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  1. Personally I think that's dumb... why not take those people and have them meet the Pens players? I mean come on, this is war.
  2. I wish we weren't a low attendance team so i could make a joke about that SJ situation.
  3. Well we all hate to admit this but also because its New York. It's not just in hockey that athlete and famous people want to live there or LA
  4. i dont follow baseball at all. So i can't tell if youre serious or sarcastic lol
  5. No i say he didn't weight his options cause he refused to talk contract with players/agents during the season. Saying it was a distraction. Lou is a mastermind when it comes to hockey. But his stubbornness to stick to his ways was the problem and often got in the way. Stupid unnecessary rules like no beards, no contract talks, no jewelry, no contact with fans, no fun, etc etc it's quite up to debate if there was any true benefits coming out of those. And again, if you're succesful you can kind of force those things... but the league evolved and he didn't want to adjust. I mean, stupid sh!t like that can actually make a difference when it comes to attract players or keep your players. Loyalty is not as much a thing now and while it's great to be like "i want loyal players and players fitting the mold"... well if that cost you a top player who likes social media... is it really worth it? If you work for Apple or Google... maybe you'll be okay with strict rules cause the money and benefits can compensate from the bullsh!t... but if you work at one McDonalds locations where you have stricter rules for no reasons than any other mcdonalds or fast food in your region... chances are you'll jump ship at your first chance lol It's CLEAR that some players didn't like those rules.
  6. You bring up a good point and i brought that up before. Back then it was desirable to be a devil and while it didn't excuse playing hardball with top guys, you could do it a bit. Cause they likely didn't have much better options out there. Plus then guys were not texting each others from other teams and it was quite different, you were not as exposed to greener grass. But once the devils started to go down... that simply doesnt work and you have to play your cards differently to make sure you keep your guys. So when you approach them can be very important. With Hall, i don't think he was ever set on staying but after all the moves we made in the offseason and tthere was a positive vibe around the team... that would have been a good time. I understand maybe Hall wanted to see how the team would actually do, its understandable. But then you risk the team sh!tting the bed too and obviously you can be sure he wouldnt sign an extension. So i understand the Hall situation was different. But i also don't want to prove that it was never about "lou" or "shero" but about what was done. But still, if those older guys were not part of our timeline, then why wouldnt you trade hall for maximum return to surround jack and nico? I understand they kind of saw they possibly had 2 windows of possible success... with hall, vats, subban, palms in their prime... and then in a few years with nico, jack, smith etc in their prime... but obviously that first window didnt pan out so they are focusing on the 2nd one.
  7. Dude if you're not going to listen and try to understand what im saying there's no point arguing. And you're right. Every GM in the league outside of Lou did it. Remember when Jagr, Lemieux, Modano, Roy and all those guys were weeks away from free agency and could have walk if they wanted? Oh right. No. You don't cause you don't let guys like that get to that point. I'm not saying to trade them. It's not like we were the only team ever to be in the playoffs lol All those teams were able to manage their ufas a lot better too. I'm saying that you need to fvcking take care of that before it's too late. I'm sure we could have kept a bunch of our guys if we would have offered a contract the summer before or during the season. But nope, for no fvcking reason we had to let them finish the season. It makes no sense. We've seen it where players we're given an ultimatum before the season and it made them sign. Why wait til they can be like "well i got to this point... i have this brother or good buddy on that other team, might be cool to play with them". Negotiation tactics, ever heard of that? You put yourself in the best possible position to get what you want Why wouldn't you try to do everything you can to keep guys like Nieds, Gomez etc etc? Why the fvck would you wait til they are weeks away from free agency to finally reach out when you have absolutely no leverage? Why would you stick to "no talk during the season" and willingly give away any leverage you'd have to sign them at the right timing?
