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  1. i was not a huge fan of how things ended for many many characters in GOT and i felt there was a lot of missed opportunities but it didn't make me hate it. I'm always trying to differentiate not getting exactly what i expected or wanted and what is actually a flaw. These days there's quite a bit of people who cannot make the difference when they are watching something. If anything the pacing was either too stretched or too rushed once the big battle happened. That episode was actually amazing IMO. I guess once you've seen the finale for Dexter... it sets the bar pretty damn low for everything else
  2. I don't follow baseball at all but i know they have an insane amount of stats. Is that why baseball players are getting paid so much money? Cause their "expecting hits" stats for batters are through the roof ?
  3. Well i mean, that's not to say he won't develop into an amazing player. But there's just so many factors as to why he didn't produce as much as most first overall (and that's kind of an unfair comparison in a way) We just have to be patient. We could say it's just his size... but then other small players like pat kane didnt struggle because of his age / size etc Every player has a different path. Kucherov wasn't even a first overall but he's been playing like one and didnt make the league in the first few years so who knows. we just have to be patient
  4. yes but it also shouldn't be that much of an excuse. Every year the first overall making the NHL is always the youngest player in the nhl and it was never used as an excuse before
  5. i wish we would have seen this much desperation from the NHL and players to get a season going when they were having a money tug war and seasons were cancelled for a lockout.
  6. bring on the 24 teams playoffs right away if it means we're #6 from only 7 teams who can win the lottery instead of 16.
  7. I mean let's be honest. If it wasn't that I have my own business. I could easily get fired if some stuff i say privately to some of my pals leaked publicly and out of context lol And i'm ceeeeertainly not the only one. So i'm not excusing what he said, but i'm not going to condone something said between friends in private. Hell, imagine if MB3 was running for president and someone in the media found this website and all the things he said he would have done to Taylor Hall hahahaha as Doc said best "IT'S OVER!".
  8. so does MTL. so fvck those places
  9. goddamnit https://www.tsn.ca/toronto-maple-leafs-sign-d-mikko-lehtonen-to-elc-1.1472416
  10. Getting 2 top 10 picks on top of our recent first overall picks, getting a new coach (hopefully Gallant) and getting a GM we're all happy with... plus well just getting hockey at some point should be a nice little positive push. Getting Gillis would not be fun at all though... There's just nothing he did at all, trade, signings, results... absolutely NOTHING that makes me go. Yeah cool i like his vision or what he does.
  11. also there's 2 events... there's the draft lottery and there's the draft so..
  12. yeah there was rumours with the Rangers and MTL too. So if we can land him... thats a bonus that they didnt MTL do have a lot of Finish players so that might convince him.
  13. My hot take on this is that... that's their job and shouldn't take it for granted. Obviously i understand it's important to spend time with your family and all. But those kids dreamed of playing in the NHL, their whole life they trained, made sacrifices and dreamed of one day playing in the big league. Their parents sacrificed everything to help them. Now they made it and they want to put that aside cause they won't sacrifice spending a bit of time away from their families? How many people are FORCED to spend time away for their families for sh!tty work just to pay the bills and provide. Now i'm not saying this to rub people the wrong way or anything... I doubt any of them dreamed of... having kids and having BBQs with your family by the pool... Almost anyone in the world can accomplish that and its basically a given that it's what you'll do. Hell some does it by accident lol Playing in the NHL is SO rare, about 700 people in the world are living that dream now. I'd also be pissed if i was super driven, have a chance at a cup finally after dreaming about it my whole life and being in a position to make that happen.. but then some of my teammates doesn't want to comeback cause they'd miss their families... Plus the business paying them their luxurious life iand who gave them everything they have is currently taking a HUGE HIT and bleeding. So i also feel it's selfish to not do what's best for everyone involved. That's just my personal opinion, at my core i'm personally not a "family first" person im a goal driven person, which is why i see it that way. Obviously most people are family first so right from the get-go we won't agree on this... core values are not aligning so no need to argue about this all day lol Edit: all of that being said. That's my stance say the league resumed this season. For the record if it was my decision, i'd be cancelling the season and prepping for the next season. It's way too much of a mess, players wont be in game shape, it will be weird. And next season will also suffer if they play too late in the summer. Just bring on the damn draft
  14. LOL well how typical of me right now. There's days when im like... fvck what day of the week are we? No notion if we're the weekend, early or late week. like NO IDEA lol But in this case i looked at the date "28" and got the wrong month. fvcking amazing lol
  15. crazy to think that exactly a year ago... the Blues and the Bruins were playing game 1 of the cup finals and 2 weeks later the Blues were lifting the cup. as we were still debating Hughes vs Kakko lol
  16. So... i THINK if they use points % to establish everyone positions and if they are in the playoffs or not... then rank all non-playoffs team based on their points % then rank playoffs teams.... We'd get 6,10 and 17. BUT if they just use points % to rank all the teams in the league ignoring if they were in the playoff or not... vancouver is tied with Nashville and Florida with .565. So not sure what the tiebreaker would be in this case... then we could either get 15,16 or 17... i guess the good thing is... with points % Vancouver is not even a wildcard team. They are top 3 in their division
  17. Good job dude. Sadly i do not have an abundance of time lately, im busier than ever lol so yours will be it
  18. a 36 years old gamble who hasnt been plein and on the fence about retiring is the last thing we need when the plan is to surround our young guys
  19. well thats also the only logical way. trying not to be biased but you can't "cancel" games to even everything out.
  20. Well i still specified " * in our minds". Never said it should be official or anything. Some people are saying Carolina should have never won the cup if the Sabres would not have been all injured that year. Some habs fans are saying they would have won the cup the year Kreider ram in price and took him out lol Not saying it's correct but everyone is entitled to their own opinion in their mind
  21. it's quite sad that you obviously missed the part where i said " i don't think its unfair to have some * in our minds for some stuff." And that because of that you somehow got that i was saying there should be a legit official * next to championship teams like on the cup or in the books or something and took the time / effort to type all that.... for example. IN MY MIND Brodeur should have won the conn smyth in 2003. IN MY MIND Subban shouldnt have won the Norris for "best overall dman" in a year where he was NOT put in any defensive role situations, protecting leads or playing tough matchup / not playing a single game against west teams / in shortened season. IN MY MIND Dallas shouldnt have won the cup in 99 because Hull's skate was in the crease etc etc etc etc etc etc
  22. yeah thats fair but also i don't think its unfair to have some * in our minds for some stuff. When you look at history on paper all you see is the results not the context. Say one year one powerhouse got decimated with injuries right before the finals or something. I know results are results and its part of the game but still
  23. personally (and i may be biased) but if the playoffs were fully played and that the team were in the playoffs in a solid position. There's not that many what ifs there. But for individual awards and all that... when we all know some guys get hot and drop mid season and all that. Then i'd accept some * next to some award
  24. Just go with points %. easy
  25. i can't see that being the solution vs point %... i mean what's happening with the goals scored and all during those games? guys like ovechkin would get 2 less goals in their stats? Just going back to adjust all that would be hell
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