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  1. Well if everything is shot and in post-production its possible. I'm currently working on a Shudder exclusive movie for example. We're just all doing it remotely and chatting, exchanging shots etc etc
  2. it's almost certain that there won't be anymore hockey this season Just have 4 lottery pick... 3 for the top 3 spots in the draft and one for the cup.
  3. well this is even more horrible than that sweater https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/edmonton-oilers-forward-colby-cave-dies-age-25/
  4. omg....... what the fvck is this sh!t? This is by far the worst Devils gear i've ever seen. Guarantee that anyone buying this are the same people who wore those button-ups shirts with flames or dragons.
  5. Yeah in my Canadian province (New Brunswick) things are pretty good. We've had 111 confirmed cases but 53 are recovered already. Our population is small though, only 776,827. And for a good while all our cases were directly linked to one woman who flew in from France. And the following cases were all from travellers too. The region of the province where i grew up (but doesnt live in anymore) doesn't even have a confirmed case at the moment. But now the province is lock down so hopefully thing thing will die from within over the next few weeks. You can get fines if you're not following orders too. Like if you're caught with someone that doesnt live with you. Boom. Gotta drop some moola
  6. the only thing is im hoping they dont do something like... well since there was no playoffs lets give a chance to any team to win the lottery and everyone's odds would drop drastically
  7. Well it's clear to me that we're 98% sure of not getting our 3rd first round pick from Vancouver... they are out of the playoffs right now technically anyway... then theres no playoffs... our only chance is if the rankings would be adjusted by % since some have more games played... then maybe they could squeeze in a wildcard spot... But i wouldnt hold my breath on that
  8. This is the one thing that makes me wonder. We already have 2 smallish playmaker centers already. Obviously if he's the true best player available you take him. But i feel we really need someone who can put the puck in the net frequently or a dman. But you did mention that in your next paragraph
  9. Here'S a bit of info https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/ushl-makes-major-changes-to-import-player-rules-and-schedule
  10. Well it's a bit complicated and would be a very long post if i'd explain everything in detail. But there's the import draft to get players from outside of north america. They actually rank ALL juniors teams from the 3 leagues in reverse order like the NHL does but cross all leagues. And you have 2 picks, but then there's conditions and you need to have an open spot for the player to draft him if not you gotta pass. Also it's risky cause the player might not come. When i worked for the owner of the Acadie-Bathurst Titans, (who drafted Mario Lemieux) he kept going on about drafting Kovalchuk but was never able to convince him to come over. And he lost money, i forgot how much but you gotta pay to draft an import. Then for players from North america.. then i believe each leagues has a specific territory they can pick from. Like for the Quebec league... they can get players from Quebec and all the atlantique provinces (where i live) and then a chunk of the states... same thing for the other leagues, they all have their "zones" to pick from
  11. well both the first known case in china was in... ah actually it's november. but basketball was invented in october tho ! i actually i just made that up
  12. Well not with that attitude !!!
  13. oh yeah just so the doom and gloom posters here can whine about picking 3 first overall busts?!? Honestly Lafreniere was amazing for team canada but when i went to see him in february live. Even though he got 2 pts i was now blown away by him like i've been watching guys like Crosby, Mackinnon, Elhers etc at the same age
  14. Well im truly wondering what's happening at this point... the condition for the vancouver pick was that they were keeping the pick if they didn't make the playoffs.... So if the season is over (which it likely is....) Well they kiiiiiiiiiiiiind of made the playoffs...... but also kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of didn't? Honestly i'm not even sure what to make of that and what would be fair... obviously my mind is automatically going for us getting the pick... but that's obviously a biased take lol
  15. I think Shero stuck with Hynes cause he felt the record was a bit unfair to him. Goaltending was the big reason this team kept blowing leads. Which was not Hynes fault if they had to give Schneider a chance for contract reason and also cause he did show some promise the year before. And Blackwood then didnt find his groove either. So Hynes was thrown in there with 2 goalies not stopping beach balls. Obviously that's going to affect your results so i think he didnt want to fault him for what was not his fault
  16. To me it's becoming clearer and clearer that the owners may be a problem. Which sucks cause they saved us by having money and being willing to invest... but if they are not hockey smart we're fvcked.
  17. This is all bad. https://thehockeywriters.com/devils-mike-gillis-made-each-other/ Im petrified at the idea of having someone in control who think advance stats are more important than they really are.
  18. well Button said he's reminded him of Pastrnak... which... was not seen as a better prospect than... many many other guys and look at now BUT Jack is also (i believe) the oldest player in this draft, i think he was born like 4 days before the cutoff for last year's draft. So obviously thats huge at that age. BUT #2, Jossi is also older he was born like 4 days after Quinn
  19. i mean... honestly it's not as blatant as some are suggesting. Also by the same standards..one could make an argument that the J in the NJ logo looks muchhh more like an actual dick... round balls at the top... a curvy shaft and the head at the end.. Good thing is ours is way longer tho
  20. what's slightly discouraging is that whenever vaccines becomes available... i assume the accessibility will follow the same path than the testings
  21. Scary that the US is now having the most cases in the world... even though all i keep hearing is that nobody thinking they have it can get a damn test.
  22. it's such a dumb loop hole, they need to do something with that in the next CBA
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