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  1. more like swedes with names ending with "son"
  2. your sarcasm detector appears to be ineffective haha
  3. i don't think you should call for such a drastic move after a guy makes only one mistake it made my heart bleed
  4. Well Johnsson.. that's one way to make us notice you.
  5. it's like that time Travis literally put his blade in Fleury's glove and lowered his glove while someone took a shot from the blue line glove side and went in lol
  6. Well... I feel like this is a good thing? the fact that he thinks that there's even a slight chance that Hischier could return before Bratt... when we know that Bratt will most likely come back this week. could mean that nico is very close?
  7. Yeah managing expectations is very very important. It's good to enjoy the ride when we're winning or playing well but we need to remember this team is not ready yet. I remember saying that making the playoffs that year with Hall would likely be a blessing in disguise cause we were not that good but now many fans would expect that from the team from now on. And sure enough lol I mean, people can get their hopes up and then get incredibly mad and upset when the team doesn't deliver on their expectations... its up to them but i wouldnt recommend lol
  8. god dammnit i thought i fixed it before anyone could reply listen. i said Andersson instead of Johnsson and Hischier instead of Hughes.. So obviously i'm having a long a slow stroke okay. And mocking the situation is a dick move.
  9. I really love what Ruff is doing with the rookies too. He's trusting them, willing to live with their mistakes. Putting Hughes, Sharangovich and Smith together in OT. When McLeod made a mistake leading to a goal at the end of a period. His line was sent on the ice to open the next period and they got a goal. He knows bastian and mcleod are close friends and he's keeping them together. Small things like this goes a long way. I'm still so fvcking upset thinking back at how coaches like Deboer were treating the young guys. They'd make a mistake and get benched for the rest of
  10. Not gonna get ahead of myself and start calling for the calder (like i've seen an insane amount of Habs fans do with Romanov... literally 2 games into the season lol) but it's great that he's having a solid start after not making the team last year. I'm sure that's a bit weight off his shoulder now
  11. Have Crawford ditching us and having a younger guy like Wedge stepping in and "winning" the backup spot would be a great story
  12. i swear when we take a penalty. It's basically like watching basketball when there's a foul and a free throw is awarded. Buddy with the ball is just standing there taking his time, not challenged or pressured, prepping his shot. While the other team players are just standing there, at a distance waiting for him to take his shot.
  13. so who's sitting? Andersson Johnsson or Boqvist?
  14. It's not fun when your team sucks... but there's a sort of peacefulness that comes with accepting it lol You're kind of untouchable when it comes to people chirping lol A few of my pals are diehard Vancouver fans and were SO cocky recently. And im seeing them getting trolled online and getting soooo upset about it. Cause they have expectations and emotionally engaged lol Recently anyone trying to mock me because of the devils im just like calmly going "yeah they are pretty bad, it's going to be a long season". Well that's stripping away any leverage out of someone trying to troll me
  15. yes but how did it make you feel? I wanna know what's going on in Hischier's mind right now
  16. do you wanna talk about it? we're all here for you pal
  17. Yeah cause at first i think he was supposed to miss training camp and thats it (i believe).. but now he's on pace to miss like... 10-15 games so was there really no setback?
  18. Well that's good news Can we get a YEAH !?!
  19. well your reaction is the knee jerk reaction. What im trying to say is that it's the same problem we had having andy green playing top pairing and 25 minutes a game. We don't have good depth and we have guys playing more minutes than they should. A guy like PK should be playing sheltered minutes in the top 4. Just like Andy Greene playing 15 minutes a night is probably more than fine on a team.
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