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  1. Well yeah maybe I didn't explain myself well enough, i didnt mean that if you didnt play that you can't possibly comprehend those things. I said that i suspect that he was discarding those things as unimportant cause he couldn't bring that to the table. Obviously im just guessing but i did ask him countless times if he ever played and he always ignored the question. So there's a difference with not having been through something but willing to learn and acknowledge it... and someone who never been through it simply doesn't believe it cause it doesn't benefit them... kind of like females w
  2. No matter who's the starter and backup. We can obviously pencil in Cory to play against us and get a shutout. And let's not act like that's a crazy statement either lol we know it's happening.
  3. That's almost insulting lol It's like asking the hottest girl in school on a date to Burger King cause you have coupons.
  4. Yeah Tri was a good contributor but im still convinced he was a robot lol He had a very cold and disconnected vision of things when it came to things like... chemistry, leadership, intangibles and stuff like that. Everything was about stats. I always suspected that he never played the game so felt getting deep into stats was the only thing he could really bring to the table that others couldn't. I mean, anyone who played the game or any sports in some competitive capacity knows how much those things are and how stats are really not everything. As for HF.. i haven't posted there in forever
  5. yeah that's making sense and making it one of those buyout proofs contract
  6. I don't quite understand the structure... i understand that teams may want to keep "salary" low for a few years because of the state of finances for teams right now... but then why give an extra signing bonus? Then you endup giving the same amount of money. Or then if money wasnt an issue... then why split it like that and not just go with a 5m salary? Maybe it has to do with when they get the money. 3m up front vs through payments through the year?
  7. Not what i said, but it's certainly not an ideal position to put yourself into unless you don't have a choice. That's the point. Okay, you need your top guys to win right, so you're saying if Fitz sticks around for a long time and let Nico go to free agency, let Hughes test the market in a year when Vancouver has cap space to sign him, smith, holtz , blackwood etc etc... All those guys, whenever the time come, just let them test the market, no matter what. Doesn't matter if we lose all those assets which would take years to rebuild. You're telling me that's a good idea and that we shouldn
  8. Are you serious? I'm the one saying there's different ways to do things and that it should be a case by case decision based on situations and many factors. And he's the one NOT doing that and sticking to his script of doing things one way no matter the situation. And you guys are defending him or saying im crazy for suggesting he should be flexible
  9. Are you even following? I straight up just gave him credit for bringing in Schneider. Saying THAT was a good move that didn't pan out and i don't fault him for that. If i was biased against him i'd blindly blame him for that wouldn't i? I can make the difference between a good decision that didn't pan out, and a bad decision that didn't turn too bad. It's still bad decisions. And again, they are often not even decisions with him. You're doing exactly what you're calling me out for "only looking at results" Well no, that's never what i did. I never once looked at results in hindsight 20/20 and
  10. You still didnt answer my previous post in which i asked multiple questions. whats up with that? And see, again, instead of looking at the big picture ive been pointing out, every single time you go case by case trying to make sense out of it when it's just a huge pattern. Are you denying that pattern? The point is Lou once again waited last minute and let one of his top UFA walk and lost him for nothing. How Is that NOT a problem to you and not a position you should put yourself into? This is basic common sense. No other GM plays with fire that much historically. Do i need to repeat
  11. Come on you know damn well that's not how you judge decisions. If it was i'd be bashing Lou about trading for Schneider cause in hindsight it hurt us a lot more than it helped. But i'm not doing that cause it WAS a good decision then. But fine be that way and twist things in a way that make sense to you. i'll never understand how you guys keep on supporting the silly idea that it's totally fine to let your top players test the market risking to lose them for nothing.
