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  1. Yeah that's true. Cause he's always going to be behind Hedman on the left side. What's Brighton Beach and what's the Russian connection there?
  2. Yeah plus we're starting to need players sooner than later. Holtz will only be here in a few years too. But what are the odds that Sergachev would want to play in NJ. He'd likely prefer to remain with a winning team and all... who can also technically offer him more money... signing a 8 years deal but also the tax rate in tampa is 39% and in NJ around 47%. So that's considerable. So say he'd sign a 9.5m contract in Tampa... he'd pocket 5.7m where as for a 9.5m contract in NJ he'd pocket 4.9m.. so i'd say that's considerable
  3. Man. My gf analogies could be like 100% relevant now based on real life
  4. So say we'd offer sheet Sergachev 8.5m for 7 years. The compensation would be 1 st + 2nd +3rd... Would you guys do it? It would be an easy call usually but we may very well be a lottery pick again next year so that's making it a bit harder... i don't think you can lottery protect compensation picks either
  5. he played for the Moncton Wildcats in juniors so i saw him play quite a bit. I also knew his GF he had then. Small world Good signing IMO
  6. i can't imagine that out of Detroit, Ottawa, San Jose, LA and Anaheim, that none of them would pass on a free Tyler Johnson.. but if they do, i'd grab him
  7. shattenkirk could be heading to anaheim
  8. i'd honestly offer Sheet Sergachev right now, no way Tampa could match
  9. i assume Krug's camp is waiting for Pietrangelo to make a move. We're NOT landing Pietrangelo obviously... so i'd play the card that "we've wanted you from the start" and try to appeal to his feelings lol
  10. did Fitz forget his credit card home?
  11. That's cool for him. He went to school there
  12. Kevin Rooney to the Rangers. ha.
  13. Please let this be our first low risk high reward move in about a decade.... i'm getting sick of low risk, potentially high rewards but ultimately low rewards moves we've had over the last 10 years
  14. Even better, according to me buddy i guess that pass that Holtz intercepted was apparently from a Rangers prospect
  15. Hey for the last time. I just said Rossi was my personal preference. THAT'S IT. Worst comes to worst, I was wrong about my preference? I didn't say i was pissed off or that Fitz should get fired for drafting Holtz. I simply said i originally PREFERRED Rossi personally based on what i've seen. And explained why. We can all argue til we're blue in the face. Who cares. We have Holtz now, let's cheer for him. At least i'm not one of the multiple posters here who wanted Rossi or were saying that Rossi would NEVER make it to 7 but now that we didn't get him, the guy we got is obviously better l
  16. Think of everything i said as a comparison between Rossi and Holtz mostly. The only knock on Rossi is his size. He scores, create plays, he's dynamic, good defensively, plays the PP, plays the PK, he does everything. The only worry is, will it all translate to the NHL? But he's safe cause if he's not producing at least he can do other things well. The only thing i see that Holtz has on Rossi is size and shot. But it certainly doesn't seem to affect Rossi as he was dominating the league he's playing in. Holtz has multiple aspect of his game he needs to work on, it's not that i'm saying his
  17. "Yeah John.. it's not you it's me, gotta get those kids to play... you're amazing and i wish i could make this work :)" * turns around and sign a new free agent the next day *
  18. Jesus fvcking christ. Typical NJDevs here. I fvcking said BASED ON WHAT I'VE SEEN AND READ that i would of PREFERRED Rossi. And i'm pointing out why, i never said Holtz would be a bust. I said i felt more confident in Rossi having a higher ceiling and being a complete player, regardless of the position they play. Other than Rossi's size he doesn't have much to adapt or get better at in order to be sure to have an impact in the NHL. Now AS USUAL when someone is not following the general narrative and dare challenge it a bit, you guys get defensive, nitpick and take things people say apart,
  19. I read all the reports there is to read about him dude. Did you watch this? And did you watch the same report about Rossi? who was still available? I never said he would be a bust or wtv. I said i would have felt better taking Rossi than him cause based on what ive seen i feel Rossi will be the better player out of the 2. I could be wrong obviously but based on what we know that's what i see, im hoping im wrong
  20. First, the narrative is that Holtz plays a position we need, as a great shot and can score from everywhere, while Rossi is a center who doesn't fill a need. That's the narrative. I personally feel we passed on the BPA/safer pick to fill a need. Some scouting reports raised many red flags with Holtz. I brought up Boucher cause he was too said to be the upcoming sniper we needed and would fill a need. But there was also questions about other aspects of his game and it turned out true. I'm not straight up comparing Boucher to Holtz, i'm comparing situations. I mean after over a de
  21. Not what i meant at all. Boucher was able to score in other leagues but his skating and everything else was a question mark. Just like Holtz. I don't like what i've been seeing from him so far compared to how dynamic Rossi was. I could be super wrong here but i still think Rossi was the BPA
  22. full list of players available here https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2021/points?signing-status=ufa
  23. Reid Boucher also filled that need, had an insane shot and he was producing like a MF in juniors beating records and all. It didnt translate to the NHL at all.
  24. geez i see that Derrick Pouliot is available. That guy turned out into a bust didn't he? Drafted 8th overall in 2012 and never really had an impact. Now hope Drysdale does the same so we don't have to be upset that we missed on him
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