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  1. no it flew all over the place and was left behind.
  2. ah yeah i can absolutely see both sides too. I just personally want him to play so he can gain confidence and have fun playing hockey
  3. Still it's the same reason you send some player down in the AHL so they can get more minutes and regain some confidence. He's also a smart kid and could do even better knowing what he knows from the NHL now
  4. if anything i think "beating up on lesser competition" would be great for his confidence cause he was certainly beat up by better competition last year. Confidence is key. As for the risk of injury... well you can't really go on in life living in fear like this. Plus it's not like the Devils will be contending next season or that we're even assured to have a season, so if he CAN play he should. not playing hockey at his age and in such a transitional period is not any good.
  5. In 2009 during the world juniors I was at a party with a bunch of friends for the Canada Russia game. Canada was trailing 5-4 and i still remember vividly looking at the time, like 10 seconds left and reaching out to grab a handful of regular ruffles chips while saying "I can't fvcking believe Canada won't even make it to the finals..." Then Eberle scored that goal with 5.4seconds left and we all went nuts. Then they won in shootouts. And to this day. I still never ate that handful of ruffles chips.
  6. i really wish Hughes would be playing right now
  7. would certainly help the scouts as at that age kids can make suuuuch a big jump from one year to another Also making it such a gamble for late first round picks... to you go for the 19 years old you feel you got better report on or the 18 years old with maybe more potential
  8. like this? totally joking and i KNOW this will trigger some people bad.
  9. To be fair it's MB he specifically called out not Mfitz
  10. Not only it was hilarious but it was one of the prettiest goal in Devils history i think. That fake from Elias was brilliant. The videos cuts before we see Elias on the bench sitting next to sykora laughing his ass off lol Elias also had a penalty shot that game. But according to this. In Winnipeg they call it a penitily shot.
  11. can't find the full clip of my fav but i think it was Larson's first goal (amazing play by elias) when Sykora went to jump in Elias arms and he ducked him, and he fell right on his face. Then it cut to Elias sitting next to him on the bench watching the replay and laughing his ass off
  12. Yeah man i gotta give you credits too, especially that i know how hard it is since i'm in the same boat. It's funny cause i think when you're not english and read someone who also isn't expressing themselves in english, even if it's not perfect. You can always kind of understand what they are trying to say cause you can reverse engineer the mental gymnastic it requires at time and understand. Like for example... a lot of non-english people are struggling with the pronunciation of similar words like "eat.. heat... tree...three...etc... especially when there's an H involved lol So
  13. if all the sketchy reports from the fvcked up things happening KHL are true. Like team owners going into the locker room after a loss with a loaded gun and planting illegal drugs on high-priced players whose team owners want to stop paying, etc etc he could likely have a career there if a team wants him. They even took back Voynov after he beat up his wife so
  14. wtv i explained my stance like 4 times in details. if you still want to be an a$$hole here so be it.
  15. Yes but i was not addressing this case. I specified from the get go i was not talking about the kid and was putting that story aside. Just focusing on the technicality of the term itself and it's possible range. ratra
  16. Well i was not arguing against your point. I was just adding to it saying that technically it can still be misleading too and we should still look into details and not straight up assume the worst. We've all seen people suing people over ridiculous things. There's thousands of cases out there. Off the top of my head the father of 2 who caught one of the kid trespassing in his yard at night and kept him in his house until the cops came. Well the kids parents charged him with endangering the welfare of a child and second-degree harassment. Now who's wrong here? The kids WERE there illegally... b
  17. yeah i agree with this, its anecdotal sure but from what i've seen through my entire life... no matter what parents can do it can really go either way. I'm sure we've all seen every single possible scenarios out there leading to different results. At the end of the day it really depends on people's personalities. What's interesting is that i'm adopted and i grew up with amazing parents who did everything they could to support me but i was still a pain in the ass. And i can see where good intentions lead to something positive and i can see where good intentions lead to something negative t
  18. totally fair i can be frustrating at times, all good lol
  19. I did make a broad comment about how people act on social media. It's still happening and i did catch myself and said i was reactionary and was wrong. I honestly don't know what more you want from me here.
  20. Sure and i get it. But all we see now (not necessarily here but on social media in general) is people being virtuous and blindly spreading misinformation and what fits their personal agenda. And that's in big part why we're seeing such a huge division in society. I was the same way before but realized how problematic it was so im encouraging the right thought process. I know i can stil be wrong on specific subjects but encouraging the right thought process can't be wrong.
  21. Well i'm going to specify that im not defending the kid here, putting that aside and just going deeper based on the actual legal term "assault" pointing out that it has a wide range of possibilities, some of which are not THAT bad. “an assault is an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another.” So from what ive been told, it can range from throwing a bottle at someone and missing... or swinging at them with an axe and missing. Big difference there. If you do make contact with them and harm the person then it's battery. So like shov
  22. Yeah i was reactionary one post cause that's a subject that gets my blood boiling with all the cancel culture we're seeing now. I literally caught myself literally minutes later and said that if it was bad that i'd eat crow and admit that i was wrong. Saying i could very well be wrong in all the other posts. And i did admit i was wrong at the second someone pointed out the details that i missed. So if you rather keep your snarky stance that you usually have towards me and only focus on the 1 minutes i was reactionary vs seeing the whole thing and encouraging someone's behaviour of being a
  23. Hey at least i owed up to it and admitted i was wrong and said that i could be wrong once i found more information. Which is more than you did lately by jumping to your own conclusions, adding words to something someone said to exaggerate it, ignored other things he said and took quotes out of context, never said that maybe you just misunderstood what he meant, instead you dug your heels that what you thought he said was the ultimate truth and ignored to answer basic questions multiple times until you "moved on" without admitting you might have been wrong. But sure, lecture me dude you li
  24. Well 2 fun facts. 1) I never smoked weed. 2) that specific one you brought up is not even something i made up, its actually something i heard a GM say in interview. I think it might have been Burke. If i remember correctly he was talking about how his son couldnt have been a GM cause he was too kind or wtv and couldn't have dealt with having to make terrible decisions like.... ^^^ But now, was he high and how high on a scale of 1-10... that i can't answer
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