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  1. Last couple of seasons I actually found the Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange to have cheaper tickets than Stubhub.
  2. Word for word top comment on Reddit like an hour ago
  3. After both ANA and VAN throwbacks. I can’t see ours not going retro
  4. eh....I used to hate him. Then one year in the early 2000s the Devils tried (and failed) a white out at playoff games. The Maven shows up on the broadcast wearing white tuxedo. That attempt at humor was enough to win me over
  5. like everything but the lack of waist stripe.
  6. I'd be more interested to hear what Andrew Gross or the other new beat reporter can find out. There was an adidias related Puck Daddy Post earlier that said of the league " the most dramatic changes to the jerseys in this first season will be in their materials, rather than cosmetic ones" http://sports.yahoo.com/news/adidas-dumping-nhl-third-jerseys-for-2017-18-152149551.html
  7. mxm262

    Chere retiring?

    Saw someone post this link on Reddit, If it turns out to be true, lets remember the positives. I'd have to think his devolution into click-bait was in-part a reflection on the direction his employer went & offering an identical angle that TG established could have rendered his role unneeded years ago. If memory serves, he has been covering the team since to came to NJ & for me was the source in the 90s/early 2000s. There was also a wonderful book on the team history published just before the Rock opened.
  8. mxm262

    NJ Devils Rebrand

    but....you do know they make shirts in Mexico right?
  9. mxm262

    NJ Devils Rebrand

    Kinda hope the t-shirts are for real
  10. That piece from Sheldon Souray sure didn't feel like it was from a professional ghost writer
  11. I'm sure this, and this alone has drawn their attention away from trying to make the playoffs.
  12. Dude, can you see the irony in your post?
  13. Can someone please throw religion in here too so we can cover all the subjects you should keep to yourself in mixed company? I used to come here to get away from stuff like this. Thanks
  14. how many years left on Clarkson's contract? 5?
  15. except its being used as a goto scapegoat
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