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  1. wonder if bratt and 2nd oa would start a convo goin with the flames for Tkachuk.
  2. sign me up! hopefully another zacha 2.0!
  3. did a quick look and saw that 2nd best prospect is a 6'4 winger. i know nothing about him, but i welcome him to nj.
  4. how much would we have to give up to get rid of him?
  5. thought i was depressing. cmnon
  6. it's him. sad the only collectable i have is from another team.
  7. i think so. i got it when i visited a friend for the nashville game years ago. it was like 20$ mystery signing thing. glad i ponied up cause that guy became a stud.
  8. dallas baby. love that city along with nashville. rags will prolly win it.
  9. i am shocked fellow fans thought ty was trash.
  10. i would trade down the first pick. we on the same page?
  11. i'd hope no one here actually thinks that. we have a few good pieces. need to build off them.
  12. trade back. i will throw up if we get another center. hughes and hischier is a perfect combo. ...... when you give them wingers who can score.
  13. holtz doesn't have to play fast. he just needs to bury the biscuit. if he can score at an nhl level he would look nice next to jack.
  14. i don't dislike ruff, but it seems it's too many kids for him. idk who we need as a coach.
  15. gotta let the kids that need it, marinade. Holtz has stunk ass so far in all his nhl games. I am more than fine letting him play in the ahl for another year. sucks cause we need scoring wingers for our boys, but it is what it is.
  16. need a #1 goalie. i'd like a scoring winger or 2 for jack and nico. need to bulk up on d with pk gone and in general. i didn't look at the free agents yet, but we need to get tougher. this 5'10 team isn't gonna work. it hasn't. Good news is, all the core guys made a nice and pretty big jump, so i am happy with that. I'd sign severson asap, loyal and wants to be here. sign graves too.
  17. I hate being that guy, but i am done with mbw. even with our trash d he should've played better. i've seen enough of him and can't wait till we move on from this joke.
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