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  1. Yeah depending on the cost i think it could be a why not move. The risk is just him not playing for 2 full years... if he doesn't play we'd just have the roster we were going to have anyway plus his cap hit won't really affect us. Especially if he's on LTIR.
  2. About this much i'd guess
  3. 100%. And that the Rangers prospects pool plunged to the bottom of the league in other news Nose is heading to Carolina
  4. Now this is a real gamble. One one side you don't want division rivals to get better. So you may want to up your offer to get him. But then IF he comes back and struggle with his shoulder, then it makes that team worst. I don't really see a fit in NY so they could literally just be trying to raise the price for NJ and NYI. But also it's the Rangers and they just can't help themselves lol i lol'ed at one comment from a Rangers fan saying "If we can get both of them without having to give up any “untouchables” and get Eichel at 50% I’d be ecstatic. That gives you this Panarin-Eichel-Tarasenko Lafreniére-Zibanejad-Kakko Kreider-Goodrow-Kravtsov Blais-Rooney-Reaves I’d fvcking nut dude" lololol In what kind of fantasy world does this dude live in? You're NOT getting Eichel at 50% and Tarasenko by NOT sending anyone significant back lol
  5. well no matter who's right in this. This is officially a toxic relationship to say the least
  6. Oh that's possible, again i specified that it was "from my understanding", so i could be wrong. But also i know that when things are under investigation that people involved are told not to comment on things. Hell even Evander Kane was told by his legal team NOT to make a statement and he did. I think it's common practice. Also the statement made by the NHL was strictly that they would investigate... while the chicago thing was already under investigation, so not sure if there's anything more to report? also since there was so many people involved with the chicago thing i understand wanting to keep the lid on that. It's like when the cops are about to take down a network of drug or weapon dealers. They don't put out a big statement in the news so that people have the chance to get prepared for that. The gambling thing is single incident with one person.
  7. Well again from my understanding that's a very different situation on how it came about. The gamble thing came out on social media, so EVERYONE heard about it at the same time so they had to address it right away. While I believe the Chicago thing the victim filled a lawsuit or wtv. So it began internally and eventually leaked into the media. I'm pretty confident if it was the opposite that... E Kane's wife would have contacted the NHL directly about this. They wouldnt have made a public statement like "So we were just informed that Evander Kane did this, so we're going to look into it and launch an investigation and let you know". That's simply not how you do things lol And then im sure if that chicago victim would have come out on social media with a long rant like she did. Yeah the NHL would have publicly address it right away. As far as the racial thing. ANYONE who will give more or less attention to someone's actions based on their skin colour just to get a rise and push their own narrative are part of the problem. We see it constantly used by the media on both sides. Like i said in my previous post. A black guy does something bad. Fox will put it front and center "BLACK MAN DID THIS" while CNN won't even report it, bury it or put "Chicago man did this". Then same thing if a white person does something bad. CNN will specify the skin colour in the headline then Fox won't. It's maddening
  8. Yeah people saying that are sh!theads cause they have no idea. I also don't think it has anything to do with gender or anything. Society is fvcked. Anytime ANY accusations of any kind are coming out. The reaction should be "well interesting, now let's wait til there's more details out before i pass judgement on this". But we don't live in a society that does that. Now people know what they want to believe and they'll blindly pick a side depending on who's involved and based on their own narrative. They'll either join the mob/witchhunt or they'll stick their head in the sand. So many double standards out there its infuriating. Like when Alissa Milano went on a mission for weeks and pushed the "WE GOTTA BELIEVE ALL VICTIMS NO MATTER WHAT" during the Kavanaugh thing. But then when her friend joe Biden was also accused of freaky sh!t then she pushed the "Well i think Joe deserves due process here, he's my friend". Welllll what about that victim Alissa?!? I'm glad she got called hard out for that too. We obviously want to live in a society where people doing sh!tty things have consequences and we want to live in a world where victims are taken cared of. But you need proofs for anything and unfortunately in many cases it's impossible to provide... and we simply cannot adopt a system where a claim is taken as a proof, that'd open an enormous can of worms.
