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  1. Oh...my god people. RELAX. As has been said...no team can be perfect the entire year. It's a skid! Three games! I think it can be offically called a slump. Blame it on whatever tickles your fancy (too many games played, overachieving, etc.), but the fact is, they're still one of the top teams in the east, and they will resume playing like it once this slump is over. To those jumping ship now: Good riddence.
  2. Knocked out =/ don't think he was expected a stevens-like hit No respect for the veterans from these kids!!
  3. The only positive thing about Peters in my mind is that he's completely disposable. In that, he's one guy who lemaire can send out there to take the 5 minutes, and he won't be missed. Much better than, say, salvador or a top-6 forward. That being said, I think PL3 plays this role in a much better fashion. Pelly also fills this role (granted, he's a lightweight), but still...I can't imagine why Peters plays over PL3. Maybe it's just a feeling lemaire has (simliar to how sutter treated greene). The power play 'worries' me, but again...it's a little over the half way point. I'll take a .500 record for a few weeks, if it means the team can peak (or..re-peak?) in april. I'll honestly be disgusted if this team takes another first round exit. Hope to god elias doesn't miss much time. I'm comfortable missing him until after the olympic break if it means he won't suffer a relapse. How refreshing would that be for the team's morale...getting martin, clarkson, and elias back at once (and potentially a deadline addition...)
  4. Think Elias just got his clock cleaned. Doesn't seem to serious. Looks like he tried to dodge it, and got flat out KO'd. Stretcher was largely just precautionary, to me. Anyway, powerplay needs to get going. Simple as that. Could be 2-1, ideally 2-2 right now. Can't score on every one obviously, but...man could we use one right now. And to those jumping ship...have some damn patience. You can't expect the devils to match that first half performance. That was just amazing. They'll bounce back just fine. Especially when Martin, Zubrus, and Clarkson return. Lastly, to those who want peters to go after someone...why would you even suggest such a thing? Calm down with the testosterone, getting someone suspended and getting the team fined isn't worth it. Bottom line: Win the game. For patty.
  5. LD - the first person I get to use the new and improved ignore feature on. Congratulations! And there's rolston! Hopefully this starts another streak! And Going right back on the powerplay...good stuff
  6. Harsh perhaps, but deserved. A simple statement would've been wonderful. I have to agree with him here: the most entertaining part of the night was when some fans in the lower level made the rink boys skate back and forth at least 5 times collecting hats. Harmless frustration. Now, when that idiot threw the soda bottle on the ice...that was too far. But as far as I'm concerned, throwing hats on the ice was hilarious. But the devils really need to pick-up the effort on the entertainment during the commercials. I haven't been to many other arenas, so I understand I don't have a whole lot to compare to, but...so help me god...if I have to watch the stupid zamboni's race around the ice or the even more stupid cars racing around newark again, I might kill the poor soul sitting next to me. I think inserting the mascot into old movies is clever and classic, but...they need to create more energy! It could've been where I was sitting last night (and the fact the devils were down 3-0) but the arena was awfully quiet all night from the start. Having stupid little give-aways, or blasting f___ing hannah montana doesn't pump the crowd up. ENERGY. Learn how to create some for crying out loud.
  7. Was at the game...and I'm definitely not driving all the way back to the arena, and paying for parking, to see half a game and a probable loss. This is simply ridiculous; they need to offer some sort of compensation for this. It's my personal opinion that they simply didn't call the game to milk the concessions for all they were worth for that extra 90 minutes. Call me whatever name you want, but it must've been blatantly clear by the hour mark that the game wasn't going to resume. Or even when they took the sticks off the bench. It feels like they held up the fans so that the players and staff could avoid the rush. I know none of this is probably true, but I'm still irked at the way it was handled. Would it be too much to ask for the staff to make an announcement every 15-30 minutes? Even if there was no progress to speak of, simply keeping the fans imformed would've been a huge help. I instead wasted my entire friday night sitting there waiting for the game to resume. I'll begin my angry email now...
  8. If it leads to bergfors having a more complete overall game, then I'll gladly sacrifice a little of his point production for the time being.
  9. Certainly not more than 8. I can't imagine him wanting to stay in atlanta either; I get the impression he doesn't enjoy being the only real offensive threat on a team (and that's what he'll stay as in atlanta for at least the next few seasons). The only way he'll stay is if they offer him that 10m contract, which I can't imagine them not doing. I'd personally like to see him moved to a contender, and see atlanta get some legit young talent / high picks in return. Who knows, they could become the blackhawks of the east, if you will.
  10. Also, is peters playing? Normally don't like him, but I'd love to see him drop rupp for that hit on pando
  11. Man, stuck listening to the penguins feed...this guy is just making excuse after excuse as to why the devils won the first two meetings...can't stand listenin to this guy. Give it time, if/when the devils get a solid lead, he'll start whining about the trap as well
  12. That's one sexy xbox...gonna be an absolute crying shame when that thing gets the red ring. Hell, it'd probably still fetch a fair penny on ebay even broken
  13. This turned into a nailbiter pretty quickly
  14. No way would I want kovalchuk for 10m a year. Not if he pulls games like these out of his ass. Even if it's only once or twice a year.
  15. Ohh...MAN! He just can't get a bounce!!!
  16. I feel like zach will score in this game. Just have a feeling
  17. Boy is this forum hard to read sometimes. Between the usual marty haters, who I can't help but laugh at, and the people who rarely post (such as myself, granted) who come on just to say "marty sucks", these GDT are just painful. Have some faith people. No, marty shouldn't have played tonight. Why pull a goalie when there's less than 5 minutes left in the period? Let him finish, and then put the backup in at the start of the next period. Saves marty's ego and confidence at least to an extent.\ It's a 60 minute game. IF the devils play the way they did in the first, they'll win the game. Don't care how well the goalie played in the first, he can't make 60 saves this game. Fvckin relax. -already tied. solid effort
  18. Not sure I've ever seen the point of the OOT thread. I can just check nhl.com for highlights and summaries if i so desire, and if anything interesting happens (ie, a sick goal, a big hit, etc.) then it'll probably get its own thread anyway. I say, get rid of em, and save the bandwidth for something else. I also second the comment about LD. Funny stuff
  19. +10000. someone needs to put him in his place
  20. Go...away...you're a boring broken record
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