  8. It's not reckless if it's a decision you make rather than just blindly going all out no matter what, and it's not "just for a "draft picks", it's keeping the wheels going. Any business plans for the future. That's why they make decisions every once in awhile depending on the situation, sometimes they focus on now and sometimes it's for the future. You know like when GMs like Sakic don't go and trade their top prospect like Byram for a better chance at the cup? It's exactly the same thing. You gotta look at both and make decisions depending on what you think is best for now and long term. Just focusing on now gets you the roster we had in 2015. That's just a fact. And hell we got Palms because we FINALLY traded assets at the deadline.
  9. You seem to forget how i called Parise leaving based on how he handled things before. Elias almost walking, Rafalski walking, Niedermayer walking, Holik, gionta, gomez etc etc etc It was a systematic flawless approach. You're missing the point, what i'm saying is not as black and white. All i want a GM to do is start a discussion early to get a sense of what the player wants. If you want to keep him and he's open to stay, then you sign him. If he's not sure or straight up don't want to. Then you have that information, which can help you make a decision then or later on. So you can actually control the situation vs blindly navigating through it. Clarkson was a good example. We were a bubble team with not much chances at the cup then, he was at the top of his value and we just lost our captain recently to free agency. Clarkson's demand was insane, like a day after they finally talked like a week before the draft Lou gave up on him knowing he'd never give him that sort of contract and let him walk. Now if you KNOW before the deadline what he's looking for and that you know you 100% won't be signing him. Then you can make an educated decision and gauge your chances with and without him, knowing you'll be losing that asset if you keep him. And if you decide to keep him, at least it was your call to lose him for nothing vs giving all the power to the player you want to keep to walk on his own. That's your fvcking job to make decisions so why wouldn't you want all the information you want when you make them vs "we have a chance, we go for it no matter what, fvck the future". Refusing to talk to players during the season is just a fvcking dumb rule. Even Elias called it out. I mean... how delusional is to to actually want to sit and go over the scenarios, pros and cons and assess the current state of the team and it's chances and future of the team and make a decision trying to figure out what's best ultimately for the franchise, to make a move to win now or to make a move for the future. To say "if you have even just a slim chance go all in no matter what" is incredibly reckless. In what world does that make sense applied to anything? "oh let's go all out and buy lottery tickets with my whole paycheck even if i need to pay my bills and my kids needs to go to the dentist soon". In any situation you have to sit and analyse the situation, it's common sense And it's not just about Lou. I said the same thing about Colombus last year or about Shero last summer.
  10. It's funny cause we had to rebuild because we had no talent, no core and no assets to do anything. That's undeniable. Where we are NOW is not a result of anything we did in the last 5 years. We're in a "perpetual rebuild" (lol) because we started rebuilding from almost NOTHING and because of that it was going to take a long time to gather enough assets and restock the roster with talent. Which was a result of years of letting top guys with value walk for nothing, not getting anything for them, not drafting much, drafting badly when we did, patching holes with old guys that would just fade out and trying to win when we had no chance and being a perpetual aging bubble team. I mean as if that we're in a perpetual rebuild now because we're... getting too many assets? haha i mean what are you even saying here?
  11. You can buyout players, you can trade them for cheap worst comes to worst (see how we got Subban) etc etc At least you're keeping control and as much as it sucks its still better than losing a player for nothing, especially if you're rebuilding
  12. I didn't say it was his "only mistake" i said it was the one time he didn't do it the right way and he sure paid the price for it. It's also the best way to actually keep your players before they can feel the pull of leaving
  13. to me goaltending was the biggest issue for this team. All the blown lead were mostly because of the goaltending. So many weak goals that you can't put on coaching
  14. Yup. What sucks is that Shero up until this ONE time always did the right thing and gave his top players an ultimatum in the last offseason before their last season. He had a flawless track record and why I loved him, for that very simple thing, how he handled his UFAs. Wtv non-sense reasons or excuses you can find to justify not doing it. It's the safest way you can assure to either keep your player or get maximum return. Especially for a team rebuilding. Once you take the risk to start the season.. so many things can happen that you have no control over, like injuries, team not performing and souring the players decision to stay, teams who could have potentially give you a lot moved on or they are now in a situation where they wouldnt make the move etc etc and that could potentially fvck you up. This isn't hindsight 20/20 either. I said the same thing a millions times, also last year with Colombus. I didn't think them going all out was smart at all. Well turns out they are now better than i figured they'd be after losing all those guys for nothing. But fvck if they had that goalie in their pipeline, why the fvck wouldnt you trade bob? I mean they are good now even with all the injuries, but it's undeniable that they'd be a LOT better with the return they could have got for all those guys they lost. It's still a step back.
