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  1. Hard to be upset about the whole team with Hamilton out and currently nobody able to be solid in net. Also with Nas behind the bench. I kind of want us to finish strong cause im not really high on anyone in the draft but also if we do finish strong. That means Nas will be back next year. So seriously i'd prefer if we sh!t the bed hard, get a good pick and that Nas is gone. That being said we could sh!t the bed and get first overall and still have Nas next year based on.... history.
  2. Don't flip this around. Listen, i won't have you play the virtue signalling card here when you're on record here wishing cancer on people, wishing career ending injuries and god knows what other atrocity you said. Sit down. Posting someone's address online so that people go after them is the exact description of Doxxing. I don't care about the subject or reason behind it. It's still doxxing and it's still a sh!tty thing to do and encourage.
  3. Eventhough hockey is my favourite sport. I kind of hate hockey players as people in general lol From my experience, the vast majority are giant arrogant douchebags. Also, doing anything racist is not cool. Also doxxing is not cool. How 'bout nobody does any of those things? That'd be a great start.
  4. video-1642954678.mp4 In other news. There's some words you have to make sure to really pronounce well and clear in some instances. This instance was one of them.
  5. ah MAN!!!! i forgot or didn't know we had a game tnight. Looks like a missed something
  6. carter was still "one of the highest rated goalie" before he made the nhl, which is the term you brought up. doesn't matter where he was picked.
  7. Based on what exactly? Goalies are SO unpredictable. Didn't you see Askarov who was the top rated goalie since Price... sh!tting the bed in juniors, twice now.
  8. Getting a good defensive coach who can get the D to help our goalies would be an inexpensive option
  9. I'd totally trade our first round pick this year which should be pretty high and valuable for something this summer. The draft is not great this year. Hell Shane Wright who's projected first overall is projected to be a Nico Hischier at best basically. Which means we might get lucky and get "the best player of the draft" when its all said and done like a Makar or wtv. But still, we'Re at the poiint where we need to get young established talent if we can. We have assets to make that happen now. Now if were in a position to land a lottery pick next year's draft though. You keep that pick cause Bedard and Mitchkov are the real deal
  10. yeah and if Knight is currently struggling... throwing him behind our D corps in the Nas system is certainly not what's going to turn him around
  11. yeah but with those numbers we'd obviously be making a huge gamble. Trading for someone who SHOWED potential problems for a guy who's now pretty consistent. Not sure i make that move
  12. Are you aware that Spencer knight has a worse save % than Blackwood at the moment? And playing on a stacked team.... And you want to give Bratt for him?
  13. Raise your hand if you couldn't wait for this game and now wish it never happened.
  14. is Nas sniffing coke from one of those tiny spoon there? lol
  15. yeah exactly what went through my mind too hahaha
  16. I've been frustrated like most of us are but i'm still pretty calm and patient about things generally. I'll say this though. If NAS if still behind the bench next season, i will take all the negative energy i won't have to spend towards Subban anymore and put it on our management.
  17. i just happened to be watching what was going on in front of the net rather than following the puck there. Not happy by what i saw
  18. MB30 could certainly work for CNN or FOX. #fakenews
  19. he's not chubby. you got the rest right tho
  20. oh a goalie i never heard about.... historically that means he'll play like Hasek in his prime against us lol
  21. Well we have a 2.8m cap hit for our starting goalie. That comes with the pricetag haha Carey Price had worst stats last year around the same time of the season and was getting paid 10.5m a year. Now that's terrible
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