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  1. only a thousand fans ? weak !

    Well there could have been more had it not been at 4:45 on a monday afternoon. I actually got to go to this and it was great to see Newwy. He seemed truly happy to be there, in that he was quite teary eyed. But the Generation of Stars thing was very lame and unorganized.

  2. Langenbrunner was bitter. More than a year after the trade he wouldn't even mention Armstrong by name, referring to him only as the "new GM and saying he wanted to prove Armstrong made a mistake by trading him.

    Did I ever tell you how my mom sent an email to Armstrong after Joe and Jamie were traded? Yeah she was so p.o.ed that she sent the meanest email to him. I thought it was funny being that she isn't too into hockey, but when two players have their photo up on the frig like we did, that means they are family. She didn't like her "sons" being traded. :D

  3. I really wanted that woman to win though. But she should have taken the 299,000 dollars. I am addicted to that show I have to admit. Oh and that dog was too cute!

  4. "I'd be lying to you if I said I don't worry about where my future's going to go," Langenbrunner said.

    What if the Stars called?

    "I definitely would answer the phone," Langenbrunner said. "I loved playing in Dallas and I think it's a great organization. I have no hard feelings."

    oh oh oh oh oh!!!!! Get on the phone boys.... lol ;-) jk I wouldn't want you guys to lose him, but it would be amazing to see him back.

    The understatement of the year! :evil:

    I second that!

  5. Wow, 2.75? For regular?

    dd15, you haven't filled up in 8 days? Lucky!!

    Actually wait, I don't fill up much more often either. :D

    Well I thought I had filled up since then, but it was the most recent receipt I found on my floor.

    I live on campus and I drive to dallas to work once or twice a week at most so I don't use too much. I do have to fill up next time I drive though

  6. ahhh if I have to hear something about gas prices one more time today I'm going to scream. Ok just a rant... lol People have sent over 30 emails out today on our school email talking about gas prices...idiots.

    So when I got gas it was 2.79 in fort worth on the 3rd

  7. Sorry I couldn't help more. Maybe you can email/call/write the league or something and see if they can provide it. Never know!

    Do you bump into any league officials at the AAC? Perhaps you've tried that route already.

    its for an animation for the playoffs. Not too big of a deal.

  8. Hey I'm at work at the AAC and i need the list of names on the cup. You would think it would be somewhere on the net, but we have yet to find it, let me know if you have seen it somewhere.

  9. You actually survived NJ?

    Sure did, however not without having to call EMS for a drunk guy we ran across on the Princeton Campus who busted his face open and was laying in his own blood. It was hard core.

  10. Was up in NJ from Saturday till this morning. I was up there and of course thought of you guys even though I don't post on here very much and don't follow hockey nearly as much as I use to. Anyway, I was up there for the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament in Trenton. I was there cheerleading and that was a lot of fun. It was my first time in NJ. My dad grew up there, so that made it more interesting. The basketball team, cheerleaders, dancers, and band stayed in Princeton. What a nice town, not much to do and not many college students in town because of spring break. However we did meet a few Princeton boys that we hung out with. We also went to NYC Sunday and Monday. It was my first time since I was little. Since I was with all the these cheerleaders we only got to shop, that's too bad though since I'm into the whole sightseeing thing, even though I hate tourists lol. But anyway, I really liked your state, it's really not as bad as people make it out to be. Sure Trenton isn't the best and Newark isn't either, but I'm a sucker for the small New England towns. Well this post is totally pointless, but just thought I would say hey since I don't post much.

  11. PROBLEM! I can't delete anything. When I go to my ipod andd view the songs on itunes I can't highlight or delete any


  12. I prolly won't use the video feature like I wasn't really going to use the photo one on the one I have. But I figure if it's smaller, has video, and is large and I don't have to pay for tax or shipping or handling then I'm actually saving money. :-D I don't know if Frys is going to take it back but my dad is going to try. Theres a 15 day return policy and it's the 16th day :-/ Thanks btw for the help!! I will try it in a few

  13. I need ipod help.... I got an ipod the other night and put about 600 songs on it. Now I am going to return it and order the new video one for the same price but with more space and with the video option. So here's the problem. How do I clear off all these songs from the ipod?

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