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  1. Yeah this seems to be a new thing that more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon for. Typically it's always the typical people playing the victims or snowflakes going for that. Blaming others for their lack of success. I mean most of the times billionaires are people who sacrificed a LOT, they invested in themselves for years, more often than not it's an inspirational story. They have incredible pressure on them often having an insane amount of people depending on them. They mostly made the right decisions or paid the price for the wrong ones. Work is on their minds 24/7. So sorry Karen if you feel Jeff Bezos is making too much money and that you're not making enough. Maybe you should have taken a risk and started an online book store decades ago instead of settling for wtv job you got. I actually saw an article like 2 days ago suggesting that there shouldn't be any billionaires. That they should cap off at right before the billion and that all the extra money should go to some charities or wtv. I mean? wtf? lol him having more or less money is NOT affecting your income at all. There's a system in place, we all know what it is. You usually know how much money you can potentially make at the end of that path, your decision. Where i live in New-Brunswick. The Irving family basically owns everything and fishermen's are making a killing too. And obviously a bunch of people keep sh!tting on them because they get a tax break or something and they think it's unfair cause they are rich. But imagine for a second that they would leave or that the business would fail? How many people would suddenly be out of a job and the economy would crash. Someone once told me, if you don't like your boss or think he's paid too much and you're not paid enough. It's easy. Quit and start your own company where YOU'LL be the one making all that big money. You'll see it's not that easy and not as fun as it looks.
  2. Even then. How often do i see claims of stuff being said. I got on snopes or wtv do my research and they never said that or it's taken wayyyyyyy out of context
  3. Reading the news is becoming more and more frustrating. Gone are the days where news outlet would simply "report" news. Now it's all about pushing wtv agenda they have. Leaving out details, twisting facts, making sh!t up literally. It sucks cause you basically need to be aware of each news outlet's agenda/bias so you can take it with a grain of salt.
  4. was not really referring to you specifically. Just in general on here, twitter, fb etc etc I didnt even really pay attention as to who said what. I just replied to that other comment.
  5. Gotta love when you see fans who stop supporting the team financially when the team is not playing well enough for them... then goes and try to sh!t on the owners for "not showing support" and paying their employees only a % of their salaries, in such a hard time when they are losing TONS of money lol
  6. yeah that's just showing people true colours. Like in politics and everything else. Just blindly jumping to whatever conclusions that supports their opinion about the person.
  7. thats impossible... Yotes are too far to finished 4th.. and if they'd win one of the lottery picks they'd be top 3
  8. its such a fvcked up time... 1 for the prospects... no idea when the draft will be.... for upcoming UFAs... no idea if they played their last game with their team... when their contract will be up and if they'll be leaving.. if so the timing will be really important... if the suggested plan with having the new season starting in like october i think and playing almost up to that point... when do you make your decision to move your whole family and life somewhere else in such a rush? i know that's what's happening when you're traded.. but thats different than making a decision on july 1st and having a few months to setup before the season. if anything i think it may drive most UFAs to stay with the club they are with already rather than making such a big move in such a weird and uncertain time
  9. If we know anything is that Lou is always in win-now mode and screw the future. So i truly can't see him going "yeahh... let's take a step back and sacrifice my current best player for 4 late first round picks that will potentially just start having some impact in the NHL somewhere between 2022 and 2027.
  10. to be fair many kids have to go through hearing their parents bed squeaking and screaming too
  11. I hate Domi with a burning passion but personally it's always something that... wouldn't say "annoyed" me but i didnt like. When Scotty nailed Domi with that big hit and then fled to avoid a fight... then someone else had to fight for him... i dunno... I guess you can justify it by saying it'sa troll thing to do and it's funny cause Domi doesnt deserve the attention and all... but i dunno.. there's a code that if you're going to deliver those kind of hit you gotta expect at times that you'll have to fight after. Especially if now a teammate has to fight for you after something you did... again i dunno... Scotty is one of my all time fav so im not bashing the guy, just something i never liked
  12. it truly truly sucks for the players of course but through this situation i have a very very long list of people i could feel really bad for before those millionaires living their dream.
  13. so with everything probably getting pushed back... it's also pushing back the draft. goddamnit
  14. So that what it took for Trudeau to close the borders... I'm all for supporting immigration but after him tweeting basically telling illegal immigrants to cross over illegally then welcoming back known-ISIS fighters and wanting to re-integrate them in society with poems? i figured just about anyone/anyone could just walk in Canada
  15. or you could just have a fever, a regular flu or not feeling well and be sent home
  16. yeah at those events you have to expect it there's ALWAYS cancellation every year. Sometimes it's super last minute too but its part of the game Ive been designing all the marketing stuff for an event in buffalo that is happening later this month... im not done but i kind of want to rush and finish so that i'm still paid even if they cancel and dont need their brochures or wtv lol I agreed on a flat fee for the whole thing so i kind of don't wanna have to go and have to justify what i did and didnt do so what they really owe me etc etc
  17. both Smith and Mewes doesnt have the best health so i'd play it safe if i was them really
  18. i wonder what would happen say Vats was healthy... but obviously wouldn't be able to play x amount of games since the season is postponed... would the condition on the pick still apply? I'm also a bit worried about the Vancouver pick... hopefully we get to keep it for this year
  19. I assume it's like my dad who cannot stand my mom anymore so he's avoiding as much contact as possible so spends all his time either in the basement or outside shovelling even if there's no need to lol
  20. I've been told that I don't have the right to have an opinion on this cause i live in Canada but what can i do... i have one. I truly feel like the Marilyn Monroe quote applies here... "If you can't handle me at my worst ... you don't deserve me at my best." From that angle a lot of fans here would not deserve the joy they'll get when this team is finally competitive again
  21. There's a debate but you're missing my point. I never said a hottest team should take the spot over another team or wtv lol I said that on paper our team should not have made it cause there was another team that technically deserved to be there in term of talent. Just like if... half the Bruins roster would get hurt early and they struggle and miss the playoffs by a point. We all know they "should" have made it based on their team and that whoever is the last wildcard got lucky that the Bruins go injured that much.
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