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  1. Listen lol Of course the bad drafting is PART of the problem. I'm sure you feel more comfortable telling yourself that we got in that position because a TON of players didn't develop and thats it. But come on, that's putting your head in the sand pretty damn deep. But do you really want to get into this AGAIN? It's almost scripted, we've had this EXACT conversation a thousand times here, you know i'll bring up ALLLL the mismanagement Lou did because of his all-in mentality and stubbornness. The way he ran the system WAS going to systematically lead us to where we ended up. It's that
  2. Well i think they know, but they decide not to care. It's easy to get fooled by seeing a team having success and assume they are doing everything "well". Most GMs know they can get fired and that they need to get results now. So they may not mind going "all-in" every year, not trading players, trading their first round picks for immediate help etc etc They know that's not the right move for the long-term but they also know if they don't produce "now" they may not be there for the long term anyway so they get a bit selfish. It's very important to weight your decisions looking at the big p
  3. oh. im also glad that i'm not the only one lol
  4. and see this is likely why we couldn't get Gallant. The dude knew damn well a playoffs team would fire their coach and he'd land a much better roster by waiting
  5. how tf did we win the cup in '95 sweeping Detroit and then miss the playoffs the next year? It can happen
  6. my point was literally just "we may be able to package that late first with something else to get something good in return" That's about it
  7. well my point is simply that it's possible to get a decent player for a late first and a prospect lol edit: wait, did he really? I'm not sure if i remember that? He did ask to be traded but i'm pretty sure the Jets picked the Rangers in order to get back their pick? Cause how can we forget Daniel's meltdown about us not matching that offer.
  8. the rangers were able to land Trouba for a 20th pick + a prospect. Maybe we'll be in a position to pull that off
  9. yeahh but at least we get those 2 picks. it's a deep draft and we need talent now so the other scenario had them missing the playoffs and us only getting a 2021 pick... their team is getting better so it would likely be a similar pick but next year... so with all of that in mind... it could have been worst i guess. Pastrnak was a #25 pick so let's hope we can get one like him there lol
  10. yeahhh i got the train parked in my backyard
  11. It's there it was just lost in the light on the first picture lol Of course i have it. I mean... how do you think i can even afford all this crap?
  12. Yeah i went through the same thing. At some point a series of sh!tty things happened back to back and i was feeling really down and i remember just looking around and being like... none of this stuff is making things better, it's just fvcking stuff on a shelf" so i stopped buying stuff for awhile. But then i'm reminded of why I love to collect. I developed such a strong passion growing up watching those movies or listening to music and it turned into a career. So it's keeping me inspired to be surrounded by the objects or representation of what made me who i am. And I got to a poi
  13. yeah if that's the one im thinking about with Shining typewriter in the title. it's not even the right model lol good try buddy, there's a reason its been there for awhile lol made you look didn't i yes that's a real dog, that's Krueger.
  14. well we're 5 minutes away from being a lock at the 18th pick Goddamnit.
  15. Lots and lots of online digging and finding/hiring the right people to do custom stuff for you. The BTTF 2015 jacket was from a dude in Indonesia i think? My Boba Fett helmet was made by a dude in russia... etc etc I ordered parts from all over the world for my ghostbusters proton pack cause i really wanted it screen accurate and some stuff is hard to find anymore. by now i can literally see a lightsaber, a ghostbusters proton pack or wtv mask / helmet and tell you specifically "oh that's from this movie and this scene cause you can see the wtv there" Cause for example in Empire Strikes B
  16. incredibly well sourced replicas lol Did you figure from which movie that dog replica is from?
  17. Well we're getting pick 18 at least, could be 17 if MTL win their series.
  18. I'm pretty sure Hall will land in Colorado. They can afford him, his fav player is mackinnon.. they just destroyed him... if you can't beat 'em. Join' em
  19. With all due respect, that's probably how you remember it but that's just not the case lol I was the ONE poster here who would dare say that Lou's ways were incredibly flawed and would bite us in the ass solid. YEARS before Parise left i was calling it already. I'm the one who had to reply to a dozen replies and attacks every. single. time. I'd mention something about Lou. Then more people would reply to my replies and this board would constantly be SD vs NJDEVS cause i was basically the only one with that opinion. Again, even before it got really heated once we lost Parise. I reme
  20. Yeah give that a shot. Lots of good stuff on there. The Last-Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs is great too and its all on there. If you dig horror comedies, you should give a shot to Scare Package, it's a low budget anthology horror comedy playing on the tropes of the genre. I actually worked on it so i'm a bit bias but it's a lot of fun if you're in the right mindset. Not all segments are landing but thats typical with any anthology movies There's also another Shudder movie coming out tomorrow that i worked on. It's called The Pale Door. I havent seen it yet other than a few shots that
  21. yeah i just meant in general, Arrow and Scream factory i could easily blindly get 95% of their releases and i know i'd likely love it. Criterion has more stuff that i feel is a bit more drama oriented or pretentious at time. C'mon over !
  22. i legit have some friends that simply won't come here under no circumstances because of the chucky dolls lol or if they have to come i have to hide them away, they just can't do it. Also for the J Peele thing, if you'd watch his Twilight Zone series he did, it would only confirm what you're saying even more. I loved Get Out so much, Us i thought was good but i think he tried too hard to be deep but didn't polish it long enough, there was some issues with that movie. But his Twilight Zone series overall was a huge woke fest, usually they'd use metaphors to touch on certain subjects but his
  23. Luckily i dont connect as much with the criterion material, i only have a few like Breakfast club etc but Arrow and scream factory, that's generally my kind of sh!t lol
  24. haha yeah that's a goonies map. There's lots of stuff you can't see cause it's too small. i got one of those blood test thing from The Thing 1982 in there too. It's not just horror though. I got more Star Wars stuff on the other side of the tv then I got a full size Ghostbusters proton pack/ghost trap... in my office i got my Terminator 2 stuff, got the arcade with the guns and the t-800 endorarm, the chip and an endoskull. Then more random stuff a bit all over the house like the Rocky champion chip bell, one of those small johnny 5 replicas from Short Circuit 2 etc etc Also have a few ar
  25. the cancel culture was done with Ellen Degeneres.. now they are coming for Lou lol The floodgate is open... everyone will come out with their own stories now that a few did it
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