  9. it was simply a lame play on word from "luke"warm on Luke lol but that being said i am officially lukewarm on Holtz. 100%
  10. Yeah that's a huge mess overall... if this is all true he's obviously a sh!t head dealing with major issues. And she was obviously desperately reaching out for help, but i'm not sure throwing him under the bus publicly and ruin his career/life will help their situation for the best
  11. That guy just can't help himself and keep making the dumbest decisions straight time
  12. have you seen Tommy Wiseau's The Room?!?
  13. Dare I say you sound pretty lukewarm on Luke
  14. Well how many games he missed during the 5 years before is irrelevant really. Back then players would play through concussions and when he was with the devils and collided with Alex Steen which ended his career. That was his 4th concussion of his career. So he already had 3 and the next one ended his career. That's not coming out of nowhere. When we got him i remember some fans being worried about that too, especially when he signed for 5 years. And sure enough...
  15. it would be relevant if he was reporting something but this is just someone giving his opinion
  16. I just read this on twitter "I trust that Lou Lamoriello will do his due diligence in evaluating Tarasenko’s health. " lolol Buddy is obviously not aware that Lou handed Ryan Clowe a 5 years contract 4.8aav eventhough all signs were pointing that he was almost done and sure enough he spent more than half that contrat on LTIR.
  17. wow where did you get this giant chattering teeth display?
  18. Yeah, but then it might be a case of a player who just want to get back out there ASAP and not thinking long term. We all know (myself included) stubborn people who played through injuries that could have bad long term effects if things went bad... Funny story. About 10 years ago i cracked 3 ribs playing soccer. a few hours before the next game that was a few days later i went to the hospital hoping to get some sort of pain killer so that i could play. It took so long that i went through triage but my game was starting soon and then i was playing midfield, i was captain, i was coaching and everything so i had to be there so i told the nurse i had to go but that i'd be back. She wouldnt let me leave and i was trying to be nice making excuses why i had to leave until she got so bitchy i straight up told her that i had to go play a game. She just wouldnt let me, saying i could rupture a lung or something if it was bad and i was just like "Well wtv you guys just had to see me sooner ive been here for hours" and left. Went to the pharmacy store and grabbed some pain relief pills and went to the game. And OF COURSE, i got nailed HARD right in the chest again lolol Had to go back to the hospital and man... the smile on her face when she saw me in pain. I just had to laugh and give it to her.
  19. well since i did watch it i dont mind that your spoiler tag didnt work haha might wanna fix that (i'll send this now and add more in an edit so that someone else isn't spoiled)
  20. Yeah it's hard to really have an opinion when you're not aware of the data. Like if we have some sort of bigger picture like... a) that surgery would take 2 months to recover. But there's only a 70% chance that it fixes the problem long term and if it doesn't work well the problem will surely come back, based on 400 cases. b) the other surgery would take 10 months to heal completely but recovery rates are like 95% based on 7500 cases. Then you can kiiiind of have a more educated opinion about the case. Not that what i think about it is any important though.
  21. does it get to a point where the NHL has to step in with their own specialist to weight on the case? Or is Eichel just hell bent on getting THAT surgery and goes around seeing other doctors and just bring up the ones who said what he wanted to hear? who fvcking knows
  22. What I dont understand in this case is that Eichel want that specific surgery, that would requirer a shorter recovery time. The main reason the team is not up for it is that it's apparently a semi-experimental with not much testing to back it up. So at this point im obviously not a doctor and don't have an opinion on what he should do. But them slowing things down i don't get it. So are they just... actually caring about his well being and truly want the safest surgery for HIM no matter what? Do they worry that teams wouldn't give them as much if he goes through with that surgery? Is there actually teams willing to trade for him but won't if he gets that surgery? I mean if they will trade him and that this is the surgery he wants. At some point it's not their problem. They gave their opinion on it and it should be his decision at the end of the day.
  23. yeah this is getting uglier by the minute
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