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  1. can anybody seriously put together a list of all the times that we were told to wait for a decision... i really dont feel doing it but im sure it would be pretty impressive
  2. KenBeckett #NHL has approved Ilya Kovalchuk's latest contract proposal with the #Devils. Deal believed to be in the 12-13 yr. range. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  3. TGfireandice OK. This is a little late because others are saying it's done too, but I did get second confirmation on league thumbs up. ohhhhhhhh.......
  4. if we dont sign Kovie this is going to be the worst summer of my life... to wait all of this and see him sign its okay and i can live with it... but if he's not....
  5. was i the only one really bummed to finally hit refresh and see a new article on Puck Daddy loading just to see something about team bloggers
  6. whats taking so f**king long anyways? i mean really... im putting myself in Lou's shoes... how long can it take to adjust 2-3 contracts... check with grossman... then check for approval with the NHL... i know its more complicated than that but i mean come on im pretty sure its something you can do in a day
  7. ok am i the one cracking page #500 ? lol edit: ok nop i am not lol
  8. yeah that one would have been my 2nd choice... i still wake up at night screaming because of that one lol
  9. ok so until now i was just like "bahhh he's gonna be a Devils it's just gonna take time" but now im really scared that i wont see it happen.... Lou is not gonna be willing to go past a certain cap hit i imagine and kovie wont come lower than a certain amount... i really think bettman wants Kovie to go to one of his new sh!tty franchise to try to put people in the arena and he's trying to corner the devils so they cant get him knowing other teams could if he's 100% stuck and doesnt want to play in the KHL
  10. SterioDesign

    Time machine?

    So i was thinking about putting together a time machine to go back on July 1st just to let me know not too expect anything until late august and not to get excited for anything until then... then i thought... while im having that time machine... LETS SAY i could go back in the Devils history at ANY TIME and go shout a little something to someone in the organization... what would it be? after a long thinking i think i would go and tell Stevens to DESTROY Sakic first thing entering game 7 in 2001... and by destroying i mean a "Lindrosish destruction" so what would be yours?
  11. actually "Hitler" was not even his real name... it was a variation or his real surname that his that made upto sound less jewish, "Heidler" was the real name...
  12. if we could pull off any kind of magical deal with the oilers sending rolston or wtv and getting eberle... i would instantly forget all the sh*t that went down this summer lol
  13. mannnnnn... i dont even know what to say lol sooooooooo sick of those rollercoaster feelings
  14. SterioDesign

    NHL11 demo

    Sooooo are you guys playing that game 7 SCF 3rd period over and over too? lol thoughts?
  15. Haha Hey Frenchie, sa fais du bien de voir d'autre francais de temps en temps, moi j'reste au Nouveau-Brunswick pis les devils fans sont vraiment rare par icite... j'en connais personellement 4... p-e 5 gros max haha
  16. well i really hope Kovalchuk is a devils by the time im getting NHL11 geez... lol he's my top scorer in my season
  17. so what i think is going to happen now... they are "re-viewing" the other luongo, hossa...etc etc contracts... saying they could get void... pretty sure they are saying... ok devils... now while youre trying to restructure a deal you cant even do something similar than the others cause we MIGHT void them... so were not going to accept anything close to what they have... but were gonna give them a chance since they already started the contract... so yeah pretty much... fvck you Devils no hard feelings uh
  18. damnit... i was hoping to get up late and that the decision would have been released... now i gotta drive a 2 and an half hour drive and check twitter on my phone all day
  19. twitter; NYP_Brooksie Confirmed. The Kovalchuk hearing will begin Wednesday. jesus christ... is this ever gonna end...
  20. lol not sure if this idea is going to make it through but if anyone need a "professional file" to print the shirt and all im a graphic designer and i do lots of shirt designs for bands and stuff... probably there's other people capable of doing it on this forum but wtv... just saying lol print places are sick of getting cheap low resolution files to get tshirts printed lol
  21. i was at work... then last night i drove 45 minutes from work to go home grab my kovalchuk shirt and then came back in town to the pub to get some beer to celebrate with the only devils fan that i know haha (i live in New-Brunswick Canada so im surrounded by ignorant habs fans)
  22. Hey girls! Kovie is probably now on another market so get on it hahahaha Nicole must be so pissed right now
  23. oh man, i made a bet with my buddies that i'd get a devils tattoo if kovie was resigning... lol great great great... forgot about that lol
  24. just when i was loosing faith and about to burn my kovie tshirt... ohhh lou lou lou
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