jack down already if he's playing injured. He's looked brutal. No sense trotting him out there at this point.
  13. I mean it just goes to show what a coaching change can do for a player and, by extension, a team. I don't want to make last night's great game into a negative, but, to me, it shows what this season could've been had Fitz made a coaching change and acquired a league-average goalie back before the all-star break. Here I come being the wet blanket but... I mean, while they're still technically alive it's a looooooooooong shot. But hey, it kinda gives us a reason to keep watching.
  14. Much like Rutgers Basketball this year - the Devils season is going out with a whimper. They're going to get stomped by the Stars.
  15. Four times now at least Salv has been rambling through a big play taking place on ice, which would've blown Bill's call. He just needs coaching.
  16. Someone take Bryce's mic away. Christ stop talking
  17. On the wrong wing lol fvck you Lindy
  18. What the fvck is wrong with Leah's eyes
  19. Starting to lose my faith in Fitz, between the HC debacle, not addressing the goaltending, potentially considering offering TT 3-4 years... I mean, the Palat deal is already aging like milk. You take a step back and weigh the good and the bad... dunno, he's approaching a wash at best at the moment.
  20. Dumb take here, but I think it depends entirely on what TT is looking for, cap/term. No chance Fitz is dumb enough to offer him 5+ years at significant AAV, TT probably wants that final big-money contract (and I don't blame him). That said, if he wants to stay here that much Fitz can revisit it in the offseason. There is... zero... reason to keep him past the TDL imo.
  21. With these prices, holy smokes move him.
  22. Uhhh Colorado and Buffalo with a huge hockey trade, holy smokes. Buffalo's defense is going to be STACKED.
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