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  1. this is the perfect timing for a trade lou... i wouldnt mind to see anybody go at the point so i wouldnt be upset at all... so... go ahead
  2. still pissed at Tallinder for that effortless backhand to the point
  3. kovie and arnott must be super good friends now after all those back and forth passes without any attempt to take a shot lol looked cute
  4. yeah i mean... why would we want that guy cause he brings energy... he has no hockey sense... also, we got 2 guys mmmm Parise and Kovalchuk i think... im pretty damn sure we got lots and lots of energy.... and A LOT MORE... they can even put the puck in the net once in a while... thats a steal
  5. yeah im really sick of seeing Brodeur getting beat on straight shots with no screen or anything
  6. ohhh man thats too perfect lol im in a head-to-head pool and the dude im playing against this week had Miller... i have Brodeur & Kovie... how perfect is that haha
  7. well wow.. cant believe clarkson tried a toe drag on a 2 on one...... not his style
  8. i should count how many passes the devils are making that the other team is intercepting
  9. Jesus christ.... what the hell Lou is waiting for anyways... like seriously... he needs to make a move he's risking that our players that he wants to trade are getting hurt... CAN YOU IMAGINE Lou would have put a deal with Rolston the other day but that it didnt went through because he got hurt... well i know its almost impossible lol just to put it to an extreme there... lol
  10. i dont care anymore what we got to give up front... we NEED to get a dman... i'd throw that freagin first pick i didnt want to give couple weeks ago right now... so pissed
  11. cant believe how pumped we all were couple weeks ago...
  12. hedberg certainly looked like a moose in light beam there
  13. could we trade Rolston for Souray... they have the cap space to do handle it... it would take souray out of their hands, seems like nobody wants him?... they'd get a veteran for all their youngster... Rolston "might" be willing to waive his NT to go there seeing that the oilers are on the way up with all those talented kids... and that nobody wants him around here lol then we could drop Souray on the waivers... lol he's not 35 yet so his salary would not count against the cap... Then you bring up Tedenby... sign mair... POW good to go... maybe we'd have to play a game with 20 men by the time everything is settle and by the time Souray clean the waivers and all but wtv...
  14. im not expecting anything tomorrow other than maybe salvador on LTIR... seriously how many times in the last 4 months were we waiting for a deadline... and nothing happened... like seriously
  15. SterioDesign

    CBK vs Malmo

    that #9 guy from Malmo kinda looked like Parise with that move lol
  16. should be interesting to watch from now until tomorrow 3pm but with all the stress we got this summer with kovalchuk, this is a piece of cake though... lol
  17. what i think will be the lineup for opening night... Zach Parise-Travis Zajac-Ilya Kovalchuk Patrik Elias-Jason Arnott-Jamie Langenbrunner Brian Rolston-Dainius Zubrus-David Clarkson PLL Leblond-Adam Mair-Rod Pelley Andy Greene, Colin White Henrik Tallinder, Anton Volchenkov Alex Urbom. Matt Taormina Matt Corrente, Mark Fraser sucks that there's just no room for Tedenby and Josefson eventho they did great in the preseason... but again thats if Salvador is put on LTIR... and there's no room for short term injuries... if were losing any veterans... same lineup except if lang or rolston goes... swap tedenby in their spot... if zubs is going swap Josefson in his spot... other than that i cant see them getting 4th line minutes theres no point... a year in the AHL would help them a lot more i really like what i saw from Zubs lately but to me between him and Langenbrunner... langs is a way better deal if you consider what he can bring compare to his salary... THEN you have to think... do i think Tedenby and Josefson WILL BE better than zubrus? well yeah... so nows the time to make room im on the edge with Clarkson... i like him but again... i think he's overpaid and i'd like to give a shot to the younsters... i know were shooting for the cup this year but i dont think it would hurt THAT much to have Clarkson out... i'd miss him in front of the net but thats about it not sure its possible but i'd like to see Zubs + Clarkson to Toronto for Kaberle and a pick... not 100% it would work with the cap and i dont have time to check lol but i'd certainly like to see this happen
  18. i managed to make trades and get Parise Zajac and Kovalchuk in my yahoo fantasy draft pool lol so with 1 goal i could get up to 4 pts right there... lol
  19. mmmm come on boyz... islanders have half of their team right now... the other half is playing against montreal right now... we cant lose that one lol
  20. im kinda getting nervous with this situation... what if Lou's plan is not working or something, we'd be f*cked again
  21. ahhhhhhhh my feed was lagging like crazy i missed the zajac tying goal and missed the kovie goal... lol
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