  12. i mean... trent hunter is not on that list purely because we didn't draft him but his time in NJ was legendary
  13. Did i get you in a corner or something? lol How 'bout you address what i actually said instead of getting personal attempting to discredit my point? Especially since you engaged the conversation with me and asked questions. Go on and answer something smart. Your russian thing makes no sense. You know what i get tired of? People like you who don't want to understand what im saying so even if im making a long post going in details, they still miss my point completely cause they don't want to. I literally explained in details how he let go of his #1 goalie who was nominated for the vezina an
  14. Maybe you need a refresher... 2018-2019 - Lehner 46gp .930 season/.936 playoffs (UFA) VEZINA TROPHY FINALIST / Greiss 43gp .927 - Amazing season for both goalies. Why you wouldnt just want to keep this tandem, i don't know. Lehner goes on record to say how much he wants to remain with the team. How he wish not to have to make it to free agency after dealing with depression and alcoholism that led to self-medication and suicidal thoughts. Trotz says how much he wants him back and that he's a great fit for the team. Lou says "we want him back". But obviously as usual let it drag all t
  15. Well yes and no. It's kind of a gamble to bet on a kid who never played in the NHL yet. But my point is that i really don't think Lou really "planned" anything. He just did what he does which is very tunnel vision looking into what's best for TODAY ignoring tomorrow. Before we get into this for the 100000th times. Please answer this. Do you agree or deny these points. 1- Outside of a very very very very few occasions, Lou systematically refused having contract talks with UFAs during the season? Which led to giving away all his leverage in negotiations and flexibility in ter
  16. Again i touched on this in my other post. You don't seem to understand that what im ALWAYS addressing is his pattern. Can you really deny that Lou has a really really really stiff script that he's following based on his all-in mentality? Being so stubborn and sticking to his script to a fault? No, i don't think anyone can do that. I can legit count on my fingers the amount of times he went off-script. For a guy who's been around for like 156 years, it's not showing a great deal of flexibility and critical thinking. And i certainly don't have enough fingers to count the amount of time i said it
  17. Well i'd tend to agree in a way but my whole point is not based on a thought out decision. If we'd be talking and analyzing "decisions" from any GM... you go and weight the pros and cons just like the GM would have done too. The problem i'm pointing out is that Lou is simply not doing this and never has. He's always sticking to his typical ways and flawed script of patching his team for now without considering the long-term and costing the team future assets. Always. He did the same thing in Toronto signing Marleau to patch a hole with a vet to a bad contract then ultimately cost them a f
  18. Listen. He came in and had 2 goalies with a .930 and a .927 save%... let one walk for nothing so he can commit to Varlamorv and Greiss... I'd say "fine" to an extent if he would have committed to those 2, BUT no, he then let Greiss walk for nothing the next season. so back to back let 2 goalies doing the job walk. Now have to sign an absolute gamble to replace him (them). I do lump both together cause if he would have commited to one or protected his assets he would have only lost one for nothing at least. Or if you're really that committed to Varlamorv and feel he's the guy and know you're go
  19. How many time i just told you to just leave it alone if you don't agree with me about this subject. We'll never ever ever ever ever ever agree on that stuff. I honestly must have told you a million times to just let it be and ignore it. DM even told you to ignore it cause sure enough it's taking over full threads everytime we get into it and it NEVER led to anything in a decade. There's no point at this point. Yet you just HAVE to comment on anything i say about the subject, you cant help it. And most of the time you misunderstand what i even meant cause anything i say you take it as a jab eve
  20. I can't quite figure out if i just knew you'd comment on my post to defend Lou. Is it cause i am gifted with some premonition ability.. or because historically you never missed a single opportunity through the last 10 years to do it. every. single. time. ? Even when you don't have to and take things i say the wrong way. Well i guess we'll never know. I must have a gift. My only point was that he got a worst goalie than what he had. As a result of him doing what he ALWAYS does. Letting guys he'd need walk and signing his old players way past their prime. It's a pattern. You can nitpi
  21. let Greiss and Lehner walk and sign Schneider. amazing move
  22. Well clearly that's what you want to believe lol so just go and be happy. I personally trust what i'm seeing and hearing, not what i want to believe. The drastic drop in signings compared to other years, the lack of big contracts, the amount of short term deals we've seen, quotes from owners and GMs, quotes from experts and all that.
  23. Looking at it from the other angle though. Sakic is REALLY sticking to his plan uh. I mean... many GM would have been like... "fvck this im going for it and trade Byram for a top player for their run. Or throw an extra 1.5m to get a guy like Hall? They have so much cap room... they had a tough loss in the playoffs.... you'd think they'd want to really hit the pedal and go for it but no... he's really staying on his path
  24. wow lol if true you're right. I mean i do believe he wants to win... But if it was THAT important. You pick Avs and make 1.5m less. thats a no brainer
  25. All teams / owners lost a crazy amount of money and will lose more money again this year without fans in the stands for awhile. There's also tons of uncertainty of how this season will go. So many teams simpler wouldn't spend as much as they usually would. They've talked about this non-stop during the free agency broadcast all day
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