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  1. Is it just me or does this draft just feel bland? Not saying there aren’t stars in it. Just that I don’t care about it to be honest. I will be happy with whomever we pick,but it just feels like a dud.  Like a wet fart draft. 

  2. 23 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    6x6 would be robbery. if it’s anything less than 7/year i’m jumping for joy.

    i think it's fair. if i am right, i will be the next gm. if i am wrong i will continue to lose. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

    for sure i also prefer known commodities. But the dilema is trying to sign a known commodity and still keep the pick instead. So at the end of the day you have 2 players who can contribute vs having just 1

    tell you one thing i wouldn't wanna be in fitz's shoes.  400 talented 5ft tall players. 

  4. 13 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

    i mean, Debrincat sure is getting results but he's still a smaller player and our top 6 is not incredibly huge, might fly in the season but come playoffs time it might be a problem. He's young though, only turning 25 in december and could be with our core for a long time so i certainly wouldn't be upset to get him for the 2nd overall pick.

    So what do we get out of this? a guy who can potentially score 40 goals for us and play on Jack's wing for years, so great.

    We'll have to re-sign him after next season for at least 9millions so we have to keep that in mind too.


    But what i'm wondering is... if the goal is to get a top winger this summer, would we be better off trading our 2nd overall pick for him. Or keep the pick and sign (if possible) Forsberg or wtv? Who's turning 28 this summer and he's a 40 goals scorer. He's a bit older obviously but you have to wonder... do you rather have Debrincat or Forsberg AND slafkovsky? I'm actually not sure.

    I would trade picks for known commodities without hesitation. if it works out for us is the big question. 

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