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  1. i mean i guess i get how it might be funny but that's literally what was said lol
  2. They said "he could be back skating in a few days" last Thursday. So he should be close to come back. Unless there's some setback i don't really expect them to update us every day with "close but noooot yet". I mean what's the point really? We're curious sure but we don't NEED that information as fans haha Maybe if someone had him in a hockey pool they may need that info.... but who would do that? haha
  3. https://i.imgur.com/FPAMC4F.mp4 This had me on the edgeof my seat just like i was in the dying seconds of game 7 back in 2003
  4. Well Mercer must have gotten a new apartment and his family is in town to see him play a few games. So that gives them more time to help him setting things up and they'll spend extra money in NJ so it's helping the economy. All good in the end.
  5. He's been a completely different player so far this year than what he shown last year. He's doing all the things he was said to be doing. Very encouraging as i was not a fan of that pick at all, i'd love to be wrong in this case. If he can have a strong season and go to the world juniors, his confidence will be very good and he could likely come up late in the season or next year.
  6. Watching the Rangers - Habs games right now 2 things worth mentioning. 1. MTL's PP looks really good. They make really quick back and forth passes to try to open up space and caught the Rangers flatfooted. I wish we'd try something like this on the PP. Our passes are so slow and on the outside. We're never surprising the other teams. 2. Lafrenière was shown a picture of Britney Spear and he had no idea who she was. I know he's young but wtf
  7. Well if he looked 14 when we drafted him 2 years ago. He'd look 16 today. That checks out
  8. So going back to what appeared to be low attendance or fans not going to the game. Not sure if it's across the league but MTL had t heir worst audience rating during their last game and their home game tnight is not even sold out. In MTL.... so thats weird edit: well now im seeing that its sold out now. Maybe they got that word out hoping people jump on tickets
  9. Looks like she had friends with her that might have helped if the stick landed near her haha
  10. Just re-watched the goal for the 50th time and finally paid attention to the Hawks players. Interesting thing to notice as Hughes as been compared to Kane a bit cause Kane really helped here And not to take any credits away from an incredible play from Jack. But Pat Kane couldnt have played this defensively any worst lol He did backchecked, so A for the effort but instead of blocking Jack's skating lane and using his stick and slow down to stay in the way and block anything.. player... pass... shot.... he basically just.... skated right by him and took himself out of the play lol terrible play. If this was Bergeron, Kopitar, Danault or anyone competent defensively this goal might not be happening lol
  11. I 100% agree that it feels like that. But guaranteed you ask any fan of any team around the league and they'll tell you the same exact thing haha Well i'd guess anyway
  12. I'm pretty confident this is a situation that's happening all the time that goes both ways generally but as fans we tend to only remember when it's going against us and when it goes our way we forget about it 15 seconds later lol
  13. right after his assist. On the bench it appeared like the trainer was telling him that he got the puck and would mark it and i think Mercer told him "No no it's his goal he can have that puck", pointing at johnsson. And the trainer said something back probably telling him that johnsson didn't need that puck and that he was getting it and Mercer just got a huge smile and went "oh okay nice" Totally paraphrasing and guessing but it appeared to be something like that. Great kid.
  14. Thats not Subban's fault. That's Ruff's fault for putting subban out there to protect a lead in the dying minute
  15. wtv, ruff is going to put mercer right back on and he's going to score a goal
  16. ok im glad to get confirmation on this. Since I already can't stand him i'm always trying to tell myself that he can't be that bad and that i'm just seeing it through that biased filter. But no he's terrible. He's slow. Missing his shots whenever he has a chance. Keep mishandling the puck. Terribly sloppy overall
  17. so far I indeed love Dougie. And i indeed don't like Johnsson. Everything is going according to plan
  18. I have an uncle named Drummondville. What's your problem here?
  19. I think we'll start the season strong and do better than many around the league expect. But once teams have videos on our game and start to know us a bit better and that the league goes in 2nd gear after christmas i think we're gonna start struggling more as we're the youngest team in the league and still learning. Injuries will also plague this season
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