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  1. so im wondering if it's just a perception that our prospects are doing great cause we see a lot of highlight videos. Or there's the same amount as usual but it just seems that way since there's more focus on it since that's all we have and we have no hockey to watch...
  2. once it's on the ice and without the green lighting to make it even more fluo it will be fine and just be a black and green jersey on the ice.
  3. I'm not too hyped because of my PTSD from urbom, gelinas, larsson, Merrill and all those prospects that we overhyped and all thought were gonna be the new Stevens-Nieds-Raf-Daneyko for us
  4. Well good news folks. i played a few NHL21 games and Anderson has been scoring multiple goals or getting hat tricks every single game so far. So this will obviously translate in real life and he'll be a beast for us. It's undeniable. Good move Fitz!
  5. So you turn him saying "purist" into "over-the-top purist" and then turned "maybe just maybe some people love to complain" into "people complaining just for the sake of complaining" like that was the focus on his whole thing rather than just an afterthought. That's changing completely the spirit of what he said and putting words in his mouth. Then digging your heels that he was starting a fight or argument based on the way you took it rather than what he said. Call me a 12 years old in the process and ignored and went around the question of why you added "over-the-top" to what he said then ign
  6. He literally said that the younger fans were purist (he's right and we can likely all agree on that, clearly what he meant) and added OR maybe just maybe that they just love to complain. His argument was that they were purist and that maybe just MAYBE they just love to complain. You turned that statement into "over-the-top purists and people complaining for the sake of complaining. And that he was starting a fight or argument. Are you working for CNN or something? lol editing parts out just to push a narrative? Where did you get the "over-the-top" part? That's what im saying he neve
  7. Well first i'm really not upset. I just don't understand why you'd have to get on his case based on what he said and pretend he was starting an argument or a fight. Some people gave their opinions. Another person (who was literally the target audience of the subject) gave his. There was no argument or fight. And why you 100% put words in his mouth (you didn't address that exaggeration) and focused on that one part where he commented that the young fan base was really purist (which is almost a straight up fact at this point) and only focused on the part he said "or just maybe some people love t
  8. Well im glad you got that off your chest pal lol Not sure calling me names like Peter Pan makes you much more mature than a 12 years old though but wtv lol You can try to spin it on me all day long but YOU legit put words in his mouth making the term he said worst than what he actually said, why did you do that? YOU said he was starting an argument or a fight when he just said he didn't understand all the hate and that the younger fans seemed purist when it comes to the logo or jerseys, it's simply true, can you honestly deny that? Look at the reaction anytime something like that is broug
  9. Well yeah lol that's just confirming that most fans ARE purist lol and they WERE complaining about it. I honestly don't see what buddy said that was wrong at all lol But again, it's the typical "one person having an different opinion than the majority and speaking his mind... then he's made the problem"
  10. I don't understand you sometimes lol It's like you JUST have to step in lol MANY posters here posted about how much they wanted NOTHING to do with the idea. Saying it didn't make sense, making comparisons with other teams to justify how much it doesn't work and that it's not the same thing as this and that, that fans couldn't care less etc etc you even replied to some of them and agreed that there was a lot of them "whipper-snappers". Then this ONE dude come in and post his opinion and a general response, not quoting anyone, just saying basically that he didn't understand what the b
  11. Looks like having bad skin was an important criteria for Ruff
  12. http://www.sportsforecaster.com/nhl/player/7144
  13. What i dont like seeing is this though. A redraft of the 2018 draft putting Smith at 21 https://www.si.com/hockey/news/redoing-the-2018-nhl-draft-how-would-it-unfold-two-years-later Obviously it could change once he's in the NHL but it goes to show what an echo chamber can do too. He was perceived as a steal at 17 to all of us but now based on some metric, to some people he's ranked further down. And that's another thing where... who's right? Whoever wrote the article... meaning we had our head in the sand when he didn't play well at all and didnt make the team? Or they didn't put as
  14. Nothing would make me happier than if Mukhamadullin would end up being better than Romanov cause Habs fans has been pumping his tires like he's the next lidstrom for the last 2 years.
  15. i didn't know Holtz team in the SHL was the worst team in the league. Good to see he's still producing though. Being the top scorer for his team and out of all junior players in the SHL. That being said it's not surprising that when Jacob Josefson is on your top line that your team will suck lol
  16. Well literally anything to pump in some extra revenue and sell sh!t since attendance will be low
  17. We all know Lou will never retire. One day he'll just suddenly fade away mid-sentence Yoda style. Literally saying "When time is on your side...." *gasp*
  18. This is why i can't play those games too much. You'd make a crazy play pulling all the way to one side passing across the crease for an empty net one timer and somehow mid 2000s Garth Snow would rob you blind. Just to see moments later Trent Hunter score on Brodeur from an unscreened wrister from the blue line. i'd see red.
  19. I'm just as baffled. Posted a tribute to him on my facebook and 3 people started hating on my post lol "One of the worst play by play guys to listen to. Especially when he refers to the blocker as a waffle board." "he sucks. He doesn't do play by play. He talks over half the action." "100% agreed. Or the ‘into the paraphernalia’ of the goalie. Or the ‘catching glove’. What other fvcking glove was the goalie going to use to catch the puck?!? Damnit. Now I’m angry." Then i replied to this saying that i'd be the bigger man and just ignore such blasphemy but that I will just po
  20. I always kind of lived in this echo chamber where everyone loved him so it comes as a shock to see all the hate towards him im seeing online today
  21. i'm surprised it hasnt been brought up already but... HENRIQUE! IT'S OVER!!!!! that call to me is just as much part of devils history as scott stevens nailing lindros, as elias making that blind pass, as brodeur scoring his first goal etc etc
  22. Well you basically said there was a 1% chance he's not a franchise player. What am i twisting here? lol You literally gave a %.
  23. Did you or did you not say you were 99% sure he WAS going to be a franchise player for us. And again you're the one taking an extreme stance. Saying that he WILL 99% BE a franchise player. Its basically saying that it's almost impossible that this season could be an indication of anything or red flags. I'm not even saying this season IS a red flag but i can admit that it could be. You can't even go there. I even agree with the whole excuses and find it's justified, we had a terrible team. But i'd be in denial if i'd convince myself that it's completely IMPOSSIBLE that he could simply
  24. Are you serious? lol Who's twisting a narrative here? You're straight up ignoring possible red flags cause they don't fit your narrative. Do you honestly think no other top picks didn't have to deal with what he did? That we're historically the WORST team a recent first overall landed on in the last 20 years and that it's the only reason his points total was low? Sure he missed the net, got robbed, hit posts and showed some sexy skills we all know he has. But what? you think guys like Kane... didnt do that? at the same time as they were putting up points and developing? You think Kan
  25. Damn i wish. Unicorns have some sweet perks. I mean... i can't say and will likely never be able to say "Ha! that girl has my face tattooed on her !" But a unicorn can certainly say that.
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