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  1. I'm moving to Atlanta for work. Gonna miss my NJ home.

    1. DevilMinder


      Yall come back ya hear

    2. mouse


      Best of luck

  2. Need to choose a career.

    1. aylbert


      Pencil factory is hiring. Choosing a career is a difficult but rewarding task... admitting to yourself it's time for a change is one of the most difficult things to do... so do your best to get it right the first time. Just don't be afraid if it wasnt.

  3. Does anybody have a list of all the alternate captains in our team's history?

    1. DevsMan84


      Which time period you looking for? Or do you want all of them?

    2. Devils Dose

      Devils Dose

      I guess I'm thinking about the championship period.

  4. So how's everyone handling the bye week?

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    2. CADevilsFan


      I'm on the road, so I'm loving it

    3. aylbert


      Didn't the season end? It feels like an offseason. This schedule be-lows so far.

    4. Pepperkorn


      the bitch quotient has significantly raised on this board -- the Marty and Kovy threads are most populated... poor feel good Elias -- only some MacLean bashing got that thread action.

  5. Travels have been good so far. Today's my last day in Sydney. Flight to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon.

    1. Devils Dose

      Devils Dose

      And I like the signs of life showing up back in Newark. Hopefully there will be more of that by the next time I check in. www.facebook.com/kmenchin for travel photos.

  6. Big changes to NJDevs. Guess that what happens when everyone's snowbound for a Monday. :D

    1. DevilMinder


      Hah, you got that right. I had cabin fever by noon!

  7. Does NJDevs operate on daylight savings time year-round?

    1. DevilMinder



      Make sure the DST settings are set to automatic. Or uncheck the DST is active box.

  8. I'm looking for somebody to give my other ticket to for tomorrow's game. PM me if you're interested.

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