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  1. Thanks. Didn't want any unknown delays between me and beer.
  2. I'd really like to see Peters do what we brought him in to do, but if he's not gonna be allowed to, I'd rather see Halischuk.
  3. Are hockey waivers similar to baseball? If someone claims him, will the Devils get any benefit?
  4. Airplane. I think they should play a style which suits their personnel. It'll take more than a week to see if that's correct, but it doesn't look likely. As Triumph said, they want offensive d-men, but they maybe have 1; they want to have a better breakout, but only one of their lines can do it.
  5. How much disappointment can you have in Peters after one game? The only disappointment I had was he didn't drop gloves with anyone while the crowd was booing our team off the ice.
  6. The Flyers fans on the smoking balcony started a Flyers chant between the 2nd and 3rd period. I started a "Let Go Mets" chant in response. Some Philly fan felt obligated to shake my hand.
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