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  1. This is another case of people either caring about this call or not...... depending on who they are rooting for lol If the Rangers or MTL scored that goal, we'd be having a different conversation right now than if it was us or.... Calgary?
  2. One of my good buddy from here was the lead playing Jack Black's part in School of Rock the Musical a few years ago. That was a big deal.
  3. Jack Adam is another award voted by the broadcasters and media They just vote based on results ignoring context. They are the same ones voting for guys like Subban or Karlsson for the norris as "best overall dman" when both can't play D for sh!t, they just look at points total. And the same ones voting for coaches having a stacked team.
  4. Just consider yourself lucky you don't understand french and follow Habs media and fans. Cause you can trust me on this one. There is another franchise. There is. Just imagine if the Rangers won 24 cups (back to when there was like 6 teams or less, no international players, no cap and they could just sign any top prospects every year)... just.... imagine what the media and fans in NY would do with that... Again, you're lucky you don't understand french.
  5. Cmon Popo, Russia needs all the positive influences they can get right now, don't give up.
  6. what do they know that we don't !!? ughh
  7. PLUS, historically speaking, we want the amount of teams winning a cup with a sweep as little as possible don't we haha
  8. i dont mind who's winning. Im hoping for Colorado. But if this could go in 6-7 it would be ideal. Then we wouldnt have as long to wait for the draft after that
  9. Exactly. A move wasn't made for months because there wasn't good options, fans with little knowledge of what was available whined away their lives for months about it. And i was not happy with Fitz many times this year too. I'm really not a Fitz fanboy. But i sure can defend him when there's unfair criticism. And i was really vocal about not being happy with him riding the recchi, Nas tandem for this long. The big difference is that when I don't agree with something Fitz do or doesnt do. I try to understand why and try to imagine logical explaination why. While you just assume he's not doing anything and doesnt care / just bad at his job
  10. The good ol' "he's not doing anything, sitting on his hands" when fans don't see results, is so so so so shortsighted Clearly many have no idea what it is to be a GM and how much work and calls you make that simply doesn't pan out more often than not. Again, going back to my analogy it's like the dad spending his entire days making calls and sending his resume to companies, going on interviews. He's just not landing any jobs, not his fault, it takes 2 to tango. And his family who's working all day or at school don't see that and simply assume he's playing videogames all day not even trying. Like come on.
  11. the fact that Hammond is the BEST option Fitz could get. And that there wasn't much movement with other goalies moving, eventhough it was reported that many playoffs teams wanted to add a goalie. Plus just looking into who could have been available etc etc.. there just wasnt many options. Especially when you want to get a goalie... without sending one the other way (since our goalies were injured). What team would send a goalie who can be either a starter or solid backup without getting another one in exchange? Im glad we gave Daws a good look and experience at the NHL level instead of making a desperate move that'd cost us too much just to please the fans. in a season that was clearly lost anyway And its worth noting that Fitz HAD a good setup. With Blackwood, Bernier and Wedgewood. The first 2 got injured and Wedge got picked up on waivers and had a pretty good season. But that happened when we had 2 healthy goalies ahead of him. So it's really not his fault
  12. Well exactly what MB3 and Mfitz just said. I mean... im not trying to be an a$$hole or anything. But i straight up don't understand when people say "Fitz said he wanted to play meaningful games in march... then didn't do anything and didn't even care to save the season" Completely leaving out incredibly important context. Like... insanely important context. It's like if a father tells his family. If everything goes well with work, that i get my promotion and that i don't have to spend too much on car repair for my inspection this year. I'll get us a trip to Europe!" Then he lost his job, his kid totalled his car, there's a flood in the basement that isnt covered by insurances and he gets cancer. Then his wife and kids are like "I can't believe he told us we'd go to Europe and obviously we're not and he's just sitting on his hands not doing anything!!!" While the poor guy is just trying to somehow find a cheap car so he can get a new job. While still making full payment on the car he totalled. While getting cancer treatments. Like... this is literally what those fans sounds like to me.
  13. I mean. I'm not loving sucking. But also i want us to build a team that can compete and win a cup. That's very different than building a team who can just squeeze in just to say that they made the playoffs. Which is what previous management desperately tried to do and ran us into the ground. I really told myself then that if we'd get anyone willing to make the right steps and be patient. And give time to the young guys to develop. That'd i'd gladly deal with rookies mistakes Vs Deboer benching Larsson for one mistake while salvadore and greene were getting away with murder every minute they were on the ice... Well with all that context it truly helps my patience. It's really about managing expectations. Last year before the season, analyzing everything, our division, our roster and everything. I told myself that we may... MAY squeeze in a wild card position if and ONLY IF everything went absolutely perfectly, no injuries, guys having amazing seasons, other teams sh!tting the beds and just having things going our way... So we went into the season and literally everything that could go wrong, went wrong. So going back to my personal expectation... i couldn't be mad and upset. I understand how because of all this, it was going to be another year of "a step back in order to take 2 steps forward". Which we will. We're in a better position now to get better in the future by getting the 2nd overall than having the... 15th pick or wtv and missing the playoffs by a point. Anyway, that's how im choosing to see things and quite frankly it's making things a lot more tolerable
  14. We went through a season where our best players missed a large chunk of the season and where both our goalies got injured and finding a good replacement was almost impossible or not worth the cost for a temporary goalie. We can hate on "non-decision" as much as we want. But nothing could have saved this season anyway and management knew this. As fans we just WANT to see something done to feel something is done. but there's no point doing things just for the sake of doing them either, if the season is lost, just prep for next one. Not like we were going for the cup or anything
  15. Didn't we let go of Recchi and Nas? That's accountability. Was it too late? yah. We all WANTED it to happen sooner but it wouldn't have changed anything overall anyway.
  16. and we have a logo at centre ice
  17. You do understand that this is just your own perception and not reality right? Cause you don't have to dig too deep to realize almost everything you said is false lol Not sure how someone can say there's no accountability when one of the GM you mentioned literally got fired lol And i really don't need to point out when they deviated from the plan. I mean come on
  18. he did turn it into whine though
  19. he's walking on water though technically
  20. I was on tour 2 weeks ago with a band called Much the Same from Chicago. 2 of them lived in LA for awhile and are Kings fans. And one morning we were chilling in our cottage, i went outside for a bit, came back in and one of them found Game 6 of the 2012 finals on youtube and put it on TV lol Mother F.
  21. They better enjoy it now cause it's going to crash HARD sooner than later and they'll be miserable / not showing up in a few years
  22. I might simply so that the MTL fans and media stop talking about him like he's the 2nd coming of jesus. I was already sick of hearing about him constantly and he didn't even play a minute in the NHL yet at that time
  23. No teams just go by the consensus man. What are you talking about. Each teams have their very own rankings during the draft Actually the general consensus was Nolan more than Nico at the time of the draft. If he went with Nico it's because at the time of the draft, he and his scouts felt he was the guy they wanted. They certainly didn't like Makar more but felt they should go with the player the central scouting rankings had higher. come on now. You really need to stop looking at these things with hindsight 20/20 and assuming mistakes were made based on that, it's ridiculous. Very often some players simply develop more after they were drafted, it's a timing thing, it's not a "mistake"
  24. There's something very very fishy here. First i remember following all the mock drafts like crazy that year and not once ive seen Makar in the top 2. So now, I don't understand how there's one article from Pronman having Makar taken #1 in this article and then THIS article from the same day which has Makar outside the top 10? https://www.espn.com/nhl/insider/story/_/id/19416323/nhl-top-100-draft-prospect-rankings
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