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  1. 26 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

    Let’s do that, but if we’re doing it, I’m doubling down too. I’m in for $40 also, even with him having another “year” of experience and he probably should make it. 

    But, we should make some sort of provision in case they don’t play an 82 game regular season. I would propose that since we’re starting fresh with the knowledge it could be shorter, we’re talking about a points per game average, and less games could impact either one of us equally, we just agree that whatever the regular season is next year, it counts. 

    Or we can settle it with an over/under on how many times @SterioDesign mentions Montreal on a Devils message board. Will it be over or under 4 billion? ;) 

    would you have felt better if i would have said 2 original 6 teams with a lot of viewers? Instead of specifically name the cities? Lemme know

  2. so i assume they'll have to test before each games or something? imagine... Stanley Cup finals Bruins vs Avs for example... after game 2 one player is tested positive... and he's been exposed to basically all players.. then you need time to test everyone. Some positive players would have to stay behind. Imagine they are star players?

    with the way 2020 is shaping up so far. I have no reason to believe the playoffs will go smoothly without some sort of catastrophe

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  3. On 5/29/2020 at 1:08 PM, mfitz804 said:

    I had a call this morning from my ticket rep, Jake,  asking how I was doing, etc., in light of the present circumstances. And that while he can't tell me when, its pretty much understood that there will be a full 2020-2021 regular season, most likely late November or early December for a start. 

    Although he did ask what my thoughts were about attending games next season and he did mention there were plans available, there was zero pressure (there's always zero pressure; they have been calling me for years and I have never bought tickets that way). It was more 15 minutes of talking about this year's playoff structure, the draft, and the late start for next season. He was spot on with his knowledge of what had been discussed regarding all of the above so far.

    So yeah, I totally took a 15 minute break from working to talk to a complete stranger about hockey. I thought it was weird for a minute, but then realized that all I do on this board is talk to people I don't know about hockey. 

    it's refreshing to hear that they are not putting pressure though.

    I got a call from a salesman from my internet provider last week trying to get me to upgrade my internet to a phone landline/digital tv/internet bundle... i had to go from being super friendly to eventually "sorry dude but exactly how many times i will have to tell you that i "absolutely do not need or want a landline and digital tv" before you get a clue and let go?"

     Like... I know they are desperate to make a sale but i said a million times that i do not need those services, even less if i have to pay more than what i'm paying already for something i don't want or need.



  4. Detroit and NJ are awfully similar. Both teams paid the price after a long run of being from above average to excellent for a long period of time without looking out for the future. 

    They made good picks and got lucky with the draft (especially with datsyuk and Zetterberg) were able to get a VERY solid core where they could only patch work around that core and stay relevant...they rode that wave for as long as possible without looking at the long-term, unwilling to take a little step back to potentially setup the future and they ran their rosters and prospect pool to the ground. 

    Many teams around the league should take notes, Chicago for example is already paying the price and should trade one of their top guys for future consideration while they have value before they have terrible prospects and underperforming 35+ kane and toews taking up so much of the cap that they either couldnt trade or wouldnt get any good value from. Same thing with Pittsburgh and many other teams

  5. 15 minutes ago, njbuff said:

    Maybe Jack Hughes plus.

    I am willing to do it, but Blackwood is untouchable.

    Eichel and Blackwood would be an excellent foundation for another championship team in NJ.



    I put together a very generous offer to the Sabres fans and they came back at me 50/50 about the trade.

    Let's not put that much expectations on Blackwood. He's a young goalie. Goalies are incredibly inconsistent. Even the best proven goalies can be on top of the world one year and be below average the next season. 

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  6. 25 minutes ago, moustic said:

    I try my best to understand how the lottery will work... and i kind of figure it out the big lines... 
    But is there a chance that the Devils win the lottery on the first drawing (with their 7,5% of chance) ... having the first overall at this time. Just to lose it during the second drawing ? 

    Damn i'm tired ... and will mostly wait all that to happen and will contemplate the devils position in the draft and that will be more than enough... (but just for the rollercoaster of frustration, my question of " can we get screwed during the second drawing?" is real)

    No whoever win it from the bottom 7 team cannot lose it.

    Here's how it COULD go for example.

    OTTAWA win the lottery and get the first overall pick.

    Team B win the 2nd lottery and get the second overall pick. 

    NJ win the 3rd lottery and get the 3rd overall pick.

    So now the draft order would be


    2. Team B (unknown)

    3. NJ

    4. Detroit

    5. Ottawa

    6. LA

    7. ANA

    8. Buffalo

    so now...

    we don't know the rest yet cause it will depend on who lose the play-in... who gets that 2nd overall pick will be another lottery from all the loser play-in teams in phase 2.

    That being said... we CAN get screwed in the 2nd drawing... IF Arizona win that lottery. Cause then we'd lose that pick for this year.

  7. 3 hours ago, Neb00rs said:

    I definitely don't see the point of ranking the losers in reverse order [according to their regular season points %]? The advantage there to a team like the Canadiens is heightened when they're getting a shot at the playoffs while sitting far below the cutoff in the original standing and even if they lose they'll land on their feet. At the same time you make the format less appealing to a team like the Penguins, which had 15 more points than the Canadiens as of the last game of the season, and now have to risk getting bumped by the Habs and only have a 1% chance of winning the lottery. I don't think your plan passes a vote. The NHL has the right format, the question is, should they do it in one shot or two? Two is whatever to me. I'm sure they're just praying the Penguins don't end up with the top pick.

    well that's how it's always been isn't it? its like teams in the playoffs... all the teams losing in the first round will be ranked based by their standings in the season... then same thing for the 2nd round etc so it makes sense that they are doing it this way... what other way could they do it really?


