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  1. Interesting. I found myself wondering whether it's a good or bad thing for the league if this becomes the longest game of these playoffs. On the one hand, it's full of drama. On the other, if this were to go three OTs, that's essentially a long stretch of nobody scoring, with a significant portion of the audience probably going to bed without seeing the winner.
  2. I like how our worst games lists are basically identical, just a different game in Pittsburgh at then end. It's like we're connected!
  3. Going with attended games as well (I don't feel there's a ton to debate for best in team history), 1. "HENRIQUE! IT'S OVER!!" that's just an excellent game on so many levels 2. 2012 Rd 1, Gm 6 vs Fla very nervous heading to the arena for that one, but ended up being an exciting game and a great win 3. Kovalchuk's 1st game (sometime in Feb 2010) there was a ton of added excitement at the Rock for added dimension that we hoped Kovie would bring, and then those of us who tend to keep our heads (and the faith) were rewarded when the team came back from 2 down late in the third period Special place in my heart: my 1st game, a 6-0 demolition of the Whalers in 1997 (Marty's 18th shutout, fyi), & 2000 rd 1, gm 1 vs Fla it's was dominating, and you could sense the excitement in the crowd about how good the team could be The bad: 1. 2009 rd 1, gm 7 vs Car That go-ahead goal for the canes went in, my eyes popped, jaw dropped, and then I just stayed frozen like that until minutes after the final horn. 2. 2012 scf, gm 1 So much excitement coming in, very painful going out. This is the one that I think about when the "what-if"s go through my head. 3. 10/24/2006 vs Pitt I drew the ire of the Penguin fans by having the audacity to celebrate the Devils' first period goal, the 1st of the game. The Pens pretty much dominated from there on, making it hell for me.
  4. We love to poke fun at the Penguins goaltending, but that goal against Quick right there may have been worse than anything that MAF or Vokoun allowed.
  5. MAF always able to give his team that "spark."
  6. If only we had a more favorable schedule. You know, with more games against the Yankees and fewer against the Marlins .
  7. Anybody know what Pittsburgh plans to do for goaltending? I feel like they really, REALLY want Fleury to be the guy, but Vokoun hasn't done anything to really warrant losing the job.
  8. Wow! That really ended up being beautiful!
  9. Did Ike just let another ground ball down the line go? I know this one was foul, but damn. What does it take to learn one's lesson? I feel like little efforts not being given like that have long been a problem for the team.
  10. That must blow for St Louis fans, dropping 4 in a row to the Kings in back-to-back postseasons, esp after the Blues looked like they had turned things around after games 1 & 2. If Anaheim defends their home ice in game 7, it'll be a SoCal series next round. Either way though, the Kings are protected from facing Chicago until round 3. They'll get a divisional opponent next round.
  11. Glorious Baxters! (I could write headlines)
  12. I haven't heard any of this kind of talk, but don't you think that if the Mets fall out of it (which we basically expected would happen coming in), they'll pull Harvey from the rotation at some point, à la Strasburg and the Nats? I wouldn't be crazy about that, but it would be understandable.
  13. And I could not understand why the commentators were lauding that "defensive effort" instead of pointing out what is on replay a clear rules violation and blown call.
  14. Niese getting himself into big trouble here.
  15. I'm guessing Abdelkader gets suspended at least long enough to potentially not see the ice again these playoffs.
  16. The one thing that can gum up that strategy is that a thinking-man's manager will know that's your strategy and call for pick-offs and a pitch-out. So glad I decided to go to this one. I'll be wearing my Mets cap around Atlanta tomorrow.
  17. Some clutch home run hitting happening here!!
  18. I'll be at tonight's game. Hopefully between the weather and Mets play it will be worth the money.
  19. So which of these two games would you say is a bigger disaster for the away team? I'm tempted to go with Toronto because they are also being beaten up while losing.
  20. Looks like the playoff leprechauns may be dancing around the Kings again.
  21. Are there any other Devils going to play for their country? I would assume Elias would not, he being a free agent-to-be here and needing to avoid injury. Zajac? Larsson?
  22. But then that would mean that the universe preordained that I follow this team all my life include tonight, and be set up to watch this sort of thing happen for the 100th time! How is that just!?
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