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  1. Ohh fun fact about birthdays.. few years ago when i still worked at a design agency my boss was talking about Stranger Things with a client. And i guess they were talking about how well it was made with the brands of back in the days etc... so anyway i walked by and I'm a huuuuuuge Stranger Things fans. So they called me in and asked me how old the show maker was... I was like "well i'm not sure... they are twins but not sure how old they are... but they must be reaaaaaaallllly close to my age cause it's like that show was tailored specifically for me so it's like i grew up with them lol" That night i remembered that convo and got curious so i decided to check. lol Turns we were all born on the same exact day lol February 15th 1984.
  2. i assume karma for their fanbase saying they'd win a cup within the next 5 years... for the last 5 years?
  3. well if today follow its course.... Vancouver is losing tnight
  4. ah fvck off Grabner. Couldn't do sh!t when he was here
  5. i didn't look up the exact amount. But it feels like Nashville took 78 penalties so far in this game. Maybe not exactly 78 but i must be close
  6. oh maybe i misunderstood that part? I thought they were going to do that if the season was cancelled and the qualifiers not completed? edit: i did misunderstand. Wtf this makes no sense at all. Makes everything even more frustrating
  7. Well that's fair but i'm sure Colorado didn't see much difference between Connor Bleackley and Pasternak either, imagine Colorado with him now though? Obviously that's nitpicking to support my argument but I always say, all we can possibly do is put ourselves in the best position to make the best possible decision and we need to think of us first. I mean there's SO many possible scenarios and then long term results from that. If Arizona win, then it's making rooting for MTL and Chicago irrelevant. Just like if Pittsburgh lose, they'd have potentially the lowest % when it comes to get the first overall pick. Then there's 4 West teams, so he could very well just go there. Or just like it could all go perfectly to the plan im suggesting and turns out the player that went at 11 turns into a Pasternak and we get a Connor Bleackley.
  8. Laf is good but not THAT good that we need to worry too much about that, of course we don't want him to go to the metro but rooting for that before rooting for our own actual benefits is probably a bit too much. That's the bad perspective in my opinion. All we can control is what we do and my stance is based on a drafting perspective mostly, thats the big picture. If Chicago and MTL win and Arizona lose. We get pick the 9th instead of 11th, which is considerable. And we need Vancouver to win to get their pick. I much rather root for us to land the best player we possibly can, a guy that will play for us for years and can potentially help the franchise... vs hoping we don't play a guy 4 times per season
  9. Yeah no i never got to meet him unfortunately I'm gonna have to watch The Thing and Hard Target soon... and probably youtube that diabeetus commercial lol
  10. goddamnit Wilford Brimley died. Way to ruin a decent day
  11. alright we'll 2 of the 3 games we needed to go our way did tnight. Tomorrow, lets go Nashville and Vancouver
  12. Chicago and MTL winning today is ideal. The Rangers lost but wtv... even if they lose, as long as they won't win the lottery thats all fine
  13. im pretty confident that's 100% what's going to happen. But in all fairness, "hockey wize" i'd rather have him in MTL. They'd waste his talent, he'd have no center to play with and he's not THAT good. Their team structure is sh!tty. The fans would be annoying AF though and act like he's the second coming of Gretzky but wtv, im used to it by now. Him landing on the rangers and joining a very talented young core would be worrying though. In a perfect world though MTL and Chicago makes the playoffs and Arizona doesnt, then doesn't win the lottery.
  14. well what i said is one thing. He cannot take the same "title / job" from another team. But i also read that he had an "interview" with the devils owners and lied about it to his owner. Saying he was just making connections with owners across the league or wtv... but it WAS an interview. But i guess the devils were not interested ultimately? That's just rumours obviously i don't know for sure. I'm sure more details will come out eventually but right now there's too much missing information and anything he's doing is probably done that way for a reason.
  15. He's not allowed to take another GM or president of Hockey operation for another NHL team. So reports are suggesting he'd be overseeing aspects of other sports teams in the owner's portfolio.
  16. this year's draft is a bit worrying cause every player is really not fully scouted compared to usually. Plus playoffs are a huge indicator and something scouts are looking at to finalize their reports. So many reports on players are incomplete so all scouts will have to project a lot more than usual
  17. The true bullsh!t was the play-in round. And the whole notion that... the play-in teams ARE considered playoffs teams... but once they lose.. they aren't ?
  18. While im still annoy at the 2 part lottery that was completely unnecessary and the whole play-in thing. I'm not sure i can fully get behind the statement "they have a chance at the cup AND the lottery"... that's kind of a stretch to take it this literally. I mean... during the season every team has the chance at the cup and the lottery up to a certain point. Cause in reality... they are never really given a shot at the cup and lottery at the same time. They have a shot at the "playoffs", the cup is a whole other level. So if they lose the play-in, they have a shot at the lottery but not at the cup anymore. So it's really just like any team in a playoffs race in a normal season. Then i guess another angle i never thought of until now... for teams that WERE in the playoffs... to be told... "yeah you were in... but we'll do this thing and if you lose then you won't be in the playoffs anymore".... but at least if you lose you'll have the insentive of maybe winning the lottery i guess?
  19. yeah that'd be ideal that they win and lose in the playoffs. get a worst pick technically and dont win the cup
  20. If you were talking about the islanders fisherman logo or the coyotes with the weird looking coyote or a logo with a cartoony mascot i'd understand. But the LV logo and Kraken logos are reaaaally basic.
  21. well i mean.. it's not really an opinion that we should agree or not... you're factually wrong lol wild /wīld/ noun a natural state or uncultivated or uninhabited region. "kiwis are virtually extinct in the wild"
  22. I mean... it's totally fine not to love a logo or a name because it doesn't fit with your personal taste. It's something else to say it's technically bad though. For what its worth. I do graphic design for a living so i feel my opinion is at least.... considerable.... on that subject... the LV and Kraken logos are fine logos. The V mi the helmet works well, it's simple and clean. The Kraken logo same thing with the S and i love the space needle anchor shoulder logo.
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