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  1. You know I was out by the pool yesterday and I was actually kinda cool and it was what, 70 something? We have been lucky not to have all those 100 days yet... but that just means that they will be in august and october.
  2. Well thanks. My other name was too old. I was thinking about the old days when one of Lang's nicknames were goober so thats where that name came from. I thought it was just alittle stupid so I changed it lol. Proud to show my yee haw roots!
  3. Will I will be uploading it to my site so you can download it. thanks for the info about the book. I looked on ebay for it and didn't find it... I am now on the search for it though.
  4. dallasdevil15

    Spector's 6/27

    lol shows what I know... I left before it was over but I thought they did win tuesday.
  5. dallasdevil15

    Spector's 6/27

    hehe it would be fun to sign him and have him and turgeon go to their own little corner and get the worse of training camp. But yeah I went to the game tuesday with a friends youth group and almost died of boredom. It's so hard to watch a baseball game after watching so much fast paced hockey and we have 4 dollar tickets (nuff said about the location) but I was shocked the angers (as you call them) won. The whole time I was making all these rangers suck comments. Good to see them put back into their losing team position after a win or two. they are such a sad team. Man why do I get off topic everytime I post!?!
  6. Is it the 99 yearbook? Cause I found that today. Oh and I forgot to tell you that I am working on a Jamie and Joe montage video but I'm stuck now till I get the cup vid so I have more videos to add to it. It's looking pretty good so far if I do say so myself hehe
  7. hmmm nothing much happening this summer for me. Plans for Hawaii didn't go through so the only thing right now is Cheer camp at the end of July. That will be fun cause we will be on the beach the whole time. Then I will be counting down the days till training camp starts, heck I'm doing that already. Oh and I forgot that I am stuck at the computer trying to get all my sites back up at a new site cause my domain host deleted everything... grrr
  8. NjDev25 (first one to come to mind) DM Derek
  9. dallasdevil15

    Spector's 6/27

    ok now I'm confused. Aren't they talking about the no that DOESN'T have the cheap hits and the hits to the knees, like the one on Joe?
  10. I can see Dano coming back as a coach of some kind or with some kind of office job with the devils. I just can't see his guy leaving this team all together.
  11. dallasdevil15

    Spector's 6/27

    I sure won't mind marchant in dallas but i don't think they will pay for any new big player, but you never know. Things change everyday with that team lately. Well hi there NjDev25... hehe I was getting sick of my old name and I needed a change.
  12. dallasdevil15

    Spector's 6/27

    Hatcher with NYR how very sad and I would love to see Marchant somewhere other than there as well.
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