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  1. man if we win tonight and that they somehow just go with an average points per game for the final standings for the draft that might not be good for us cause we have a few games in hands and could jump a few positions. I'd really like to be at least top 5
  2. maybe not all one for one but... Dalhin Heiskanen Byram Sandin Bouchard Chabot McAvoy
  3. It's all psychological. You yell influenza, everybody says, "Huh? What?" You yell coronavirus.... we've got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.
  4. Oh absolutely. And i totally agree with you here. I was just pointing out claims that i feel could at least have some legs vs some non-sense. And about the "choosing" to be negative. Well if you paid any attention that's something i've been bringing up quite a bit lately. It's frustrating
  5. i mean you can see Jack's talent. I'm not going to wear blinders and completely dismiss some stuff either. But it's obviously too early to tell. The kid is small, he had to adjust, he was playing against lesser competition on a STACKED team. So his stats mayyy have been inflated? But he's a playmaker too and he's now playing on a team that is struggling. I'm absolutely going to be patient with him.
  6. i like the approach that the Devils took for games... basically... we're not going to cancel anything but please use your common sense that if you know you're at risk of having it after travelling or wtv... stay home. And if you're scared of catching it, stay home too.
  7. He also started about 5 different threads (not even kidding, it's seriously 4 or 5) all aimed at sh!tting on Hynes or Shero. Mostly Shero, then would turn any other threads into a Shero bashing thing. He'd then disappear when his claims were debunked/proven wrong or that the team would do well. I mean in MID-JUNE, he kept on whining that Shero was not trying to build a good team, that he'd do nothing with his cap space, not try to sign anyone etc etc and that he'd do nothing and just go in the season like this to tank... Days later we acquired Subban, then Gusev etc etc When he'd claim the Devils problem were 100% the coaching or management. He'd shut down any claim that goaltending was the problem lol i mean come on. That's just wanting to obsess about having ONE scapegoat Now both shero and hynes are gone, his new victim is Hughes. I guess you can call that a variety but it's still not good. And it's always the same thing, for all of those he'd dig and dig on the negatives and make sh!t up about them... and would absolutely refuse to consider or hear anything positive about them. Thats just trolling
  8. Yeah i feel it's more like... this woman freaking out that their new AC is worthless because the attic and the basement are still super warm.. that they should have got another brand, that they'll melt and die within the next 20 minutes etc etc while her husband is desprately trying to explain to her that the AC is a single room unit meant to cool down their bedroom... that it's only been on for only 1 minute. Or even that it hasnt been plugged in yet lol But she won't accept that excuse obviously
  9. Another great example of constant and self afflicted negativity here. ^ this guy is one of like 3-4 posters here who are constantly focusing on negative stuff and being pessimistic all the time. Liking each others negative comments and getting mad when people are telling them to chill out or offering them a positive mindset focusing on the positives. Now i tried to offer him a different angle / perspective to at least TRY to see some things positively and he just didnt want to hear it, got frustrated that i was challenging him. So instead of trying to see it as a positive he chose to see it as me acting like i was better than him or god knows and since he blocked me and now he's been whining like 30 times a day that the ignore feature is not good enough cause he can still see some of my posts. We get it pal. You want to stay miserable. These last few season has not been fun hockey wise, I just don't understand why anyone here wouldnt at least want to consider a mindset that could keep them sane and happier. It's really not hard. Nope, they WANT to be miserable and unhappy for wtv reason.
  10. he's probably talking about Daniel who does that all the time. He'll pop with his doom and gloom non-sense non-stop when there's a little problem but then he'll disapear and ignore everything when things are bad. He'll also dig and dig for negatives.. even make sh!t up or make unreal jump to conclusions. But then discard and ignore any positives at any cost. That's just trolling or being obsessed with being pessimistic.
  11. I should have specified... i'm swearing out loud.... in french. That's when you know its serious
  12. yeah Daniel had me swearing out loud in the last few months and that had never happened before. I know i can be frustrating and annoying too at times with some of my opinions that aren't popular or doesn't align with others but it's always about something systematic or based on values. I don't take any pleasure at frustrating people with it. But i know i'm also bringing positive sh!t outside of that. He's just negative to be negative and it's draining when it's already hard to keep positive about the team being frustrating.
  13. I mean even if Hughes doesn't end up being the best player in this draft? What the hell were we supposed to do? He was projected to be the best player and we picked him. All scouts were all agreeing and everyone here agreed too. Remember how the few suggesting that Kakko miiiiight be a better pick here were shut down right away?! lol Like it was preposterous to even consider anyone else but Hughes. And the reasoning behind picking Kakko were actually not terrible, it made sense. Imagine for a second if we would have went off the board and pick Dach? lol Who someone here recently said will be a better player than Jack. I mean come on. lol
  14. this feel quite accurate
  15. oh man isn't she a pure goddess
  16. I'm all for encouraging wishful thinking but we all know that isn't happening lol And by that i don't mean that Hughes isn't becoming a good player... i mean Daniel dropping the misery shtick, that's his whole identity
  17. Well it's not that it was incorrect it's more that it was dated lol
  18. I don't think so though. Remember Shattenkirk? lol
  19. yeah i kind of wish he would have been a Ranger... then i would have saved a lot of time on here not having to prove and argue about him being overrated, overpaid, etc etc lol Seriously though its weird. I mean he's always been egomaniac and all but he was always giving his 200% every shift. It looked like the guy wanted to win. But as his career went on it's like he's more interested in being a famous personality than a good hockey player. I really do think wtv article suggesting that he just had too much on his plate and wasn't focused enough on hockey might be up to something.
  20. To be fair i was saying his attitude was a problem but it doesn't seem to be a problem in NJ. And i said he was really really overrated, not as good as people thought and overpaid for what he could bring. I never said he sucked or was "this bad"... but there he is lol So you don't have to be sorry. Well... i did say he was a turnover machine and bad defensively i guess...
  21. Well that depends on what your angle is. Either if you think the playoffs should be... the best 16 teams in the league... or the top 16 teams in points. A lot of factors can make it that the "best teams" are not in the top 16 in points. I always remembered what a coach told us once. That all that mattered is how good you are at the end of the season. And i mean it's true... what will people remember in 30 years? how bad the blues were early or how good they were in the playoffs and won the cup?
  22. I think overall that one good season had so much going for it. For Hall and the team. (well maybe not "so much"...more like.. juuust enough) I think Shero's talk with Hall helped him a lot personally, then he found his groove early and just rode the wave. Then for the team they had that going, then they had Boyle's cancer thing which was really inspirational and that's something that could rally a team together. That being said... many seem to remember as a super successful season... it was SUPER rocky. I still remember in January, every. loss. the doom and gloom clan was out "this is it, there goes our season, we're done!" and there was a lot of negativity and frustration. The good thing was just Hall having his streak and KK coming out of nowhere. Going on that west trip we all thought that was the end, but we did remarkably well and hell we made the playoffs by like 1 point. That being said Florida was a way better team than us and should have been there but they dug themselves into a huge hole early and could never recover.
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