  15. That's what we were always going to be this year too. I know on paper we made some good moves but if you looked at the team who made the playoffs last year. Not many were going to drop, almost every team got better or stayed the same. The only team that was supposed to drop were Colombus but then that goalie came out of nowhere and even if they have tons of injuries they are doing okay. Again, slightly too high expectations + a terrible terrible start of the season for just about everyone are easily this season's problem for everyone involved. To me i'm still seeing progress through all that.
  16. all that stuff is actually... quiiiiiite easy to understand if you don't filter everything through a doom and gloom filter.
  17. Yeah and the summer before they traded Nash, McDonagh, Miller, Stepan, Raanta, Grabner.. bought out Girardi. All those guys still had value. Next summer they traded Skjei and Vesey. Bought out Shattenkirk. Flipped one of the first rounder they got for Trouba. That's all good management
  18. Yeah the whole analytics team having more power than it should and the owners buying it is really worrying me.
  19. i get it. But not all rebuild are the same either. It sucks to give them credits but they do deserve some credits along a lot of luck. First, few years ago they realized they were not going to get better keeping things the way they were and that they were trending down so they made a long-term decision and announced to the fans they were rebuilding. And they traded some big players that still had value then and got good value out of them and they drafted well in the last decade. They didn't wait til their team was way too old and deprived of assets like we did. They had a way way bette headstart to their rebuild than we did. Then they had the luxury of having one of the best player in the NHL signing there and only there. VS us having one of the best player in the NHL wanting to leave. And of course they fvcking land 2 great young goalies when they already had one. And then other teams trading with them where they get an amazing deal. fvck off honestly. Their fans probably don't even understand how lucky they are. But yeah, again. It sucks to admit but on top of the incredible luck they got, they also managed their rebuild really well
  20. The "better" the Rangers and Philly are doing now the best. Well on paper anyway. We know they are not good enough to win the cup now. So in an ideal world their older guys in their primes will slow down, impact them negatively. Kreider re-signing there is also good for us long-term. And them being a bubble team should technically get them worst players through the draft. So by the time we are ready to contend well they might not be in the way as much
  21. Why tho? According to many Nico is a bust so why do the same thing? Let's have him do wtv McDavid and Crosby did instead.
  22. so you're the kind of guy who laugh at funerals i assume...
  23. Well see. This is going in circles... We know why we're still at the bottom. Who's fault is it that our 2 number 1 overalls are questionable? Every scouts on the planet agreed with our decisions. PLUS Nico wasn't projected #1 and we went out of our way and THAT was the right move. It's easy to be frustrated if you focus on results with hindsight 20/20 but at the time it was the best decision. What was the alternative? go off the board and pick Petterson? this board would have committed mass suicide I certainly didn't agree with firing Shero but they made decisions in order to get better. We know why they made those decisions. Plus we know why we didnt progress as much as we wanted. A bunch of "good moves on paper" didnt pan out, sucks but it can happen. And we knew it would take awhile to restock with talent. 5 years is really not much when you consider it usually takes a few years before prospects are actually ready. And we have a bunch of those prospects who were drafted in the last 5 years on the team already so it's not like we're not seeing progress there
  24. im surprised Hallsy's scar is not more visible now. That was fvcking nasty
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