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  1. Jacques Roggue has announced Rio as the winner, and so it shall be. It's pretty exciting to think that the Olympics will be in the Southern Hemisphere again, and on a continent that could never have even been considered for the games just two decades ago. I guess we'll meet back here in two years for the 2018 debate (I bet South Korea wins that).
  2. I still think it's Madrid, but this race is definitely close.
  3. I believe that the IOC members look not only at which countries have hosted recently, but also which regions, which is good for Rio, but bad for Tokyo (Beijing being so fresh in everyone's minds). But I think the area that you brought up hurts Brazil. That country is the most infrastructure-poor of all of them. The problem for Chicago (in spite of the President's efforts) is that the rest of the world is mad at the USA for the financial crisis of last year. Politics and a lack of local support will bring that bid down. This leaves me with Madrid, a city that very nearly won the last summer olympic vote (London for 2012).
  4. I know that Rio and Chicago are considered favorites, but I think Madrid is going to be chosen.
  5. I didn't realize Doc had the call for opening night in Colorado. I'll be rooting for him all night then.
  6. The Bruins' radio guys were busy talking about April tonight. That was before their team gave up the first of four goals.
  7. A good point. Why put yourself in a weaker position before trading?
  8. I think that rebuilding is a perfectly valid term in sports, but I would also agree that not every team is required to go through rebuilding phases. I think of rebuilding as being one option when an average to above average team reaches a crossroads. They can either trade their young, talented, but unproven players for older, pricier, known major league performers (this is "going for it" or "mortgaging the future" depending on whether it works or not ). Or trade away their better, experienced players for more young guys and get those young guys the experience to win in two to three years (that's rebuilding). But any team that can keep its good players and only slowly replace the aging guys with rookies who then go and perform at a decent level need not rebuild or go for it (Red Wings). It applies better to baseball since teams can acquire as many expensive players as they want.
  9. Not me. They have tickets to sell (and because of season tix so do I). Announcing that this season is for rebuilding is also dangerous for the team. It can become a mindset, an excuse. "Well it's okay that we just dropped our eighth in our last ten games because Lou said this year is for rebuilding." The hell with that. We try for the cup as long as we have Brodeur. I think we would be better off with Shanahan in the reduced role that was apparently planned for him, but he didn't like it, and as an old-timer, he's allowed to make such demands. It's too bad, but the fit just wasn't perfect I guess.
  10. Langenbrunner From Zajac and Oduya
  11. Welllll, only 75 hours left to go.
  12. Guess I had better find a friend who actually gets this channel for those two dates.
  13. But we still boo Gomez, right? It'd be hilarious if they were on ice together: Gomez touches the puck, "BOOOOOOOOO!!!" Passes to Gionta, "Yayyy!"
  14. df26 beat me to it. I was going to point out that it would certainly improve our depth to have two Rolstons (provided he has the rebound year we're all expecting)
  15. Exactly right mac. The Regionals are just about always the last weekend in March. So it is 95% likely that the games at Prudential Center will be between the 24th and 27th. They probably want just under a week to prepare the arena for basketball, so conceivably, St. Patrick's Day is a great day for the Devils to play their last home game before a 10 day trip.
  16. I'll need somebody's phone number. I have to hold the chains at the Parsippany Hills football game at 1:00 (part of the chores of becoming a certified NJ high school football official). I'm going to want a few drinks before the game, and I should get in by 4:00.
  17. I like how ALL the former Devils get their names dropped into the comments about their current teams.
  18. Well this is embarassing. I completely forgot about this game. Then when I got the bathroom at work and picked up the paper, it said "Danis to Start Tonight." TONIGHT!! Colin even took the time to go to Newark and pick up the free tickets for me. I guess I fail!
  19. If I don't get to the game to get a replacement to my 2008-09 calendar, I'll be sad Who are the players left from those teams we beat who are still in those organizations?
  20. Well I guess this is where it all begins for everyone. I've been reading the forums for a while but just stepped up and registered now. I guess that makes me like stalker who's just confessed. About me: Well where to begin? I remember some of the '95 Cup Finals. I had an Uncle who was a Red Wings fan so he was pretty bummed then, but I thought it was cool. But I didn't really become a fan until March 13th, 1997. I was 10 and had a friend who took me to my first game for his birthday. Bonus point for anyone who can tell me the opponent and the score of that game. After that I decided it was for me. The excitement of the crowd, the success of the team, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't care for the on-ice violence back then. I also enjoyed being a little off-beat as a hockey fan. Nobody else in my home cared for the sport until my brother got older (you may have heard of him on here, Colin226). Now I've got season tickets in the best arena in the NHL. I'm looking forward to what I hope will be a real sweet season. Let's go Devils!!
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