    23 minutes ago, MB3 said:


    Total Recall fan i see...

    15 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    Teams who lose in the first round have a 3% chance at winning the lottery. That means there is a 24% chance a PLACEHOLDER will be pulled as a "lottery winner". If that happens, there will be a second lottery event held after the qualifying round (distinctly not called the playoffs, this is a play-in round of regular season games) to see which of the teams who was already eliminated gets that pick. So no, there isn't "E" team and "F" team or anything like that -- it's "play-in loser" and a separate lottery later. 

    This kinda sucks for any of us losers, because our chances of winning the lottery just dropped and our chances of dropping in the draft order just increased pretty significantly. But I'm so tired about giving a sh!t so I'm choosing not to. I hope the Rangers lose, I hope the Panthers lose, I hope the Flyers lose, and I hope the Devils aren't looking at lottery balls my entire adult life. 

    It's gonna suck SO hard if all 3 picks are not won by teams in the bottom group. Cause then we won't know if we do get the Arizona pick or not this year. So we may have 2 top 10 picks or not. And having to wait to know that will suck. It doesnt suck in the sense that... Arizona will have the same odds to win if it one done at once or not... but having to stretch that for us will suck if that happen.

    And let's not forget that fvcking Taylor Hall is on that team.

    So we're STILL at risk of only having one first round pick this season right now and it already sucks to have to wait to know.. but potentially have to wait even longer? ughh

  9. So i'm not sure i fully understand that phase 2 thing?

    ok as im typing this i think i understood...

    So basically... the first phase will be "DET, OTT, OTT, LA, ANA, NJ, BUF" plus... a list of letters not unassigned to a specific team yet... so say E is picked for first overall... it says it will be award in phase 2...

    So... will it be awarded to wtv falls on that letter position when it's all said and done... or they'll do another lottery with just those teams?

  10. 32 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

    Yeah it’s dumb. And it says to me that the play-in round isn’t being treated as “the playoffs”, so Vancouver has not played in the playoffs yet. 

    In other news, what about Vatanen, anyone know his status? Is he ready to lace them up?

    That's basically how i see it. The Play-In is not the playoffs... teams are awarded a condensed "remaining of the season / race for the playoffs" done in 5 games. So i don't think we should see it as they are given a shot at the cup AND the first overall. They are given a chance at the playoffs.

    That being said... I still think teams like us who were like .0001 behind like MTL but didn't get a chance to win a spot in the playoffs... are only getting that .0001 leg up for the draft lottery. I mean... it's incredibly hard to not be biased looking at this overall. I still think the team who didn't get a shot... should have a bump in % chances and the one who goes a shot at the playoffs should have less.

  11. i mean im usually im TRYING to be fair / neutral and not biased.

    So all i can come up with to go against my thought of they CAN have the cake and eat it too...

    i guess those teams were robbed of an opportunity to win a spot... so they are given that chance in a few less games... so all in all the team deserving will be in the playoffs and the ones who doesn't will have a shot at getting better through the draft...

    so that's fair... but cause it goes against my team's good interest... i don't like it.. but i can admit i'm just biased on that angle

  12. 25 minutes ago, DevsMan84 said:

    This could be 100% false, but seeing posts on social media that the teams who lose in the "play-in" round are eligible for the draft lotto.  If that is the case then yikes.  It really should be amongst the 7 sad-sack teams who didn't even make the expanded playoff format that we are proudly in.

    Yeah my buddy just told me this. Goddamnit. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Jimmy Leeds said:

    lol......I had a co-worker with a relative on the Capitals. I never would say which player, but because of that, I'd get a little bit of insights on an NHL player's thinking. Not much, but a decent amount. I was cryptic once saying basically that and a couple of regulars here ripped into me like nobody's business.  Since almost all the names here blend together I forget who but it was, but I got accused of bragging, etc........  very well may have been mfitz then also

    Well it's kind of typical here that if you have an unpopular opinion that the regulars will turn into a mob and witch hunt you. It's a lot of fun

    But that's the structure of an argument these days. When someone has a different opinion in an argument... you don't counter the point.. the reflex is to counter by trying to make the person look dumb so his argument doesn't matter. 


    edit: funny enough that happened to me awhile ago when Torts was hired as the Canucks coach. I have a buddy who's a vancouver fan, he's from saskatoon. So i posted or commented on his fb saying that was a terrible match, that Torts was not the right coach for guys like the Sedins etc etc and dear lord. I got jumped like crazy for saying like "i know Torts and how he works"  (cause he coached across the bridge and i followed his career somewhat, knew his system, what he was asking from players... obviously didn't mean i knew him personally). Anyway... i made sure to find that thread once he got fired and get back at them with a fresh I told you so lol

  14. 7 hours ago, moustic said:

    I clearly really really want him as our next coach ! No Doubt... I'm trying to stay positive and looking at these lines as " He is under contract... Pay us and we will see " 

    With the type of players we got, he is the perfect guy ! 

    Imagine just for an exercise that i knew nothing about the guy, how would you describe him and what he could bring.

    i actually know nothing about the guy.

  15. So now. living in habs land. All im hearing from the media and fans is that the league is against them and trying to change the rules because of Price... claiming that teams are scared to play against him in the playoffs... 

    Now that the Pens apparently voted no to the playoffs format out of fear of playing against Price etc etc

    I fvcking hate that fanbase and their media so so bad.

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