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  1. I didn’t go back too far in the thread, but I hope people stopped complaining about the Devils to complain about the BS penalty call at the end of the third that resulted in the tying goal. 
    Totally sh!tty call. 

    I’m okay with the official ruling that to be a trip. What I have problem with is that they let a couple of similar plays go for the Oilers minutes before that. It sent the message about the level at which penalties would be called, then they seemingly didn’t keep to that standard.
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  2. I wonder when was the last time that 3 of the final 4 teams had never won a Stanley Cup?

    And for that matter, there's only one Cup among the remaining teams combined. I can't imagine that's happened too many times.

    It's great for your team to win a championship no matter what, but among the remaining teams, the fanbase for whom it might be "least special" to win is probably Vegas. They don't know what it's like to suffer yet, lol.

  3. Reminds me of last night when it looked like Taylor Hall's high sticking penalty looked like it may have been missed, but then the Oiler sought him out and started fighting him to somehow earn the pp. Only this time the roles were swapped and so was which team the refs decided to nail. Because, you know, consistency.

  4. We definitely need a point, but we really need the two points.  This was a pretty good game so far and it would be disappointing to come away with just a point, and deflating to come away with zero.  Cmon Devils. 

    Outshot 30-16 in regulation. We're LUCKY to have a point!
  5. Who decided it was a good idea to have a bobblehead night against Filthy of all teams? ?

    There was probably some hope that the offer would drive sales to Devils fans up and convince ticket holders to show up rather than resell. Unfortunately, with the way things are going, many will bail, allowing Philly's filthiest to snap them up.
  6. This one wasn't like the terrible losses that preceded it. In those, the team looked like it lacked focus and the ability to execute its own game plan. Lots of good chances didn't find their way in tonight, and the first Ottawa goal was just luck. A loss is a loss though.

  7. The second one went right through him. He should have had it. That's why he was so upset with himself. 

    It was going to his chest. He moved his glove to catch it, and the redirection put it straight through where his glove had been. Of course he was upset.
  8. 3 hours ago, thecoffeecake said:

    Guys, Penn State just honored Joe Paterno last month. The man who directly ignored a child who was a victim of sexual assault, and involved with covering up everything Sandusky was doing. How does management think anything associating their brand with Penn State's is a good idea?

    The first school that comes to my mind when I hear that chant is Marshall, not Penn State. I don't know where the chant originated, but I'm sure it was a long time ago, and it sounds like many schools and sports teams do their own version of it now. I don't think that the connection between what they (Devils) are trying to do and Penn State is as strong as you make it out to be. You probably feel that connection is very strong. Eye of the beholder on this one, I believe.

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  9. Oh well. It was a fun and surprising ride to just get into the postseason. We all knew this team wouldn't really be able to win it all, not with the rotation having been blown up by injuries. Got to improve the lineup and hope to be healthier next year. We won't be able to keep the good young starters (and that's assuming that they all stay good) together forever.

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