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  1. I'm not one to post, but I saw this on the telecast tonight and thought I would share it with you. http://www.loveforlokomotiv.com/
  2. Marty's doing great. All they have to do is put the biscuit in the basket..
  3. I agree, Tedenby looked sloppy. Brodeur was sloppy as well. It is only pre season so I won't take much of it into account. Positives were larsson looked good as well did josefson and the other Adam. Sykora had some nice passes and shots, but I won't praise him yet. My biggest upset is palmiere, Idk what it is, but I don't like him. Great effort by the team, and was nice to come back from 2 goals. I like what I've seen so far, albeit pre season.
  4. Reminds me off the Oregon Ducks(only college team I know). I love it aesthetics wise. I'll probably be one of the 20 people who own this jersey..
  5. Calm down parsie. You must be Italian.
  6. Mantaray is always pessimistic, but I cant hate on him cause he named himself after a pixies song. Being the realist I am, all I can say is that this season will be very interesting (lot of rookies,new coach,parise,ilya,captain,etc...".
  7. Oh Parsie, you're just upset that you didn't think of this topic first. My biggest problem with the contract is nothing. If he plays well then pay him what he deserves... If he wants to leave, then whatever. Like my good friend Michael Kay says... SEEEEEEEE YAAAAA
  8. Lighten up, there's greener pastures up ahead buddy. Worse comes to worse we can always welcome back good ol #18.
  9. What Happens if Mr. Parise blows his knee out few months in? Do you really wanna get Dp'd like the islanders? Let's see him play before we start hating the world. If Zach tears it up next year and we don't sign him, then I will complain.. As of now, I agree with uncle lou.
  10. I would say that clarky goes. No one will take Rolston (please let me be wrong) Clarkson is still young and is a decent player (I love his dekes) I think he would have the most interest of other teams. Knowing lou we will get rid of a player we didn't think would be traded.
  11. Parsie is the best poster since par9. I'm upset he changed his name though.
  12. They have a chance, along with every other team. In honesty, I like the moves they are making, and I can see them being a good team in a few years(if they continue to make moves).All I know is that they have our number.
  13. I like Brad, I don't think anyone else disagrees. I'm just hoping he doesn't turn into another ranger casualty.. Have the rangers ever signed a big name ufa that has been successful?
  14. Leave Elias out of this.
  15. Broad question. Would I welcome him back, yes. Would I want him back, no. The question I'm pondering is what happens after this year.? Do we re-sign Marty, or Moose, and who's going to be the student and mentor? Kind of exciting to see a new future goalie for the devils.
  16. I'm satisfied with both years/term. We all knew uncle Lou wasn't going to make a splash this free agency. Andy, along with the entire team, had a dismal year. He has great potential, and can only hope he plays up to it. He will be here for 4 more years so lets be happy with him since like I said, he can be a pretty decent player if he puts in the effort.. I look at it like this. We are not cup contenders this year, nor were we last year. If we can sign Parise long term, and get a decent coach(That can stay longer than 2 years), I will be a happy camper. We got a great draft pick this year and our D prospects look to be decent. If our team can play somewhat like they did in the 2nd half of last season, then I have no problem seeing why they couldn't make the playoffs.. Now going far is a different story. After this season we have a lot coming off the books, we can make our splash there, or we can let the kids play. I am looking forward to the team this year, but ever more the year after. Well that's how I look at it. I'm excited for the season to start. All I want is everybody to play to their potential and I will be satisfied. I know I have to learn how to write proper sentences and punctuation. So sorry if I put comma's in the wrong place along with run on sentences.
  17. All I thought about was Billy Idol when I read that. Wish we had that Idol song as an intro song now, way better than whatever they call what they have now.
  18. thanks for the link! good ol devils already losing by 2, not much new. happy new years guys!!! off to the nuggets game. i hate basketball, but it's better than this.
  19. can someone give me a link to the stream? in denver right now, miss my devils Happy new years!!
  20. I've been in a very chipper mood today nor do I ever post... BUT.., I have a gut feeling that we are going to win tonight. - Hope I didn't jinx us. Either way, Let's go boys!
  21. Do we get free 15$ food/soda vouchers also?!
  22. First regular season game for me. Let's go boys.. Kinda excited to hear the moooooooose chants. A win is guaranteed, I'm good luck
  23. I fly a plethora of times, and only on one occasion did I get asked to go for further screening. This was at EWR and I had no objections, not knowing what the extra screening even was. I was walked through that scanner, and my bags were searched thoroughly. Now I have no problem with them taking their jobs serious, as they should. So I go into the terminal have a few drinks, and decide to go smoke a cigarette. I still hate it that Newark doesn't have a smoking lounge or anywhere you can smoke without having to leave the terminal and go through the screening again. Denver airport has a nice bar/restaurant in which you can puff away while being able to see when your plane is boarding. Anways, so on my way back in I had to go through the screening again, and once again they make me go through extra screening(body scanner) I just thought that was weird being like I said I have flown a lot of times and never had to go through extra screening, and on one day I have to go through it twice. I had no clue that they could actually see you naked through the scanners, I didn't realize that till a few years ago when they showed it on the news and said what they can see. I am personally all for them. Is it weird, absolutely, but if it can prevent a disaster why not take the extra 2 min and be safe. Sorry for the long drawn out story!
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