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  1. Wasn't that in Tyler, tx? I know it wasn't in McKinney. I didn't know this store even existed and I only live a short way from McKinney and I use to cheer at a gym there. I will have to check this place out and let you guys know it's it's really what it's cracked up to be. lol Oh and our Walmart in town is the ugliest colors or browns and blue on the outside. Everytime I want to drive by it I want to puke, lol sorry I had to get that off my chest. It's just about the uglist paint job ever!
  2. I just got online and saw this on yahoo and I thought it was an old article because how could it happen again only 2 weeks later?! It's true. The first one made me so incredibly sad but this is just starting to piss me off. damn terrorists!!
  3. O watched Extra today, I'm totally obbsessed with those shows and Pam told them this morning they weren't enfafed but when they talked to Tommy I guess last ngiht he seemed to have something he was hiding.
  4. Oh I have some more Google fun... Google
  5. damn, how much money do illegal immigrants cost us already!??! Oh so let's make it better by letting them go to college too where we have to help them pay for that too. WTF?! I got my bill in for my first semester of college last week and it was 14,000 bucks. But then again it's my fault for selecting a private school. I'm sure private schools don't apply to this though. College cost too damn much anyway.
  6. Problem with that is all the ones I have are from the 90s so theres not too many people who want them yet. But I am going to try to get rid of them.
  7. I have boxes and boxes of crap I need to sell on ebay. We moved so half the crap I have I dont want and since garage sales don't make any money I amd going to try the ebsay thing. Hey if I can get like 5 bucks on a few stupid old mcDonalds toys I'm doing it lol.
  8. crap! crap! crap! crap! I missed it again. I knew there was something I had to watch on Tuesday night. argh!!! Ok a post-it note is going on tv
  9. yes Tivo would be great.... So Tuesdays, THursdays, and Saturdays right?
  10. Ah yes I have been loving the dail;y rain recently here. Looks like there wont be anymore for a while now. :-( I love rain. :-D
  11. ahhh I have only seen one ep so far. I can't see to catch it when it's on! I have been watching BB since the first or second season.
  12. dallasdevil15

    ESPN polls

    dude that ranking thing was hard for me. I could only rank like 2 or three. lol NHL- 1 College Football- 2 and I kinda had to BS the rest lol.
  13. I want a chocolate covered strawberry now.... yummmmmmm
  14. Hey that sounds like Texas Weather!!!
  15. Weather here in North TX hasn't been too bad the last two weeks. But before that there was a weekend were it was almost 100. Omg it was horrible. When it's winter I'm all like "Oh I love summer and the heat" then the hot weather comes and I was to die.
  16. Oh I love Toronto and Niagara Falls! I don't think I am going anywhere exciting really. I really want to go somewhere exciting. But I am going to Frog Camp which is Freshman camp in Colorado where we get to go hiking and river rafting. So that is something I'm really excited about! There's a very very slim possibility of going on a cruise this month but I don't think that's going to happen sadly
  17. I wasn't going to do it but my friend told me to so I was like fine. I don't think I will keep it very updated though lol
  18. http://www.myspace.com/horned_frog_meg That's mine. I just started it like 30 minutes ago so I'm trying to figure it all out still.
  19. hehe I might would buy that!!!
  20. i feel better after I work out... after a run... heck no! I can survive an hour of conditioning and all that but when it comes to running or cardio I am screwed. Yesterday we went to the athletic center in town and checked it out. I think I my fam's going to join. I have to rehab my knee and get ready for this fall when we have to do fitness test and 3 day a week workouts for cheer.
  21. I have only been to one concert lol. And that was Gavin DeGraw in January.
  22. They say it's for a part she's playing..... whatever. It's nasty, I have to agree and the blonde hair looks like crap.
  23. the blonde guy looks like one of the queer eyes guys to me.... could be totally wrong though. lol
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