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  1. a hurricane we should target

    i'd give them palameri or vasyunov as well. does anyone know if joni has a lefty shot off the top of your heads?
  2. a hurricane we should target

    both those teams lack larry robinson and scott stevens. we don't need another bottom pairing guy. the devils problem the past few years in the playoffs has not been our offense it has been our D. we do not have the bodies that can skate the puck out of our zone on a consistent basis. joni does that for us and he can get qb a pp.
  3. a hurricane we should target

    Hurricanes listen Any player headed for unrestricted free agency is available in Carolina, but the Hurricanes are getting lots of calls on a player that's under contract for next season. Joni Pitkanen has another year on his deal at $4.5 million for next season. The Canes like him a lot and are not trying to move him in any way. Yet, the interest from other teams is so high for the puck-mover, one wonders if Carolina will be able to say no before March 3 if the offers are too good to resist. The 26-year-old leads all NHL players in ice time per game, averaging just over 27 minutes. There won't be many top-four defensemen moving before March 3, so the high interest in Pitkanen is reflective of a barren marketplace for that position. via espn always have been of joni he would really solidify our d and replace martin if he decides to defect to another team in the offseason. i'd part with eckford and a forward prospect without blinking a eye. with proper tautology he can still become a hell of a defenseman. he was predicted to be the next scott niedermayer during his draft year. martin oduya pitkanen greene white salvador i drool at the thought of this
  4. NHL Considering NFL Style Instant Replay

    no stop fvcking with the rules.
  5. GDT: 1/23/10 NJ Devils at NY Isles 7:00 EST

    cangelosi, is not a rangers fan.
  6. devils and habs trade proposal

    i'd give up tedenby but then i would give up a lesser d prospect. we have great wing depth at the moment.
  7. devils and habs trade proposal

    no. proposal noun 1 the proposal was rejected: plan, idea, scheme, project, program, manifesto, motion, proposition, suggestion, submission, trial balloon.
  8. devils and habs trade proposal

    devils trade - tyler eckford and nick palameri/vasyunov habs trade - tomas plekanec parise zajac langs elias plekanec bergfors rolston zubrus clarkson pando nieds zharkov i think this trade makes us an extremely strong team and gives us good center depth.
  9. We have to make room for Rod Pelley

    why don't you hit the prairies with sutter.
  10. Ilkka Pikkarainen placed on Waivers

    feel bad for the guy i think he needed to play with more talented line mates personally.
  11. Visiting Players Autographs (Clemmer tomorrow nite)

    how old are you guys? i'd feel so weird asking the players for autographs at 25.
  12. Patrice Cormier Elbow

    he'll be in lowell.
  13. Patrice Cormier Elbow

    don't be surprised to see him in jersey this year.

  15. there is a reason why every former player wants to come back here.