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  1. yeah its like the MTL game the other day with Caufield wide open right there. You just can't let that happen
  2. me too. many MANY people here we're down on him and wanted him shot into the sun. But i never got down on him personally. He was very very clearly injured and dealing with sh!t. really hope he becomes a top goalie and make them all eat crows
  3. cool poster overall but this is better.... obviously.
  4. Yeah pretty pumped. I have 3 good buddies 2 in Moncton and one living like 2-3 hours away that are also big devils fans (there's really not that many around here as you can imagine lol) so i'm going to bring them each to one game at least.
  5. Missed the game but glad with the outcome. To be honest i looked at the roster for today's game and thought it was a bit weak but thats making it even better that they beat the Rangers that way
  6. Yeah. For some weird reasons, some guys just can't avoid it. And that was a big contending point when people were arguing Nico vs Nolan here before the draft. I was 100% against Nolan cause his injury reports was just insane for such a young age. And while sure, one can say it's just badluck. In hindsight, he still got injured a lot once he reached the NHL and now his career may be over already.
  7. yeah man! scored these tickets through some friends who got the full package cause they are season tickets holders for the Wildcats. But im hoping to grab tickets for a Canada game too cause well. Bedard is a fvcking monster.
  8. fvck yeah. I got selected so that i can actually buy tickets to go watch the world juniors here in Moncton I'm obviously going to try catch a Luke Hughes game if the US does play in Moncton (and not Halifax) Edit: Actually yeahhhhh. I just secured 2 tickets for the USA-Latvia game (which should be a bloodbath), also 2 for the USA-Slovakia game. If Nemec doesn't make the NHL we might get a Hughes vs Nemec game. Would be amazing. And 2 for USA vs Swtiz. Now hopefully Luke won't get injured and miss the tournament lol
  9. Overrated. He's clearly a product of Devon Toews. Just like Kunitz with Crosby
  10. To my recollection most players who came out saying they were not involved were not even physically at that gala at all, so they are not part of the investigation. I think that if any players has any sort of intel on that situation cause they were either there or being told anything by any players involved. Then they are part of the investigation and might be instructed not to say anything because it's under investigation. Maybe not, but i think that's the neutral way to look at it without jumping to any conclusions until there's more details
  11. actually if he still had all his limbs why would he require kids to hide them?
  12. Tatar stayed in MTL to spend time with Slafkovsky and that other prospect after the game. He'd be a good mentor for them... so lets ship him back over there lol
  13. for sure but most shots also beat Schneider. So all around, this play made 100% sense
  14. this group is better than the one from last night haha
  15. let's trade Vanecek for Spencer Knight right now!
  16. funny you say that i was thinking the exact same thing. Same package and all
  17. Well Spencer Knight just got extended for 3 years at 4m in Florida.
  18. well many coaches build their lineups around duos and not necessarely trios. If you can have 3-4 really strong duos with a complementary players on their wings. You're golden
  19. Thats what ive been saying for awhile. If we can have Mercer or Sharangovich on the 3rd line. Man that'd be a crazy above average top line and crazy good depth. That's how you win. But many are 500% against having Mercer outside of the top 6. I guess this year will show where he really stands
  20. Now you understand how Geertsen's parents are feeling when they go watch his games
  21. Really hoping that Luke is at the top of that class in a few years
  22. speaking of marshmallow.
  23. Not a pretty win but i'll take it.
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