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  1. Regardless if we sign Parise and hire a fitted coach...can the present roster make a deep run against teams like Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, and Boston?
  2. Thoughts? For the most part I've had stopped posting here mainly due to the fact that wannabe "mods" like you always seem to be complaining about every little thing. I just feel your attitude drives newer posters away(regardless on how they act). Clearly this isn't the place to rant but I just needed to say it. Spend a little less time on the internet and shut the **** up! Thanks
  3. The offense alone, compared to past winners who've all had one or more elite centers mostly in their four lines.
  4. Parise-Zajac-Tedenby/Zubrus Kovalchuk-Elias-Zubrus/Tedenby Palmieri-Jofeson-Rolston Pelley-Steckel-Henrique/Zharkov/Clarkson Honest question here, is that a Stanley Cup winning lineup? Is it a lineup that can make a deep run?
  5. +1!!! There should be this thread for trades and trade speculation and another for UFA spec and other minor signings with the more notable ones having their own thread.
  6. Its fine, I just don't think everything needs one thread. Signings and trades I can see but after awhile discussion dies off because of everything being pushed back and more news popping up. Its fine though, free agency soon...need to calm down haha
  7. We have size but we don't use it as much as we can to be gritty(Kovalchuk, Zubrus, White, Clarkson, Rolston,)
  8. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=567822&navid=mod-rr-headlines Is there not a "unwritten" rule when it comes to offer sheets? Would the compensation be up to four 1st rounders? Haha..
  9. You don't have to feel 'bad' but sadly concussion causing hits still happen today and it can ruin someones hockey career and they're way of life even after their playing years.
  10. The comparable Victor Hedman stepped straight in from the SEL and posted 20 points and a -3. If Larsson somehow does crack the lineup its not like he will put up 50 points(if ever) and be this huge shutdown d man. Too many Devil fans are looking at him as being the next Lidstrom or Niedermayer and are expecting huge production numbers unfortunately. I'm not sure if he's ready but Conte/Lou seem to think so and they are some of the best in the business. We also have a surplus of defensive prospects/verging players looking to crack the lineup(Larsson, Urbom, Gelinas, Fayne, Salmela, Taormina, Fraser, Eckford, Corrente). Since White, Volchenkov, Tallinder, and presumabley Greene all have spots I think its time Lou tries to package one of Taormina/Eckford, and as stated quite often Zubrus/Clarkson to gain some slight cap room and free up this clog and give these guys a shot at cracking a lineup permanently. I feel as though Corrente and Eckford's chance to make the team has passed. We'll see.
  11. I believe the player needs to be under contract with the Devils organization but there may be a 'dibs' call allowed.
  12. Par9

    Adam Larsson

    Our future blueliners in size...Urbom 6'5" 215, Volchenkov 6'2" 225, Larsson 6'3" 220, Fayne 6'3" 215, Tallinder 6'4" 215, Gelinas 6'4" 195, Merril 6'3" 201
  13. Par9

    Adam Larsson

    I wonder what the 4th pick(knowing Larsson was available) could of gotten?
  14. I'm lovin' the new Swedish razzle dazzle being injected into the pipeline! Wahoo!
  15. Oh...was the majority of spectators there teenage wannabe girls or was this "musical guest" upon Crosby's request
  16. Yeah...what happened there... http://www.nhl.com/
  17. Bottom line is legal or illegal, the hitter should realize the position of the player and his vulnerability. Horton was vulnerable and Rome still hit him. Yeah its a physical game but the mindset should not be to "hurt" someone unless it Crosby.
  18. Par9


    Dispatch at Red Bull next Saturday
  19. Par9

    music thread

    Pearl Jam's front man Eddie Vedder's new single to go with 'Ukulele Songs'...I thought Pearl Jam music is amazing, I thought Into the Wild was too but this is hard to beat..
  20. Par9

    music thread

    Here's a thread to discuss music in general. 70s', 80's, rap, pop, "new" stuff or whatever. The 90's music thread seem to specific for anyone wanting to share music that wasn't during that era. I'll start with a lot of different stuff.. DCFC. Epic intro. Epic video. State Radio.
  21. My heart says Boston. My head says Vancouver. Final prediction:Boston in 6 or 7/Vancouver sweeping it or winning in 7
  22. Par9


    1440 minutes.
  23. If true... 2012-Philly vs. NYR 2013-out west 2014-We all know its the Capitals(again) vs. Boston (gotta get'm in twice!) 2015-out west most likely 2016-Tampa Bay vs. ohhh who knows.... **** the Winter Classic. We all know the NHL strongly despises NJ. At this point I could see Islanders making it before us.
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